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Sriram Narasimhan
Sriram Narasimhan
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Member Since
July 28, 2010
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37 minutes ago
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Beating Meckstroth in some midnight zip swiss
Bridge Accomplishments
Nothing so far
Regular Bridge Partners
Vijay Devadass, Jayesh Goyal
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Alert flag for articles
When you click on "tom, dick, and harry commented on ATB", it is expected that you get taken to Tom's comment. We will have to investigate why this is not happening. Thanks for pointing this out.
Alert flag for articles
Some thoughts on this a) the alert is supposed to take you to the thing that triggered the alert. So a alert from a like will take to the comment that was liked and comment reply alert would take you to the actual comment. If we instead take you to ...
You Hold app problem
The lin_str issue should be fixed now. The timeout issue is when the app is not able to connect to the bridgewinners server within a certain amount of time. We will have to investigate why that happens frequently.
You Hold Voting Bug
Thanks. Being able to reproduce the problem makes it a lot easier to debug and fix.
You Hold Voting Bug
Thanks for reporting. We will investigate. It will be helpful if you are able identify a sequence of steps that always cause this problem. For example does this always happen after you have voted on a fixed number of problems? Or maybe does this always happen on a specific problem ...
A very basic auction?
To put Bradman's 99.94 average in perspective, an average of 60 is considered out of this world and only 5 other batsmen have managed to touch (and barely) that -
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
It has been fixed now. The link should work.
Has bidding to the 8+ level ever been considered in bridge?
yes I am big believer in "eight ever nine never"
Bridge Winners You Hold App Released
Thanks for reporting this. There is an issue with our apple developer account that we will try get resolved as soon as possible. I will let you know when it is working again.
ATB - Unexpectedly Slammy
why not 6?

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