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Aug. 3, 2010
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It is not entirely clear how East should proceed, but If he determines that partner has led the 6 from a worthless doubleton, particular attention should be paid to the possibility that South’s hand is: J87, Q10xxx, Qxx, Ax (or J87, Q10xxx, Qx, Axx). Should East win trick 1 ...
Defence - decision at trick 3
Defence - decision at trick 3
"Amazingly, the fact that you can produce a hand where what I consider to be the 'normal' opening lead does not succeed does not change my opinion." So what? Who cares? There are many constructions where a club lead from a doubleton defeats the contract while the DK does not.
Defence - decision at trick 3
I don’t think so at all and here is why: With the same West hand and dummy, give East Jx, Jx, Jxxx, AQxxx and the club opening lead is the only lead to beat the contract. BTW, if South’s hand is 10xx, AKxxxx, Ax, 106, the DK gives ...
Defence - decision at trick 3
The additional advantage of returning the S3 is when declarer’s hand, consistent with the bidding, turns out to be 10xx, AKxxxx, Ax, 106 (partner holding the S9).
You can not be inactive!
Not an easy defense. If declarer’s hand is something like: QJ104, KJx, KJxx, Ax (possible and not unlikely from the bidding and the diamonds spots), East’s defense might make a difference. If East wins and returns a heart to the jack and ace, and if West exits with ...
Play Fast or Don't Worry about a Bit
Michael, order the pills and forget about Victor. And forget about this deal where you played ‘a low spade without any thought’ and got a zero. BTW, you are not giving me a hard time, it looks more like you are making a fool of yourself with your silly comments.
Play Fast or Don't Worry about a Bit
MR, if you keep recalling various episodes involving Victor etc, perhaps you should take pills that could help you forget. True, there are potential side effects, but it looks like it maybe worth a try. Now you will have to excuse me, I have a baseball game to watch.
Play Fast or Don't Worry about a Bit
Michael, your gratuitous comments are very silly. Now who cares if you ‘put the possibility of a finesse of the 6 at 0%’ ?? To repeat, on this deal West bid 3 clubs and has heart length, so playing a low spade without any thought in East’s seat is not ...
Play Fast or Don't Worry about a Bit
I just told you why you can’t play low on the first spade. West bid 3 clubs and has heart length (see RR’s comment below), so declarer can ‘see’ the spades in East’s hand. So, ‘play low without any thought’ and your suboptimal defense may allow the ...

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