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Aug. 3, 2010
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6NT play problem. Finesses, combinations, squeezes... it's got 'em all
This line works well, but it doesn’t appear to guarantee the contract. On the run of the clubs, let’s say East discards 2 hearts and West 3 diamonds. What are East’s remaining 4 cards? You may have good reason to suspect he kept a spade honor and ...
As many tricks in NT
I guess this rather tricky problem requires declarer to assume that West is 4=2=3=4 with the missing aces and at least a heart honor (although you can easily get to 10 tricks if East started with Q-J-x of hearts). Acting on these assumptions, South should win the ...
Defensive Problem
Yes, definitely.
Defensive Problem
Not true, you’re forgetting about the diamond ten in dummy.
Defensive Problem
Declarer’s hand might look something like this: Jxx, J10xxx, Jxx, Qx which is consistent with the bidding. In that case I need to return a spade, the idea being to take advantage of the trump blockage and arrange a diamond ruff for partner and a spade ruff in addition ...
A defensive conundrum
There is a good chance that South is 2=3=3=5 with the A-K of hearts and the black queens. If so, you want East to win the club and shift to a high spade to prevent an unpleasant endplay.
Another defensive problem, trick 2 this time
Perhaps declarer, by leading a low club at trick two, is trying to convey the impression that he is void in spades, when in fact he might be missing A, K and Q of clubs. If South is 3=1=2=7 with A-Q of diamonds but without the queen ...
A double endplay suicide squeeze?
What if West exits with the 10 of diamonds after winning the SK? (I gave West the D8!)
Can nonsense move be optimal?
Preparing for declarer to hold something like 9x, Kxx, AJ9xx, A10x (a hand consistent with the bidding), you should duck. You want East to take the spade ace and return a trump, aiming to score 2 spades, 2 hearts and the DK. If South has the above hand and you ...
Trick 2 Problem?
If declarer’s hand is (say) x, QJxxxx, Jxxx, xx (without the 9 of diamonds), I think that if North switches to a diamond at trick 2, declarer can’t score more than 2 diamonds and 3 trump tricks, therefore going down 4.

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