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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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Basic Information

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May 27, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
Regular Bridge Partners
Betty, my one and only.
Favorite Conventions
Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Your thought process?
Tough to answer. I think that I visualize the whole hand, but see it as a diagram, like in a book. But I learned from books. Betty sees the whole hand, but actually pictures playing cards in her mind. She finds BBO very disconcerting, since she has to change the ...
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
Play all my other cards first.
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
I am with Frances most of the way. 2NT = ridiculous. Not bidding 3 was the worst bid in the auction, and contributed the most to the disaster, so North gets a good chunk of blame. Still, it would help to know the default rebid: What does opener rebid with ...
Is this restricted choice? (WBF junior finals, board 11)
It looks very close to a toss-up. So, I might as well play for spades 3-3, with the added bonus that I make if someone started with four spades and the diamond queen-jack (or five+ diamonds). So I ruff both hearts in hand, cash winners, and run trumps from the ...
Ethics issue or not?
That one is tricky. Partner is a passed hand, you are outgunned, and have a ten + card spade fit. Do you really want to give them lots of room to exchange information and then bid four spades? The likelihood that N-S were about to defend two spades went way up ...
Ethics issue or not?
Wouldn't takeout be for the minors when East has shown 5+ 5+ in the majors? Sounds like North is 1-3-4-5 or 1-2-4-6.
I've never seen this, just a curiosity
East holds K52 in diamonds. More practically, East with K2 or K5 might (and perhaps should) not cover the diamond queen. West should drop the nine or ten, but, against experts, declarer might go right.
Trump suit best play.
Trump to the queen is almost certainly best. If North has the spade king, South rates to have almost every other card. Picture North with Kx AQJx in the majors. After spade queen, spade, ace, we strip diamonds, and exit in trumps, for an endplay. This seems much better than ...
What was the right thing to do?
"Why are you so in a hurry to ask for Keycards." You lost me. Partner asked for Key Cards (if we play Kickback or Exclusion), and we have to answer.
What was the right thing to do?
Exactly! Our agreement is not important, but yours is important. How would you play this with this partner? Do you play Kickback? If so, that is logical, and you must make the bid that shows one key card over a double. If not, do you play Exclusion? If so, that ...

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