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Stuff and nonsense.  Mostly nonsense.

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Board 11, 13 August
I did ask for an undo after dummy was revealed, but they weren't letting me get away with it. :)
Board 26, August 13th
I presume 2 is forcing for E-W? That's an unusual treatment.
Board 4, 13th August
We reached game even after a 1 overcall: 1 - 1 - X - 2 2 - 3 - X (game try) - P 4 Both the game try and acceptance look reasonable to me, even if it led to a poor contract this time.
Bd 25 August 6th BB 2007 USA1 vs South Africa
I passed with the intent to bid later. I could have overcalled 2, but decided against it when West picked off my spade suit. Then when 2 came back to me I was happy to collect +300 on defence. The reasons I passed were: - It's an aceless ...
Board 15 from July 30 matches
It turns out there is a similar thread on a related card combination on the main BridgeWinners site at the moment:
Board 26, August 6th, USA1 vs South Africa
I think low to the Q is right. The way I thought about it is as follows: 3-3 breaks: Kxx and Jxx are equally likely. So it's a wash there. 2-4 breaks are also a wash. Kx and Jx both play for one loser whether or not I guess ...
Board 15 from July 30 matches
This card combination has been bugging me over the past few days, so I looked into it more deeply. Apologies to anyone who isn't interested - this does get a bit dry. I want to compare four basic strategies declarer can adopt to see which one is better. To start ...
Board 19 - 6 August
Fair points. I'm still not convinced, but will start looking more at how the alternatives fare.
Board 19 - 6 August
Not the only consideration, IMO. But surely it's a valuable guideline on these sorts of hands, since one of the main reasons I would bid is to find our game. How likely is it that partner has a distributional hand and we have a game? I suppose partner could ...
I'll post #19.

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