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June 6, 2016
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The Best Convention Ever
@Ken -- I'd say supp-X's are just as helpful when responder has a 5-card suit, to immediately learn whether opener has 3-support or not. @Peg -- what do you use these doubles for instead? Penalites, general extra strength, or what?
King Please or Thank you?
Anyways, it's now clear we will need professional studio-quality sound-recording and also ultra-high-speed gigapixel video-quality in all future competitions. There should also be 4 additional such cameras pointing directly at the face of each player including state-of-the-art eye-movement tracking-software plus brain-scan helmets connected to their heads, to make sure ...
King Please or Thank you?
ummm.... still dont understand "The decision is yet to be made" when this was posted...
King Please or Thank you?
>"TDs need to decide on whether a card has been played or not. The decision is yet to be made." Just wondering, since the contract anyways ended up 2 down, why this really matters? Were the defenders appealing for 3 down?
King Please or Thank you?
Seems obvious from the "hand-language" of South it was he who called director. Not that I know why it matters....
King Please or Thank you?
Link more directly at the sound: From the intonation/"music" of the words (going up like that) sounds much more like "thank you" to me.
Play Problem
Would just be too darn embarrassing to continue hearts if the lead was singleton.... :)
Play Problem
Assuming, you know your opponents, what would you do if the lead was a. fast? b. slow? :)
Play Problem
Play Problem
hmmmm.... since it's a play-problem, I guess we should at least not start with a trump....? :)

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