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Sept. 17, 2015
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Who is to blame for this disaster
Why not pull to 5NT?
Claim Rules
Yes it was a long time ago, about 40 years. But I mention it more to highlight "what sort of opponents were these"? that made a junior player give up the game. Yes it was a major event, but is this the way to win? Maybe I should have put ...
Claim Rules
Years ago I was playing in a major event with a junior player. The spade suit was Qx opposite dummy AKJxx. She played the Q and then a spade to the Ace, both opponents following. She then said play the spades, but never said from the top. The opponents insisted ...
Play 3NT
I see from the voting so far that over one third of the votes are for playing on Diamonds. Surely if you are going to play on diamonds you just cash the AK of clubs first, in case there is a doubleton queen. Its called combining chances, Kelsey.
Methods over Lead Directing X
Playing this way, I always transfer. Refusing the transfer shows specifically only 2 cards in that suit, and 5 cards in the other major. I don't really care who plays the hand. I only ask with 3C if I have no 5 card major myself.
Ridiculous results, doubled or redoubled
John, if you think that was bad, 5D doubled at our table making 6 was not a good score.Meanwhile our team mates also went for 1700 in 5Hx. Partner thought I could be weak for my 5D bid.
2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.
The reason I brought up this hand is that I am teaching some intermediate lessons, and have my own rather weird ideas of opening 2NT 20-22 bids. I teach a 2 way multi 2D, with the 2NT rebid having no 5 card suit unless its clubs. My 2NT opener shows ...
2nt taking up too much space? Not really, here's a solution.
I watched this hand on BBO the other night when 4 national teams bid the hand to 3NT twice and 5D twice. How would this system bid the hands? Axx, AQx, KTxxx, AK, opposite x, Kxx, AQxx, xxxxx.
When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Just to add another dimension to the discussion.The Bulletin editor(s) have a hard enough job without having to ask at the bar about hands they have never seen or heard of. And when the Bulletin comes out, naturally the readers, and players, want to see the hands they ...
Best Line to limit Trump suit losers to one
Running the Queen 75.999 but how often is the Queen not covered?

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