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Sept. 17, 2015
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Many questions
This was a 4th in hand opener. Pearsons Law tells us that they were prepared to bid over 3S by the opponents, or had some Spade values. In no way have they a poor hand. This should probably mean our next bid is 4 Hearts.
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
I am alerting this bid because my partner and I have an agreement what this bids means, of which you may not be aware. Please ask if you want to know our agreement. What could be more simple? No agreement, no alert.
Questions regarding a Two-way Multi
I use the structure as above, but also use a direct 2NT opening as having either a 5 card spade, 5 card heart or 5 card diamond suit. Also with a balanced 20-22 points.
Are Reverses “Off” in a 2/1 auction?
I teach that the key here is that one needs 23 points to play in 2NT. If one is going past that one needs more points. Therefore the opener needs 15 to reverse after a new suit at the 2 level, eg 10 points. For a normal reverse one needs ...
More Help Needed
negative doubles, discarding and signalling, the difference between leads to a NT contract, and a suit contract, when to finesse, make a plan.
Inviting to 3NT w/o a Four-Card Major by Using Stayman: A Current Problem and a Proposed Solution
When the strong hand is declarer, the defenders can work out their partners high cards within limits. The opposite is not true. I play weak 12 -14 nt and am delighted to have my weak minor hand hidden when I declare. It can be be within a 7 point range ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Hi Craig, that is a sophisticated system, I wonder how many play it. I guess you would have no difficulty playing something similar if the 2 club opening was 2 NT. However getting to the actual question, can you at present play in 3 of a very weak minor after ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
I love this site. I learn, no, find out, about a new word every week. I love to read the different opinions by intelligent people. I am too old to even think of changing how I learned the Acol system, but I would love to hear if ANYONE agrees with ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Just instead of 2 clubs. This gives both bids room to explore, more room for 20-22, which is more frequent, and enough room as the present 2 clubs nearly always forces to game anyway. Or as I said,am I living in another world?
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
On the simple assumption that one needs as much room as possible to explore the final contract, it appears that the basics we use are wrong. 2 clubs should be 20-22, and 2NT should be 23-24 or game forcing. I guess its a bit late to change. Or am I ...

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