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Sorina Negulescu
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Nov. 24, 2010
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Another UI problem?
I like your attitude, I still don't think you had a gazzilli hand.
Another UI problem?
Looks like both the client and the pro forgot they were playing Gazzilli. The best way to educate the client would be to call the director and report that a cold contract was played that may not have been reached. Since whatever director decides does not change the result of ...
HELP please
My Firefox version (working) is Version 51.0.1, first offered to Release channel users on January 26, 2017
HELP please
I am using windows 10 with firefox. Tried this morning, BBO works fine (as good as the web client can work). I avoid the web client as plague, so there may be features I did not exercise, but I was able to sit at a table and play several hands ...
What's My Line?
I believe E was the one throwing 2 clubs. I would not trust people holding the K to signal honestly in this position. The fact that W bothered to echo would determine me to finesse.
What's My Line?
ATB? Other? Not sure
Do you have an agreement that 3 does not necessarily show 4 cards, or you are treating your club holding as 4-piece?
ATB? Other? Not sure
Of course responder thought 2 forcing. (S)he would not intend to sign off in a partial with 17 HCP after partner reversed. I don't understand what you mean with 3 . Also, in the story told by Tom Peters, I think opener showed lack of discipline by ...
ATB? Other? Not sure
30 years ago I was taught that a reverse is self-forcing to 2NT. Now days, when people respond at level 1 with 13 cards, I sympathize with E wanting to bail out after the light reverse. Opening 1NT would have averted that problem.
ATB? Other? Not sure
IMO nobody's to blame for the bidding. We reached a perfectly good (and makeable)IMP contract. I would like to find out if the declarer play is the correct percentage play. We won 2 IMPS on this hand, when partner went down one in 6 and the other ...

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