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Stephen McDevitt
Stephen McDevitt
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 24, 2012
Last Seen
July 25, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

43 year old Boston Area engineer who has been playing duplicate bridge since 2001. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
4th in the 2010 National Mixed Pairs with my wife Gloria Tsoi.
Bridge Accomplishments
4th in the 2008 0-5000 Blues with Nate Glasser, 5th in the 2011 Red Ribbon Pairs with Dana Berkowitz, 9th in the 2012 and 2013 0-5000 Bruce LM pairs with Doug Anderson.
Regular Bridge Partners
Doug Anderson, Emily Shen, Jeff Scott, Gloria Tsoi, Vincent Koon Kam King, Amnon Gabay, Steven Ansell, Brian Duran, Barry Margolin, Nate Glasser
Member of Bridge Club(s)
MIT Draper Lab Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Chicago, New Orleans, Memphis, Las Vegas
Favorite Conventions
Features, standard defense, Smolen, McCabe
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Anatomy of NABC Child Care
Marty - I think that this tournament has been on the schedule for 5 or 6 years. I don’t think that it is unreasonable that this conversation would have taken place sometime before 6 days ago. It is certainly possible the resort is at fault but they are partnered with ...
Anatomy of NABC Child Care
Randy, 1. You present a hypothetical situation that is utter fiction. Gloria contacted Donna in August prior to our booking the trip. Donna said she would be able to accommodate us. Gloria is the most organized person I have ever met, and that is especially true when it comes to ...
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Randy, Costco sells a roasted chicken famously for $5 at a loss. Why do they do this? Do other Costco members who dislike chicken walk away in disgust because they don’t want to be subsidizing chickens? Of course not. Here is the problem with your math. 1. Not everyone ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
Chris - here is the text currently listed on their website advertising childcare for Memphis 2019. The Hawaii blurb has been updated to reflect the change Gloria posted about two days ago, but was similar in terms of content. ------ Childcare Bring the kids along! NABC Child Care Services are provided during ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
Ha. Confusing my tens and my twos is one of the many reasons I rarely place in the overalls David.
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
Bridge playing husband checking in. I'm mostly disappointed in the ACBL for its confidence that child care would be available to us (the descriptor we received was "certainly" when Gloria emailed back in August). We are not oblivious to the fact that there are not a lot of bridge ...
Meal Times at Bridge Tournaments
Banana, bagel, coffee before the first session. Granola bar after round 9. Salad with some protein (chicken usually) between sessions. Power bar after round 9. A liter or 2 of water during the entire day. No rules at dinner. I loved Atlanta personally; went to two baseball games and should ...
What directors might not know
Jeff, if my partner hitched over 1NT on this auction I would pass and take my average minus because I'm fully cognizant that not everyone feels the same way that I do about this hand. If I took any action, it would likely be a gentle comment toward my ...
What directors might not know
Sorry, that was a bit clunky Ed. What I am trying to say is that in the US, there is no specific place on the card where you would describe your priorities bidding over their NT (constructive vs. interventionist -- there must be some better word for the latter but I ...
What directors might not know
That's probably how some of the field got to game. South doubles 2, and now North is far more likely to raise since East hasn't limited her hand so South can't be bidding on air. West might even throw in an extremely helpful accept of the ...

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