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Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

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I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
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Betty, my one and only.
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Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Yes, I have heard those arguments, and, personally, find them quite bogus. Take one aspect: Paying a huge tax by getting ourselves needlessly to the three-level. (1) We have shape, and are looking for a game on fit. Sounds like they have a big fit as well. Are we really ...
So? If game makes roughly half the time, that doesn't suggest it is right to blast. How often do you really think game will make if opener shows clubs and responder rejects, or punts with diamond values? My guess - when I try and we stop in three, game will ...
Your Discard?
West can't be 2-6-3-2 when West discards a spade on the third or fourth trump. If declarer does try cashing winners (with the spade before leading the last trump), I will have to discard without seeing a discard from partner, and might well throw a heart, playing for that ...
Your Discard?
Declarer is marked with five solid clubs and KJx in spades. Is declarer balanced? Then why this strange auction? A quite likely hand for declarer is KJx - 1098xx AKQJ10. Putting up the diamond queen on the first round of the suit won't work too well, will it.
West would bid 2NT with hearts double-stopped. So West doesn't have that. West would bid 3 over 3 with a concentration of spades. So West doesn't have that. Thus, West has a hand like Qxx Kxxx Jxx Kxx for 3NT, and the diamonds might be stronger ...
I agree, but you are being pretty gentle. Once West does not bid 2NT, I can't see playing in 3NT with the East hand. But three spades looks automatic over three hearts.
A Bart Bramley Story
Having done quite a lot of Bernasconi DD problems, it was obvious, in that last page problem, that he wouldn't have given dummy the heart 109 if they weren't useful! He never put in red herrings. OK, if the heart 109 are useful, that can only be because ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
It's the title of a book, published by a Sports Writer and Red Sox fan, Bill Simmons, after they broke the decades-long drought and won a World Series.
Now I Can Die in Peace*
3 IMPs is not exactly trivial. Assuming the kings are marked, and the club jack is 50-50 to be in either hand, then: your line gains six IMPs when West has the club jack and no spade jack - 5/12 of the cases. My line gains 9 IMPs over your ...
Now I Can Die in Peace*
In the end position, everything points to East holding a hand like K?xxx Kxx AK ?xx, and West holding ? AJ8 QJ10xx K?xx. The club jack could be in either hand, and, since both players hold three unknown clubs, that is 50-50. Playing West for the club jack risks ...

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