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Stan Abrahams
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Sept. 17, 2015
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July 20
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King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
And this means that if you do lead an unsupported Ace, you are looking for partner to signal if they have the King. (and are still on lead). The opposite is obviously not true, you cannot lead an unsupported King.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
I will be giving some sessions soon, and I intend to start, as usual, by giving the following bidding sequence, the opponents are silent. I open 1D, and the bidding continues, 1S, 2H, 2NT, 3H I then ask how many Diamonds do I hold? In a class of 30, only ...
Full Disclosure
Wayne, are you suggesting that if someone asks, specifically, if something is a standard pre empt, that my first response should be, yes, but we play a Multi 2 Diamond bid? Or is that not enough information, and do I then have to explain how our Multi 2 Diamond bid ...
Rule this Claim!
Last week at another club, I asked them to play it out, the TD was called, and said, both sides have to agree, or the TD is called. I give up. But asking them to play it out gives them/me the same problems. Do they now see the problem ...
The best short mystery story about bridge?
Are you looking for your partner?
Rule this Claim!
I often play at a club which has a very mixed standard of player. I often play with some of them, (The club promises to give me a partner and 90% of the time I go without one), and the dreadful mistakes (some mine), are just part of my (very ...
Slow Return
Taking the chance that this comment will not be laughed at. Is it possible that West was thinking that it might be best to switch to a heart? came up with the wrong conclusion, and chose to continue diamonds, and that East was just lucky that West didn't hold ...
2NT Opening Agreements
I play something similar, but have changed 2 things. Firstly, my 2NT opener is the unbalanced one, this is to stop opponents intervening, in case that is my 5 card suit. Secondly the 2NT opener promises a 5 card suit EXCLUDING clubs. this allows a lousy hand to ask and ...
Mathematic question
This is how I start the beginners lesson on the take out double. There is a very old cartoon on the wall of our bridge club, it says, "I double your one heart bid!" I point it out to my beginners and tell them this. Once upon a time a ...
New Prime Number !
Very interesting hearing about the history of some BW contributors. 1970 appointed to set up our companies first computer. IBM system 3 RPG for punch cards. Full memory was 8192 bytes to be used to write ALL the programmes. The computer was the size of a small kitchen. I think ...

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