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Stacy Jacobs
Stacy Jacobs
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July 29, 2013
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May 18
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More National Events
Memphis was especially difficult — the two national events available the first weekend were Platinum Pairs and Senior Pairs. I’m a long, long way from both of those events — qualified but not competent in the first case and unqualified in the second case. @Jeff, I appreciate your dedication to developing ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
I thought ACBL had done away with committees, but lately it seems trendy to decide major pairs events in committee. What’s up with that?
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
Maybe TCG stats should include a time-zone handicap. (Just kidding)
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
@Keith Hasn’t it been standard practice to use different deal sources for different events? I wouldn’t expect that the Reisinger uses the same hands as we play at the daily duplicate. It seems odd to me that the 10a/3p pair games at tournaments would use the same ...
Changes for All ACBL Special Games
I'm not understanding why special game participants don't play "special" hands. Is this the scheme going forward for, say, STaC events as well?
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
@Don: Exactly! I’m curious how this became ACBL policy and where I can read about how it came to be so.
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
Right, you’ve articulated my thoughts on this matter. We couldn’t post results until the following morning, but the hands were online before we finished via clubs that didn’t participate in the event but did use CG. I feel strongly that there’s something not-quite-right about what looks ...
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
ACBL Wide Junior Fund Game
@Tanya Well, this afternoon’s game was marketed as a special event. I think special events should probably get special — different — sets of hands. In general I think it’s a bad idea to put hand records on the internet while people are still playing the event. I didn’t ...
Update -- Grue and Levin Win Blue Ribbon Pairs

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