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Goodbye, Russ
Christopher Cross.
What bridge really needs to become relevant again.
Traditionally we attempt to push beginners into duplicate or tournament bridge too quickly. We are too hungry for their flesh. John's idea of slowing down the learning process and confining their competition to small groups is a great one. Incubate them for 2 to 5 years until they are ...
Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?
Jan - you've made an excellent post. By "fixing" the schedule for NABC++ events and sprinkling the NABC+ and Regional events around them, we can have shorter tournaments and ones which have something for every level of bridge, except maybe the 0 to 10,000 level. Perhaps they could be ...
Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?
Greg, if I could "like" your posting more than once, I would.
Are these weak 2-bids?
Neither hand has constructive or destructive values. I don't open either.
A new type of regionals
How about having three different types of Regionals: 1)only for those players who have more than 5,000 masterpoints; 2)Open - to all players and; 3) only for those with fewer than 5,000 masterpoints? And reduce the number of NABC's to two per year.
A new type of regionals
Instead of having NLM Regionals, why not have "Under 1000 point Regionals" and "over 1000 point Regionals?" That way more people could be separated from professional players and sponsors. And the pros could play against themselves. I'd even like to see a "over 10,000 point Regional". But it ...
Honolulu evening food
How about chits for entry fees?
Reverse Robin Hood - Huh?!
We nattering nabobs are proud to shine light on the inadequacies, the misfeasance and self-serving decisions of the current ACBL officials and BOD. Others can be "yes men" and close their eyes to all the wrong decisions made by the past and recent BOD. For example: has anyone identified all ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
Randy - So when NABC entry fees go to $30 per person per session, NYC players will think it's a bargain - ? The rest of us will sit it out.

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