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Steve Bruno
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May 11, 2011
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Defending Champions
In the old days, players would not have bid 3D with the North hand on Solution 4. "A free bid shows extra values" and all that. However, defensive bidding has become so aggressive that, with a long suit, we're afraid to keep our mouths shut. You just have to ...
Does this treatment over Stayman has a name?
BELL=2C/2NT shows one five-card major and the bottom of the range; 3C asks "which major". 2C/3MAJ = one five-card major and top of the NT range.
KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)
I've received three forfeitures in my life: one in the Vanderbilt, one in the Spingold and one in a Regional KO finals. All three times all members of my team received all the masterpoints. But it may be noted that, without having to play the final stanze, all members ...
Selling Masterpoints
How about never issuing any masterpoints for finishing anywhere in the event? Just pay for use of the facilities, equipment and directors to rule when necessary? Of course, if you won, you could say you won, or if you lost you could say that you won. Or if you won ...
Masterpoints per minute and per dollar
One masterpoint per session? That's a pace almost no one can achieve, let alone a "new player". I remember when you could win an entire masterpoint at a club game only once per month. And you had to have won a club game during that month to be eligible ...
Masterpoints per minute and per dollar
If you're choosing which bridge contests to enter based on the likely masterpoint yield, your sense of values is so skewed there really can't be an intelligent discussion. Most people prefer in-person games because there is a social aspect to interacting with others, not because of the number ...
ACBL Chief Executive Tenders Resignation
Being a talented and successful bridge player doesn't do anything to make one an effective board member. It doesn't make one an honorable man, or a dedicated one, or a strong and principled one, either. In other words, one's qualifications to be a board member should never ...
ACBL Chief Executive Tenders Resignation
Using extensive knowledge of business principles and with great skill in managing people, the CEO will guide, lead, and implement policies which will direct the organization toward success, i.e., fiscal solvency and membership satisfaction.
The responsibilities of bridge professionals
Of course every professional player declares every penny of income and pays all applicable taxes on it. Otherwise they would be criminals.
Fact Instead Of Fiction: A True Report on the Denver Regional
I've played some bridge over the course of the years. Although I was never involved directly in a Swiss match where both pairs of a team sat the same direction, I have heard several times of it occurring. I know that the disposition of such a circumstance is to ...

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