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Dec. 6, 2013
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Benoit Lessard's lead problem: J532 K92 K643 76
9 looks interesting as well if we catch partner with 4 since we likely have at best 1 entry and that will protect j
What's the best % play?
I'd like to play the % game myself... if there are players more sure of the answer, pls comment on this: Assuming you are playing for 4 tricks: With Kxx / 10x, the hand will play by itself as the 10 drops, so we don't count it in our analysis ...
Stéphane Turcotte's bidding problem: --- Q95 KQT875 AKJ4
Wow Ben, excellent analysis of this hand
What's the best % play?
What's the best % play?
I've rephrased some stuffs in the poll
What's the best % play?
It is true that the principle of restricted choice involves considering a 1/2 chance of an expert player to randomize two equal cards. However, in this situation the K is forced regardless of seeing to Q or the J of trump. Thus the poll if it's better to ...
What's the best % play?
What i want to know is if it's 50/50 (vote no) or more likely to have a 1-3 break (vote yes)
What's the best % play?
Of course leading J of trumps is better here! But considering the Q of trump instead I want to know if this falls into 66% (as in restricted choice) - Voting yes ; or 50/50 any guess is as good as any - voting no.
Benoit Lessard's lead problem: Ax A Q97542 Axxx
I almost chose A as well, but because clubs was not Qbid after 3, I revert back to
Benoit Lessard's lead problem: Ax A Q97542 Axxx
Partner has close to nothing, so hope for singleton

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