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Board 7 Tuesday 12 Nov
Yes, but doing so gives more information away. For it to be right, East needs to find me with a 5-card heart suit and for hearts to play better than NT. The downside are all those times when I show or deny four hearts and the opponents can defend slightly ...
Bd 8 12th November
This isn't quite true. I opened 1 nebulous club as dealer and partner raised to 3 (3-7, 6+).
Board 7 Tuesday 12 Nov
Partner chose to look for the 4-4 spade fit rather than the 5-3 heart fit (I agree with that choice), so we played in the same 3NT contract on the K lead. I won the ace and thought I was going to get lucky when South played the 9. But ...
Board 15 Nov 12
Systemically, Michael and I would have opened both N-S hands. But we sat E-W this week so this hand was much quieter.
Board 22 - November 5th
I'm not sold on 2, but 2 doesn't seem to have much in common with most hands in the bid's range. Depending on style, you may have five spades a fair bit of the time. Even if you don't, a lot of the time ...
Board 28, 5 Nov
I was actually ready with the 10 - we know declarer's entire hand by this point.
Board 27, 5th November
Yes, 5 was an (exclusion) RKC response. But North didn't ask the question - I stuffed up the bidding. I got distracted, saw 2-3 and figured we had just agreed diamonds. Mea culpa.
Tuesday 5/11/2019
I had a different bidding problem with South. After 1-(3)-X-(P), what's best? 4 or 4 seemed to be my options but I couldn't find a convincing argument for either of them.
Bd 3 (19) BB 2011 Italy vs Pakistan - Tuesday November 5th
Even stopping the cue bid may be valuable. I used to bid 5 with these hands, but am becoming convinced that just alerts the opponents to the possibility of slam. Maybe it's best to bid 4 and hope they play game.
Bd 3 (19) BB 2011 Italy vs Pakistan - Tuesday November 5th
Marianne bid 4 and Michael raised to 5 with North. Jodi now found a very nice 6 call, over which I declined to double and Michael took the push to 7. This went for 800 on the A lead for 3 imps to E-W against the ...

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