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May 11, 2011
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About that demographic cliff...
The USBF should be the North American NBO. The ACBL should be an alliance of local bridge clubs which bands together to hold larger tournaments. The USBF will hold more regional tournaments and feed the WBF participants and representatives into international competition. The ACBL is done as far as placing ...
Comparable psychology
2 now, of course, probably has a conventional meaning, e.g., and , or and a minor, or and the other two suits, etc. So, when you pass because you have none of those hands, partner won't be allowed to play you for long hearts ...
I bid 3
Mark Lair's TWO Great Bids
"He always led his partner's suit" will be part of some people's epitaphs. Not this author's.
Why the uproar about Cell Phones? Are they really THE problem?
Equal application of penalties, regardless of the status of the player, is essential and assumed.
Embassy Suites available for San Diego NABC
Does it seem coincidental to you that the people choosing the NABC sites are the same ones benefitting from the elegance of the hotels and the nearby pricey restaurants and attractions? If the BOD members and ACBL officials had to pay for hotel rooms and didn't get a per ...
Embassy Suites available for San Diego NABC
Spokane hosted a World's Fair, as did Knoxville. Yet there's no facility large enough for an NABC-? And even though attendance may fall, affordability and access for the rank-and-file players would be significantly increased. Fewer attendees would require fewer directors, staff and supplies. We don't need all ...
Embassy Suites available for San Diego NABC
Why are we still having NABCs in urban centers? There are plenty of mid-sized cities with airports and many choices of hotels/motels near potential playing sites. If you believe it's for the convenience of sightseers, you're gullible. Cities like Spokane, Birmingham, Columbus, Austin, and Billings, to name ...
Our mistake is always in blaming ourselves, rather than the cards. If the cards were virtuous, trumps would have broken so you wouldn't have had to have been so careful. After all, we are only human and flawed. The cards live forever - immortal - and unchangeable.
ACBL Regional Tournament Attendance/Cost Issue
Let's have ONE EVENT (like we used to) and award prizes (like we used to) other than masterpoints.

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