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Over 2NT-3-3-3NT pard expects us to correct with 3card support. Same here. Partner has a good hand with AKQxx in spades, and wants to be in 7 if it yields 5 tricks. Thus, PASS with xx in spades, and bid 7 with Jx, or 3+spades.
What's the difference between #1 and #2?
Hasta la vista, visa?
What is the actual question we are supposed to answer in this poll?
Hasta la vista, visa?
Reading opponents, I suppose you mean?
Hasta la vista, visa?
"This is a situation unique to China. The US Department of State has not granted visa to bridge players over the years for various reasons." Is there a "not" omitted in the first statement?
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
>"suggesting some confusion between honour tricks and quick tricks" Aren't they they the same thing? Or I might be confused, too... :)
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
>"With an unbalanced hand, you won't be passed out at the one level." That seems like a highly questionable assumption, typically, when 4th hand has 3 or more cards in the suit opened, and a weakish hand, which cant be that rare. And the more so, [b]when opps ...
Matchpoints percentage play in 3NT
What was our auction?
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: J J82 9852 JT953
Undiscussed. You are playing with a very strong pard, but temp partnership. (I added this info in OP)
Opinion Poll on Adequacy of Simplest Multi 2D Defenses
We play this, and I recommend it: -- In 2nd hand: All suit overcalls are natural. With a takeout-X of [u]either[/u] major, first PASS. Then on the next round, a Double of their major-bids at any level is for takeout. An immediate Double of 2 shows a balanced ...

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