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May 11, 2011
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Who is the target audience of commentators? Is it novices or beginners who are trying to learn the game and it's subtleties? Is it experts who are interested in the nouveau-intricacies of new conventions and treatments? Is it the average duplicate player who has more than cursory understanding of ...
Could this happen in top-level bridge...?
Allen - I strongly agree with your donation post. If your primary goal is to make lots of money so you can spend it on charitable causes, it would be worthwhile to spend time and resources becoming a master at money-making ventures. I've always strongly believed that, if you choose ...
Could this happen in top-level bridge...?
For what purpose? Why would it be desirable to become either a poker master or a bridge master? Neither is an endeavor on which one should spend vast amounts of time or resources to master. Would it cure cancer? Would it make us safe from nuclear attack? Would it make ...
NABC Contracts
"Concierge level rooms". Why? "Suites". Why?
How much more?
Kx x meets the Rule of 21 Plus.
It's About Time
Isn't this an arena where the BOD could step in and instruct the directors to increase the frequency and severity of penalties for slow play? Somebody has to be in charge. . . . ? Let's get a report back from the BOD on how this new tactic has been effective. ACCOUNTABILITY.
My Perceptions after 10 days in Atlanta
Ellis - Very nice work on getting the directors to penalize slow play. The rest of we fast players appreciate it very much.
CEO is Dead, Long live the Executive Director
Why not concentrate less on "growing the membership" and try harder to make the current members enjoy their experience? This obsession with growth might be an appropriate task for an appointee of the Ex Sec. But making it a primary task of the leader of the band is counterproductive. Shrinking ...
Does the ACBL need more Washrooms at NABCs OR should players be kicked out of tournaments with cause?
Selective justice is merely one thing that is killing the ACBL. Not penalizing slow "name" players, letting wealthy sponsors urinate in stairwells, preferential seeding and positioning for sponsored teams, etc.
Why does the membership not revolt against the Board of Directors?
I don't agree with "Tournament players- they have accept ACBL for what it worth." I'm a tournament player and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. When clubs shrink in size the club player will begin to object.

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