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Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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What would you rather see?
Are you trying to construct a bidding system that the most number of players possible will appreciate, John? Or what? :)
When should you use Stayman?
> If you have 2-2-4-5 medium range hand, what is your choice? 1 ? :)
When should you use Stayman?
> Opposite a 15-17 1NT opening, do you think a hand like QTxx Kxxx xx Jxx should pass? You can bid, only if you have agreed that 1NT-2C 2D-2H shows this kind of non-invitational hand, I suggest.
Eight Ever - Nine Never - or is it the other way round?
This question could be more clearly formulated. If I prefer to be on the 5-4 side, or on the 4-4 side?
How High for Equal Level Conversion Doubles?
Shouldn't the question rather be: How *Low* for Equal Level Conversion Doubles? Seems to me they make more sense, the higher they open...
6S DD-problem
Yes, Craig --- exactly :)
6S DD-problem
hmm... yes, you're right, Bernard. I missed that variant... darn... :/
6S DD-problem
Nope, after Q, South continues hearts. You still have a club-loser.
Which bid is the artificial 3rd suit game force here?
Shouldn't 1-1-2-2-2 show secondary sp-support? That is probably the most frequent info responder wants to know.
Which bid is the artificial 3rd suit game force here?
2H is natural F1. 3C is free as artifical (presumably not 4 hearts) since pd has denied it. But after 1D-1H-2D, 2S can be artificial since opener has denied it.

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