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Bridge-laws forum
I agree.
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: A96 AKQ43 J KQ86
OK. What does responder then bid when the hand doesn't fit? Say x xxxxx Axxxx xx, or similar?
RHO open 1NT, you have 2524 and 15 points
Too poor suits for competing. Only if they play weak-NT, I would consider strength-X with this hand.
Do you play forcing pass in this auction?
What is the reason for your dislike? In this sit, we play 2 = Exactly 3card -support, inv+. 2NT = 4+support, inv+. In my experience, the trump-length is more useful info in competitive situations, than to what level you're forcing.
Find The Human
If it's BBO robots, AFAIK, they don't play suit-preference at all. They just assume pd will still find the killing play, though :)
Find The Human
I know what "impossible 2" means if North had rebid 2m. But after the 2 rebid...? Does it then show 5-5 in the minors? Or what? Do the robots really play such convention? If not, it seems futile for a human to use it....
Odd auction. What happened here?
I agree with the poll North should preempt 5 in first round. It's pretty clear with that distribution that 4 won't be the final contract, anyways. Not that it will necessarily help -- they might still venture 6, of course -- but make them guess as much ...
2!D Multi, defense question
I also haven't been in that exact "ridiculous" sit, but playing 2 ourselves, I have seen pard open 2, they preempted in hearts, you sit there with a void in hearts and long spades. It's darn horrible! :D After that, I insist on playing X as ...
2!D Multi, defense question
Cheats? How?
2!D Multi, defense question
Hmm... Not sure how transfers would help here? Can you elaborate?

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