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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

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I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
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Betty, my one and only.
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Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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"Flexible signals"
Sorry, Craig, but why is my partner attacking from two or three small on an auction where they have announced plenty of winners? If I can't trust my partner to lead aggressively on this sort of auction, then I need to find a different partner. This is one of ...
"Flexible signals"
Why? Assuming partner has led from length, we have two ways to set the contract. (1) Partner has the diamond ace. Clear hearts. (2) Partner has strong clubs. Play on clubs. It is better, if we choose (2), to play clubs right away, since partner might hold KJ or KQ ...
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
Seriously, people. Fourth suit, meaningless, but game forcing, is a pretty poor convention. It solves one problem quickly - figuring out if we have a stopper. It often preempts our sequences when we want to support one of partner's suits. As the Gods have said, support with support. It is ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
@Kit: This is easy. If you judge that the contract would normally make, even with proper disclosure, then there was no damage, and so no adjustment. Things get tricky when you decide that there was damage, and that the damage hurt the defense. Now, how much do you award the ...
Make them pay!
For what it is worth: Pass over two spades suggests doubt about spades. North would then retreat to three diamonds. North, with spade worry and both minors, bids 2NT. If North still wants to ask for size and continue the auction normally, North redoubles.
Awkward fourth suit forcing auction
For us, two spades is a club raise. Two of the hands are easy. (1) I have extra values, and decent shape. I bid four hearts. (3) I have no extra values. Indeed, maybe I shouldn't have opened. I bid three clubs and hope partner passes. (2) This one ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
I know I am beating on this poor, dead horse, but there is nothing in the current law that requires weighting. Weighting is optional. The decision to use weighting in nearly every case was a decision done by directors. The law was changed, by directors and director trainers, from MAY ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Depends on my mood. Depends on what I had for breakfast. Depends on my holdings in the other three suits. Depends on what I plan on having for dinner. Depends on what our politicians have done lately.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
"The laws have moved on from let's bash them and stop the doing it again towards let's restore equity and penalise if necessary. " It is hard to restore equity if you won't bash them. Take my example from earlier: Player A gives the opponents complete disclosure, even ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
My international experience is limited, but, in one case, where there was such a ruling, the directors determined that the action taken against us was one suggested by the UI, and weighted the result, allowing the illegally obtained contract to be bid some percentage of the time. So we lost ...

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