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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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Basic Information

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May 27, 2010
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
Regular Bridge Partners
Betty, my one and only.
Favorite Conventions
Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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ACBL Ranking
Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Great Players; Great Books
I'm with Richard here. I read Love, and Watson, once, many years ago. Never went back. I read every Kelsey book dozens of times. I read Master Play almost as many times. I used to re-read Adventures before going to any serious tournament.
Soloway Jump Shifts
@Kevin: You want to avoid a slam missing the trump queen and an ace. The slam needs a finesse, and there are always distributional dangers (i.e., a ruff), so the slam is less than 50%. However, you want to be in a slam when the only missing cards are ...
Construct a hand
My guess is partner is bringing diamonds into the picture - likely 4-6 in the minors. Seems like any hand worth bidding 2NT naturally would have bid 1 or 2NT over the double. Unfortunately, any hand worth suggesting diamonds would have bid 1 over the double. So partner has done ...
Why I suck at matchpoints (part 2)
Double keeps diamonds open, but only if partner bids them. I double, and bid three hearts over 2NT or 3. Most of the time, double gets to three hearts, but three hearts immediately always gets to hearts.
Slam Choice/Play Problem
I finesse the club. Assuming it loses, I'll discard a heart on the club return, diamond ace, spade ace, king, spade ruff, diamond, heart ace, pull (hopefully) last trump.
What do you do?
OK. Let's suppose that every artificial bid was alerted, and every natural bid was not alerted. Remember when bridge was that simple? One club would be alerted, but they knew what that meant. One spade, and two hearts were natural, and not alerted. Every bid starting with four clubs ...
What do you do?
How could they know better? Four clubs could be natural, some big 2-suiter. More likely, four clubs is artificial. I would guess shortness, but it could have been some form of ace-asking. Of course, if it is anything except natural, it should be alerted. No, wait! Stupid legislators have decided ...
The matter of taste - open to your proposals
Curious. How do they uppercut me after two rounds of trumps?
The matter of taste - open to your proposals
Heart ace, king, then spade ruff back. If trumps aren't up, and the spade queen hasn't dropped, club finesse. Trumps rate to be 2-2. West, looking at a sure trump trick, would cash the diamond king. East, looking at a potential trump trick like Qxx, would force dummy ...
(1H)-P-(2H)-P-(P)-2S continuations
And on this auction, I am a passed hand. I can't imagine any hand where I would want to make a game try over a balance, yet I would want to pass over two hearts.

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