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Sept. 17, 2015
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2NT Opening Agreements
I play something similar, but have changed 2 things. Firstly, my 2NT opener is the unbalanced one, this is to stop opponents intervening, in case that is my 5 card suit. Secondly the 2NT opener promises a 5 card suit EXCLUDING clubs. this allows a lousy hand to ask and ...
Mathematic question
This is how I start the beginners lesson on the take out double. There is a very old cartoon on the wall of our bridge club, it says, "I double your one heart bid!" I point it out to my beginners and tell them this. Once upon a time a ...
New Prime Number !
Very interesting hearing about the history of some BW contributors. 1970 appointed to set up our companies first computer. IBM system 3 RPG for punch cards. Full memory was 8192 bytes to be used to write ALL the programmes. The computer was the size of a small kitchen. I think ...
Partner passes out of turn
David, I come here to enjoy, to learn, but tell me truthfully, is prosodist a word you use every day? Really? Even when I Google it, I am lost. What a fantastic site Bridgewinners is. Every day something new! It beats all the trivia quiz shows on TV.
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
Ian, the cards have been played, anyone now picking up their cards and sorting them in any order, would that not draw immediate attention? But clearly the different comments here tell me that this rule was really made to stop people doing bad stuff. Nothing at all to do with ...
Showing the Ace of Spades
Sartaj. So am I. I was actually there, watching one hand. (but I have a sad feeling after all these years). What sort of legacy are we leaving behind?
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
Ray, many thanks for your comments. I really don't know how to do that stuff, I just love coming on BW and reading what thinking people think. (and of course the humour, and I have learnt a few new words in the last year.) Paul, I haven't thought ...
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
How can you possibly know the contract, if it was the correct one or not, if you were playing it, defending it, or dummy? Once in a blue moon, perhaps. (I saw one in Glasgow about 70 years ago, no one believed me until forest fires in Canada were reported ...
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
You wouldn't want to put money on it, would you? Just cut the cards. At my age it takes me all my time to arrange them in order, not mix the hearts and diamonds, count my points, and then plan how I intend to bid. Tricks 2,4,5 ...
Do Players Still Sort Their Cards in the UK?
1.Yes its a dopey rule. 2.The computer deals them randomly where I play. 3.Why do you think they are allowed to cut? You know the answer don't you, to stop them getting unlawful information, eg seeing the bottom card. (Or god forbid they have arranged the ...

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