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June 6, 2016
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Jacoby 2 NT response
What do you use instead of Jacoby?
Jacoby 2 NT response
>"problems, the biggest is the most common bid is 4M a minimum with nothing to show" Yes, see the first comments to this post: 3♣ any minimum all the rest shows extras 3♦ no singelton 3♥ singelton ♣ 3♠ singelton ♦ 3NT singelton other M after ...
Jacoby 2 NT response
I prefer opener's first response is 3C to show a minimum hand. If both players are minimum for the game-force, we have not given out any unnecessary info to the defenders (we bid 1M-2NT-3C-4M-P). Only if responder has considerable extra-strength, he will start asking or showing something to opener ...
Second trick carding
@Dale I've virtually only played UDCA for decades (except w random pickup-pards online)... and, NO, it's NOT random. Even if the main-argument for UDCA is not specifically holdings like KJ98 vs KJ32, I cannot even remember when I last had a problem of this kind when *chosing* a ...
Second trick carding
@Peter > "partner led the 8 through declarer" I dont understand what you mean.... *Leading* the 8 from KJ98... What's that got to do with UDCA? Seems more like a leading-convention issue than signalling?
Overtrick guess
So declarer rebid 2NT holding: QJxxxx KQxx x J9 or QJxxx KQxxx x J9 or what? :)
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
Announces to the other robots you mean?
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
For comparison, I keep trying "The Disciplined Way" :) Clocked in at 66.8%, # 215/7881. Had one board at 46% -- I was too "optimistic" in compet bidding. Another at 44% -- misplayed to miss an overtrick. The rest above 50%.
ATB missed grand
@Marty Harris I probably need a simulation to see how "close" to zero it is with 18-19 hcp... I agree they will often probably miss the lead, but that's a different argument :)
Snowball in Hell
yeah, "well done for discarding your loser" :)

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