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Would you open 1NT with a void?
>"My understanding is that if your hand is in range and has 4-4-4-1 shape with a small singleton club most BWers would open 1NT." Maybe you're right, dunno, but I never open 4441 with 1NT. For the specific reasons, that: - if you have singleton in a major, odds are ...
The 2!D F/NF f2f poll
I don't see how 2 can ever be non-forcing. It's the "multi-force" you use to find out if pd has either spade-fit or heart-stopper for NT. E.g AKxxx xxx KQx Qx, or even AKxxx xxx Kx Axx. What on earth do you bid if 2 ...
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
I agree that 1 4sf and 2 nat seems far better than the other way around, if I have to chose one of these. Because the higher bid is then the more descriptive one, while the lower bid is the more frequent one.
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
Yes, 2 as slammish with -support makes more sense -- if both players can remember such rare sequences :)
A Developoment of 4th suit GF after 1x-1y
I don't see why we even need that jump to 2 at all. You can bid 1-1-1-1 as GF with or without -suit. Opener will raise to 2 if he has 4 cards in the suit, otherwise just respond the same as to ...
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
With no interference we play Bergen-variant: 1-2 = Nat GF, or 3-card support inv+. 1-2 = Exacly 3-card support, <=9p. 1-2NT = 4+support, GF. 1-3 = 4+support, 7-8p. 1-3 = 4+support, 9-10p. 1-3 = 4+support, <=6p.
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
> "1♥ - (1♠) - 3♥ should be a limit raise with the cue bid reserved for a game forcing raise." Also, what does he suggest 2NT, 3, 3 by responder shows after 1-(1)? These are inter-dependent, so doesn't make much sense only to define 3....
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
After 1-(1)-? and 1-(X)-? we play 3 the same as with no interference, so 3 is preemptive -- 4+s, <=6p.
Finesse or drop
Anyone can figure out what that Q at trick 1 was supposed to mean? (Now that we know it wasn't a singleton )
Responder Shows responses to strong 2!C - symmetric style
Wonder if it would work instead to play: 2 2 = Neg, or 4+h 2 2 = 4+s 2 2 = Bal 6+ ?

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