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Stephen Tynes
Stephen Tynes
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Feb. 19, 2012
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Oct. 6, 2019
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning my first platinum points
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning my first Bracket 1 KO
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Truro Duplicate Bridge Club, Halifax Bridge Studio
Favorite Tournaments
Bridgewater sectional, Providence NABC, Chicago NABC
Favorite Conventions
Precision club, mixed Raises, splinters, Landy
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Silver Life Master
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Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
This is a ridiculous analogy. The worst crime in bridge would be murdering one's opponents so that one wouldn't have to play them.
10K Swiss (Providence 2014)
On the next hand I think you have the spade spots wrong. I know that I had KTxx of spades. Actually, I felt that I had a bit of an ethical problem on this deal. My intent was to pass the 3N bid as you did, but based on the ...
10K Swiss (Providence 2014)
Are the hands rotated on these deals? I was North playing 6D on the hand where you and your partner were in 1S. I also chose to open the AKQxxx x AKxxx x hand 1S rather than 2C. I'm trying to remember our auction... it was something like 1S ...
Splinter with stiff A/K
4D should be a cuebid showing diamond control and denying club control. In this auction, 3H is needed as a game try. I suppose you could play 3N as some type of cuebid or slam investigation, but I'd play 3N as natural here.
Another Tough Problem
I think that 1 - (3) - X - (4) - P - (P) - 5 - (P) - 6 is also a reasonable auction.
Assign the Blame - Australia vs USA1 Juniors
100% to West. Too light for a vulnerable overcall. That hand is good enough that he may be able to balance later, so what is the rush? East's 2N bid isn't perfect, but if West passes then East doesn't have a problem. I don't like West ...
Obvious Decision?
I pass. It seems like they probably have slam. If I bid 5 I may push them into it. If they don't have slam down 3 doubled for 800 is too much and seems likely. If partner has something like AKJTxxxx - xxxx x then we missed a good sacrifice ...
Simple Overcall -- upper limit
I put 6-17 as my overcall range on my convention card. Really it is about playing strength and suit quality. With only a 5 card suit I am much more likely to overcall heavy than with a good 6 card suit. It also depends on which suit I have. If ...
Simple Overcall -- lower limit
Depends on the game, but I put 6 on my convention card. Non-vul at MPs I will overcall one club with one spade with KQTxx of spades and nothing else.
LC Standard -- Defense vs. NT
I don't like the idea of doubling with 13 HCP at all. I like to have a decent 15 to double either 12-14 or 13-15 NT for penalty. Against the mini (10-12) no trump I think a good 14+ is fine. I think it is imperative to play double ...
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