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Compound Squeeze ?
Very nice. This is probably a Hedgehog Squeeze first analyzed by Hugh Darwen in the late 60th. Actually, a spade opening lead would indeed kill the squeeze, but a heart will not do the job. On a heart lead, you win the ace, run diamonds and on the penultimate diamond ...
You got your lead, now what?
Sorry Garry, you are miscounting, the defense will not be able to collect two club tricks.
You got your lead, now what?
BTW, I should have pointed out that when East ducks the club at trick 5 and South runs his remaining trumps, the last trump catches West in a Wombat!
You got your lead, now what?
No, I don’t thinks so. If East ducks the club, South plays all his remaining trumps, keeping Axx of clubs and the ace of hearts, while North remains with Q-x of hearts, the diamond ace, and the jack of clubs. What are West’s four remaining cards?
You got your lead, now what?
If East ducks the club, it appears the ten tricks is a maximum. However, you can overcome this defense by running the remaining trumps. The play of the last trump inexorably squeezes West in the rounded suits, as he will be compelled to find a discard from K-x of hearts ...
Smother Play
Well done trying for a smother play even if you weren’t successful. Let’s make an adjustment to the full deal shown on page 2, giving North AQ3, KQ2, J74, AK106 and East 8, A1054, Q10983, Q95 (with the West and South hands remaining unchanged). Assuming the same defense ...
An ending in search of a name
Nice deal and analysis. In the five-card ending, when the heart is led from dummy at trick 10, East is under attack by a ruffing Hippopotamus, threatened by a split vise menace in clubs. Barry Rigal and I wrote a series of articles (titled “Hippopotamuses”) on this kind of squeezes ...
Trust the Defender
This is a summary of the play at the table: diamond ace, spade queen, diamond king, spade ace, diamond queen, club king, club ten, spade king. “Suppose East started with king-doubleton of hearts”, writes Kit. “You ruff with the 8, and West overruffs with the 9. But you will be ...
Trust the Defender
Ruffing choices ? On the line described, I don’t see how ruffing with the 8 could be more beneficial than ruffing with the 10.
Two from the LM Pairs
After A-K-Q of clubs and a spade return, why not play spade ace, diamond ace, spade ruff, diamond king, heart ace, spade ruff. If the king drops, draw trumps ending in dummy and claim. If the king doesn’t fall, you have a complete cross-ruff as long as West is ...

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