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"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
It would be nice if people stopped using "Swiss" when they mean "round-robin", and vice versa. I blame ACBL for advertising these as Swiss when round-robin is the proper term. In my district, D21, the directors typically set it up so the top is an open Swiss, the middle are ...
1!S - 1N - 3!S - 4!H
If opener is allowed to be 6-3 in the majors, and responder can be 1-6/0-6/1-7/0-7, it feels gross to me to not be allowed to play in our MUCH better major fit. Game before slam, and I think this game situation will be a lot more common ...
Has anything changed since the elimination of the Stop card?
My perception is that it's "slightly worse", barely noticeable, since it was so bad to begin with. Went from 90% don't pause to like 92% don't pause maybe. Several opponents I've admonished thought the requirement to pause went away along with the banishment of the stop ...
Michaels convention
Right, "Michaels" only refers properly to the direct seat cue convention. This cue in sandwich position doesn't have a name associated with it normally, and is usually either natural or other two suits, popularity varies by regional preferences. I would never assume spades+hearts without very specific discussion, that ...
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: KJ43 Q65 A2 QT95
1S caters to finding 4-4 spade fit opposite minimal responding hand not strong enough to check back ... wouldn't such responding hands negative double?
Stephen Tu's bidding problem: KQxxx Ax QJT8 Kx
In real life the no brainer choice didn't work very well. I was just checking if I was supposed to do something else.
Stephen Tu's bidding problem: Jx AKQx Ax AQJTx
Oh never mind I constructed poll wrong originally and didn't notice, opening bid was 1d, sorry
Stephen Tu's bidding problem: Jx AKQx Ax AQJTx
So if you bid 4 instead, what is next call after 4?
Upside down signal from H(H)T9
Miles' argument was that if there were say 4 possible values for x including the 9, 2 will be read as low and if you play T holding the 9, the signal is readable 3/4 of the time with the second x being the problem case. Whether you agree ...
Upside down signal from H(H)T9
The example Miles gave in his book, basically West vs 3nt led a spade from Qxxxx Ax Qxx JTx, dummy won ST from AT doubleton, marking declarer with SKJx, and declarer now sets up a diamond suit, and west is in with DQ. He at that point is looking at ...

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