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Stephanie Jacob
Stephanie Jacob
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May 28, 2012
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Aug. 12
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Mixed Teams in European Bridge Championships in San Remo, knocked out some awesome teams on our way to the quarter finals, only to be beaten by the eventual winners.
Bridge Accomplishments
Played for little ol New Zealand a few times, made a wonderful son and player with my husband Tom and his name is Nick Jacob :)
Favorite Tournaments
European Bridge Championships when I can afford to come and play from NZ.
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Lyon Quarterfinal Results
So proud of the Kiwis, first time NZ has ever qualified in the Bermuda Bowl, they've come very close a few times...and now they are in the Semis - watch out France!
Bowling Along 8 - Slip Sliding Away
This was our auction: (1H) 2H (P) 2S (P) 6S (P) 7S, I decided there were many layouts that 6S would make and Susan Humphries rightly judged that I would not bid 6S missing 2 Ace's and that her minor cards were full value, I considered exclusion but didn ...
Men's Bridge
That photo was so random, I would of been more than happy if it had been accompanied by an awesome 7NT my partner and I bid in the final session on Saturday, one of our few bright moments in the what I liked to call the "flog a dead horse ...
Wroclaw - the Pairs Schedule
I didn't like the pairs playing schedule for most of the reasons mentioned, having to get back into town and have dinner around 9:30 to 10pm (if you were lucky to get prompt service) was not ideal. I wouldn't play such a format again. Loved Wroclaw though ...
Open Wroclaw Discussion Thread
Haha one of ours got done for jay walking too!
ACBL Expels Fisher and Schwartz
Re that YouTube link ...need to put a warning up, bucket required!
Great time in Washington DC!`
You have summed this up very well Yu, I have witnessed what you describe many times, in fact I was part of an appeals process in the European's a few years back when being a minnow team we were almost bullied not to appeal but we did and we ...
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
5 years for how many years cheating? How many titles were cheated? How much money was cheated? How many were cheated? How many played those bloody awful opening Two's? Disappointed doesn't begin to express the feeling regarding this sentence.
Vanderbilt Vugraph
Thanks for all your hard work organising this Jan, we do appreciate it from afar. I'm sure a lot of Kiwis and Ozzie's would like to see Bramley :-)
Sweden should not have played in the knock out phase
I really like your idea Max. There is nothing worse than trying to sort out a scoring error after the match especially when the other team who doesn't know about the error has disappeared, it causes a lot of stress and angst as I have experienced in both roles ...

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