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Steve Bruno
Steve Bruno
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May 11, 2011
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July 9
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United States of America

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Grand Life Master
Rick Gold - Steve Bruno
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Ben and Steve
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Master as a racist term
Don't be silly.
The Kibs Are Not Alright
"How can we play serious bridge this way?" We can't. It's online bridge. It can't be serious by definition.
Anti cheating committee
You're not actually contemplating letting one person pull names of people who that one person believes to be trustworthy out of the sky and give them ultimate authority to ban or accept or convict all bridge players in all tournaments based on the honesty of their performance, are you ...
How strong would you be?
In the old days, I used 17+, but with the overcompetitive nature of bidding these days, I've knocked it down to 14+.
Can cheating be stopped in online bridge?
Online cheating probably can't be stopped, but it doesn't really matter, does it? Online bridge is flawed from the beginning - not "real" bridge. One can't pick up "tells" from the table and gauge nuances in the bidding. Screen bridge is not accurate enough to be called "bridge".
Opening 1 nt with a singleton
I never will. I know it's legal, but I think it's unethical. I know others do not share my opinion.
I love to play - as long as no one has to pay
Now I understand you, Gary. Thanks.
I love to play - as long as no one has to pay
Gary H. - if you think I'm being delusional, you didn't understand the point of my comment or you're being dense. To suggest that honor and honesty might be missing from some professional player's character is the point of bringing up the income tax argument. I know ...
I love to play - as long as no one has to pay
Would we verify specific amounts of earnings by consulting income tax returns? That is almost a rhetorical question.
I love to play - as long as no one has to pay
Ellis - Your comparisons sound exactly like mine. Pro or amateur teams included. On a pro team, that exact behavior is necessary to maintain one's pro status. I try not to paint all pros with the same broad brush, Rosenbergs, but when so many of them exhibit childish, selfish behavior ...

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