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Spencer Sun
Spencer Sun
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Basic Information

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Aug. 2, 2013
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Feb. 21
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Bridge Player
about me

I've been playing bridge since my late teens.  I took a ~6 year hiatus somewhere in the middle there, but even so, you'd think I'd be better at this game by now :-)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
staying up late in college to play bridge
Bridge Accomplishments
9th in NAP Flight C with Nathan Wilmes in Reno 2010; 3rd in A/1st in X in the 2nd Sunday A/X Swiss with Bill Chen, Mike Lentz, and Jon Higa at Philly NABC 2012; day 3 of the 5K Blue Ribbon Pairs with Russ Fox in 2012; semi-finals of 0-1500 Spingold with Bill, Mike, and Jerrod Ankenman in 2016; 1996 SF NABC Casebook #16 :-)
Regular Bridge Partners
Chris Kolner
Member of Bridge Club(s)
I play most often in Palo Alto Unit 503 (Weds. evenings)
Favorite Conventions
the strong diamond system I created with Bill Chen, and our version of the Overcall Structure
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bad Claim Case from San Francisco
I don't think it has to be a gripe, it can just be a suggestion that, if I want to be maximally cautious, I should never claim unless one or the other hand is entirely high, because otherwise the chances I have screwed something up (e.g. forgotten what ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
My mental association with the phrase is from the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals
Scrolling down to GET MORE CONTENT
or an alternative involving the keyboard, ctrl-click (PC) or command-click (Mac)
Asking out of turn
I occasionally do that depending what mood I'm in. I may start waggling my eyebrows at them :D
Asking out of turn
At least they asked. One of my pet peeves is when you alert partner's bid and RHO just turns and stares at you. Is it so hard to ask verbally? Seems more courteous to me.
Truscott Cards, Cheating and ACBL - you can do better!
I saw a card that says "Each player enter name and position before playing first board. Place the complete card in the first board you play." So as long as you insist that your opponents complete the card before playing the first board, doesn't that solve the problem?
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
> I think I saw that #2 lost to #39. We were 39 :-) At our teammates' table the opps did say something (conversationally and good-naturedly, in the middle of the match) that they kinda got hosed facing us as the top seed and they would've liked to have picked their ...
What do you do about this curious explanation
I've told this story before, but at a sectional a long time ago, before the announcement era, partner opened 1M: 1M-(P)-1NT partner: alert! my LHO: is that forcing? partner: yes LHO: is it 100% forcing? partner: yes -(P)-P LHO: director! pass was allowed to stand :-) partner ...
What do you do about this curious explanation
I agree with other comments in the thread that you are unlikely to receive an adequate explanation from people who start with "wants me to bid something" and little to gain by insisting on their providing one. But let's not pretend that "wants me to bid something" is in ...
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
We played against a pair like that in a midnight Zip in New Orleans once (mid-2000s I think). They were thinking seriously about each hand and getting genuinely annoyed that everyone else was being too fun and boisterous. Sadly we did not beat their team.

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