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Stephen Henry
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May 28, 2014
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Jan. 22
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Lost at the Bowl, Olympiads, World Mind Games, Mixed Teams and PABF events.

New Zealand

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Scramble or Good/Bad or other?
Seems ordinary rather than nasty.
Sublime Grand, Rediculous Slam: Diamonds, Diamonds Everywhere.
Hi Hamish. Hope this helps... What I was saying that I would consider agreeing diamonds earlier (and ignoring spades altogether) if that made the grand slam (clearly you are in the slam zone from the start) easier to explore - at the cost of missing a spade fit. Obviously if you ...
Sublime Grand, Rediculous Slam: Diamonds, Diamonds Everywhere.
Before reading Phil's comment and your reply, I wondered about the value of the 1 response. Can you cheaply raise diamonds forcing or GFR?
How would you try to win a 28-board match by 77 IMPs?
Tough on second
Is it Restricted Choice?
My worry is JT tight with the player who would never falsecard with JTx would more commonly play the J from JT only. So I opted for the first option.
Defensive Carding
Excellent original post Todd. Generated a lot of responses and quite a variety of views. Thanks
Double on bergen/mixed raise
I used to play that way until I noticed shapely 8 counts were described as invitational. Now it is takeout over both.
Taking Advantage of UI?
I think this is right. West was under the influence of something...
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
I like FP style systems but Michael and Brian make good points re vulnerability. Often the issue is down two vul when no one can make anything - rather than -800.
Stephen Henry's bidding problem: K9732 96 962 A62
RF - yes I think that is the point RR- Interesting speculation but the tempo was fine from the doubler
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