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Sept. 17, 2015
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When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?
Just to add another dimension to the discussion.The Bulletin editor(s) have a hard enough job without having to ask at the bar about hands they have never seen or heard of. And when the Bulletin comes out, naturally the readers, and players, want to see the hands they ...
Best Line to limit Trump suit losers to one
Running the Queen 75.999 but how often is the Queen not covered?
Leading 2./4.
The bidding went 1NT pass from me, 3NT pass pass, and I doubled. I led the JD, and declarer asked what our leads were. My partner, the late Tony Taylor, said 4th highest. Correct.
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
Marshall, brilliant, you touched all the bases, and I found out the meaning of 2 new words, no wonder I keep coming back here for more.
Against a weak NT, our double is...
Showing a stronger hand than the opener, by doubling, say 15 Plus, is not penalty, it is telling partner what you hold, and partner is quite allowed to pull with a weak, distributional hand. Therefore it is optional, and when asked I always say 15 plus, I never say penalty.
Should I have pointed out
In golf we just use 2 words, "Dead Sheep". (Still You)
Erroneous call
Dummy is just there to play a card that declarer wants played from the table. If declarer had tried to trump something in his hand when there were no trumps then that card would have been automatically played. (If dummy had gone to the toilet, and declarer was playing the ...
How important do you think it is...
Sorry I read the OP as playing in 3M whether either player had 5 of a major. In my case the multi allows a transfer, and so does the 2NT opener, at the same time asking what the 2NT openers 5 card suit is. eg you hold xxx, xxxxx,xxx ...
How important do you think it is...
I think it is important, and play a stupid system that handles it. My 2D opener is either weak 6 card major or balanced 20-22 with the only 5 card suit allowed being clubs. My 2NT opener is 20-22 with a 5 card suit in either D, H or spades ...
Invitations, amnesties and questions arising
In the Olympiad in 1972, and then the Bermuda Bowl in 1974 those 3 players were there. The Blue Team more or less came out of retirement, and won both these world level events.

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