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Srdjan Katusic
Srdjan Katusic
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April 29, 2011
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
various mad actions from junior days
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd 3rd on national croatian tournaments
Regular Bridge Partners
dario, pegi, refi, aljosa
Member of Bridge Club(s)
JT Zagreb
Favorite Tournaments
pula bridge festival
Favorite Conventions
2 NT preempt in one minor
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Do your best shot
Alternative line after heart lead is to take club finesse immediately. From choice of opening lead and play on first trick, it appears to be big favorite to succeed. If indeed jack of club holds, we cash a king as well and then play spade queen, and if this also ...
Do your best shot
Marc, David, thx for analysis! I agree, this is sound line, works nearly all the time if diamonds are no worse then 4-2, and trumps are 3-2, except just few cases when defense can arrange to play three round of trumps. However it will usually fail if RHO has 4 ...
Tell me why I'm wrong
Ken, I agree there are similarities between these two situations, but there is also significant difference: if we bid 1 NT and correct to 2 spades we have shown some values. If we pass 2h and than bid 2s, we can be broke. That is problem for partner if he ...
Tell me why I'm wrong
I prefer to double on first turn. There is slight chance to finish in 4-3 diamond fit when partner is minimal, but if he turns out to have extras, he will be aware that we belong to game contract. If we pass, there is inevitable guessing involved if to stay ...
Best line to make 4 spades
You are right, so it seems indeed close choice, not even possible to calculate. Maybe just one tiny argument for winning lead in hand to play a club up early: there is small chance that LHO will fail to hop with the ace (he will not expect our singleton, and ...
Best line to make 4 spades
Kit, I think it is not immediately fatal if second diamond is ruffed by LHO. He will most likely play ace of club-club, we will play ace of spade-spade, and at the end, we will make if RHO has any 3 hearts because he will be squeezed in red suits ...
Best line to make 4 spades
Richard, I could say that opponents are solid, albeit bit timid bidders. I can't find definite clue from (lack of) their bidding if clubs are more likely to split 6-4 or 7-3.
Best line to make 4 spades
Sorry Richard, wrong name, hopefully right line :) Yes, this innocent looking board is indeed quite fascinating and not easy to figure out.
Best line to make 4 spades
Well spotted Robert, that would be great defense! Perhaps that suggests that best line is to just play two rounds of diamonds without touching hearts and play club up, and later , when LHO returns hearts from ?x after winning first trump trick (if he opts for spade or club we ...
Best line to make 4 spades
Michael, Kit, thx for great comments! Kit, I agree that winning diamond lead in dummy for immediate spade finesse will probably give us second chance to repeat it when LHO opts for intuitive passive line of defense later. Thats best chance to hold trump losers to one, but nearly sure ...
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