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Stefan Velja
Stefan Velja
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Aug. 3, 2015
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

21 y/o bridge enthusiast from Novi Sad, Serbia. Studying physics, hobbies (apart from bridge) include music (singing, playing...), tennis and programming (yes, that's a hobby!).


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Finding a very good slam the other team missed, due to a system partner and I came up with.
Bridge Accomplishments
Not many I'm particularly proud of.
Regular Bridge Partners
Not many I'm particularly proud of. Hehe
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Novi Sad Bridge Club
Favorite Conventions
2 of a minor openings in a strong club system I'm writing
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Stefan Velja's bidding problem: J8765 Q8 KQJ AQ4 Wanted to see how many people would still downgrade these 15 points, without the "aggressive slam bidding" context.
Stefan Velja's bidding problem: KQJ Q8 J8765 AQ4 Switched spades and diamonds to see whether people would still downgrade these 15 points, without the "aggressive slam bidding" context.
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: Axxx AKxx xxx J9
I like to think 2d shouldn't be natural here
How do we get to 7!D?
I'd start with 2NT as Lebensohl, intending to bid 3h later (4 spades with a stopper). P would break the relay with 3d, after which we would play at least 6d so the road to exploring 7 is open.
ATB - playing 6!h
South did think that bidding 4 would be something like Last Train (even though the pair decided not to play it), since the opener's range was so wide, but ultimately decided against it, since he did have only very mild extras for his 5-5 shape.
ATB - playing 6!h
Both thought it's a slam try in hearts, but N thought it showed a club cuebid, while S didn't think so
AI and Chess
David, of course, they would have to take into consideration what opponent's bids mean, either natural or artificial (which doesn't even matter since it's all artificial to the AI :) ). I've seen a research paper on a program developing its own bidding system by itself and it ...
AI and Chess
AI has been very proficient at poker, which, you must agree, is one of the games where incomplete info has the greatest influence. Thus I don't think that psyches and falsecards would bother it much. It will somehow find a way to find the best percentage, especially after analyzing ...
AI and Chess
There's no doubt that a well programmed self-improving program, such as this one, would very quickly adapt to such "bluffs". If it's doing extraordinarily well in poker as well as chess, I guess it's just a matter of time when it comes to bridge.
Thoughts on a convention?
Yes, I meant "total points", or whatever you might call them, it's just an old habit to write it down as "hcp" instead of "points". Kxx Qxx xxxx xxx would certainly fall into the 5-8 range, while the other hand you suggested would definitely be bid as 1M-2M. Thanks ...

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