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May 11, 2011
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April 1
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United States of America

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Rick Gold - Steve Bruno
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Ben and Steve
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Summer NABC Moved
A Sioux Falls NABC is not far-fetched enough to obviously be tongue in-cheek. So many of us thought it to be real. Because it fell far short of obvious fantasy, it was cruel. It gave us false hope. In these times, false news which gives us hope is far too ...
Summer NABC Moved
Khokan - I love your reference. No other April Fool's story took place during a deadly virus outbreak. Whoever from the BW staff let this story be posted isn't doing her best job of editing.
Summer NABC Moved
Only a child or those adults with childish minds would think this is a funny post.. It's tragic, not comedic.
World championships individual
Can you really hear many top players saying, "I won't enter this NABC championship event because it doesn't award enough masterpoints?"
World championships individual
They come and go. They fade in and fade out.
Points, Community, Quality
It's not pretending; it's genuine to rank points below any other value.
Writing style question
There are only four players at one bridge table: The opener, the overcaller, the responder and the advancer. So it's not necessary to add the word "the" in the description.
Wanted: Pro Client Pairs
This is a good idea. I remember when OKBridge had "ladders", which amounted to leagues where teams would form and challenge teams above them in the standings to matches. Round-robing leagues also work well. It would take some organization and some self-discipline, but could feasibly be done.
Time to make a plan B for Montreal
Without being F2F, there is no real "bridge". So hold an online tournament if you wish, but it won't ever be regarded as an NABC. If you ask, "Well, what else can we do?". The answer is simple: "Nothing, until we can assemble and compete F2F."
The Future of Bridge: It doesn't look so good.
I know and respect Peg Kaplan. But have never sat across the table from her. I've been to Chicago, but only grudgingly. I have lived in California, but now reside in the Vortex of Death- Kirkland, Washington. I collaborated with Max Hardy on the gold standard of 2/1 ...

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