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Stefan Ralescu
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Aug. 3, 2010
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March 16
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Canada Needs Shades
Not a good idea to show full deals with x’s, especially since one of them could be a relevant card. To see my point, assume South is 2=3=7=1 with a club honor and East holds the 10 of clubs. In this scenario, once the DJ wins ...
Marginal Balance
“The winning play is to RUFF A LOW CLUB….Instead, suppose East overruffs with the jack and plays the high diamond, ruffed and overruffed…” No, West (with an initial 2=4=2=5 shape) should NOT overruff. Since declarer has already lost three tricks (the DA, a diamond ruff and ...
Assess the credit
Give West a 6=4=0=3 shape with AJ10432 of spades and 3NT is down on a spade opening lead.
Assess the credit
No, after four rounds of diamonds, West is left with AJ2 of spades and East with three spades. If you give up a club you will lose 5 tricks: 3 spades, a club and a diamond (if West wins the club, he plays ace-jack-deuce of spades).
Assess the credit
Suppose West is 5=4=1=3 with AJ1032 of spades and leads the spade three. If South starts cashing diamonds, on the second and third diamonds West can discard hearts and on the fourth diamond West pitches a middle spade. If South plays a spade at trick 2, West ...
Assess the credit
"If "West has the rest of the deck", and 3 clubs, then 3NT is cold on a Hearts-Clubs simple squeeze." I don't think this is correct.
Compound Squeeze ?
Very nice. This is probably a Hedgehog Squeeze first analyzed by Hugh Darwen in the late 60th. Actually, a spade opening lead would indeed kill the squeeze, but a heart will not do the job. On a heart lead, you win the ace, run diamonds and on the penultimate diamond ...
You got your lead, now what?
Sorry Garry, you are miscounting, the defense will not be able to collect two club tricks.
You got your lead, now what?
BTW, I should have pointed out that when East ducks the club at trick 5 and South runs his remaining trumps, the last trump catches West in a Wombat!
You got your lead, now what?
No, I don’t thinks so. If East ducks the club, South plays all his remaining trumps, keeping Axx of clubs and the ace of hearts, while North remains with Q-x of hearts, the diamond ace, and the jack of clubs. What are West’s four remaining cards?

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