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Sorina Negulescu
Sorina Negulescu
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Nov. 24, 2010
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Fielding Partner's Forgetfulness
Why would somebody who already delimited his hand in a narrow range make a reopening double? Also, even beating 2 a lot (undoubled) is a losing option versus us making game. I think 2 showing makes sense: If I have and RHO has , opener probably ...
Would you ever refuse to play a particular opponent?
I am for obeying the law of the land, which in the case of a bridge tournament is the Conditions of Contest. If a player was accepted in a tournament, (s)he meets the requirements. I would probably refrain from signing up for a tournament if I disagree with the ...
TD corner
It's irrelevant whether W can remember any of the cards. Maybe his eyesight is not good, so all he could see is faced-up-cards. Maybe his memory is not that good. If the only people who could have seen the cards are S and W, the director can allow the ...
TD corner
In addition to adjusting the board, the TD should have applied a procedural penalty to NS - for postmortem at the table and handling another player's cards. To deem the board unplayable, I don't think it matters if S or W actually saw any card. It only matters if ...
Sorina Negulescu's bidding problem: QT9 T86 T4 QT853
Not on every hand, but this one was not a clear pass to me. I have all the 10s! Not enough to want to be declarer in NT, but not ready to sell off either. If it is legal to systematically bid 1 with 3 cards, I would do ...
Sorina Negulescu's bidding problem: QT9 T86 T4 QT853
For some reason, I thought 1 was a good idea. Is that a psych?
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
This past Saturday, only 3 pairs showed up for the A/X side game at the sectional. They were admitted into the 0-2000 game, which was changed to A/B/C.
OK, Chris, you made me change my vote
Playing in Tempo
I have moments when my thoughts fly away and I need time to re-focus on what's going on at the table. This may be ADD of some sorts, and I suspect women find themselves in this state more often than men.
Slam invite - what does it ask for?
Especially when I hold the KJ

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