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Spencer Hurd
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Aug. 17, 2015
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Life Master, 7001 points, retired Professor of Mathematics at The Citadel in Charleston SC. 2 yrs military, 4 yrs aerospace engineer, 5 yrs High Sch Math Teacher, Sire of Champions (John and Andy Hurd), novelist, former Georgia Chess Champion, owner of two donkeys (no, not my sons). I Chaired 2 sectionals and 1.5 regionals, and served Unit 160 (SC) as a board member and Editor of quarterly Newsletter for several years. I have four college degrees and four more in recurring nightmares which put me back as a student. Spouse Shirley and I now live in the boondocks in south Georgia about 60 miles north of Tallahassee where there are many friendly players. 

United States of America

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Recommend a partnership style
These are fine comments. I would add this - are the opponents "better" (lots more master points, known experts, in the next higher bracket usually)? Then just before you bid, consider whether they are likely to have a similar auction. If yes, then all of these rules (and perhaps better ones ...
pass fail
West has 11 points and no aces and a mediocre suit. His K is worthless. His partner has only a limit raise. He must signoff with 3. Question: is 3 recognizable as a mild game try with a hand not powerful enough to just bid game, or is ...
A Hand History In Memorial Of My Father
To imagine this unusual endplay - for down one - and make it happen - is truly excellent matchpoint play. Well done.
Is anyone to blame?
There are a lot of comments for such general agreement - problems with 2 and 3. Suppose North bids 2NT, not 2, and after South's probable 3, North now has some interesting choices all game forcing - (1) 3 - shows 5 spades and a heart stopper ...
ATB-4/5 level decision
I like fit showing too, but surely that is misleading in this case since the clubs are so bad. A 4 bid should show good 8 to 11, maybe 86 Q876 86 AQ876. Now South's double and lead of K are more appealing. BTW, North should not pass ...
Bidding slam at the club
You never really know how good a percentage estimate is until you can see the dummy. Mathematically, in terms of strategy, it is clearer - you migh gain of lose 11 imps with a slam. So 60% is not a bad answer to the question. Not many experts will tell you ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
Many years ago, I did not play 1NT forcing - but I played a 2/1 as not game forcing. There were easy rules. But - playing 1NT forcing avoids many ludicrous contracts. (Certainly not all.) The weaker your opening bids of 1 and 1, the more likely you are ...
ATB - interesting hand
Clearly EW had a poor mutual understanding of their bids and-or the situation. Still for the problem as posed, I think West should bid once again - the player with 22 points has the primary responsibility for getting to slam. If West had just KQ75 then 6 still has some ...
2-Way Transfers
Maybe this kind of 1NT opening with a 4-4-1-4 inhibits an easier natural slam auction: 1-1, 1-3, 3-4, 5-6, P Notes: 3 = 6+ diam, forcing to game (applying xyz). 3 = stronger than 3NT. 4 = natural, describes 6-4 in the ...
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Not only was this one close but their previous win which versus the Bulgarians was very close. I suspect there are 100 hands where either they or the French can think, "If only I had... we would have (or might have) won it all." Our guys played well enough despite ...

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