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Steve Chen
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Jan. 26, 2012
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about me

Bridge is condensed life.

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Gold Life Master
Steve / Li-Chung (draft)
2 over 1 semi forcing
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Speedball Claim
The question is how to interpret a claim without statement. Is “cashing everything from top” the default/implicit line? Arguably, if declarer forgets about DJ, he would just play AQ and be “surprised” that DJ drops. So I would think that it is just his lucky day. If North had ...
Youngest Life Master
Not quite, but it definitely contributed toward his goal. :)
Youngest Life Master
On behalf of Andrew, I'd like to thank all of you who helped him along this wonderful journey. Through bridge, Andrew got to know a lot of young friends who are like brothers and sisters to him the same way as Charlie: Brian, Kayden, Brandon, Olivia, to just name ...
My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
"...learning, from an opening bid, that one suit is split 5-3 is statistically meaningless. We gain no information from such knowledge." How can this be true? How about a suit is split 7-1, or in extreme case 13-0, is this not going to affect the distribution of other suits?
Apparently this pickup partnership hasn’t discussed this sequence, otherwise they would know what it means. So “whatever you have agreed to” is probably not applicable. The real question should be: without special agreement, is there a standard on the meaning of 3D here?
The Greatest Play
If East doesn’t have S9, going up with A can be potentially costly, unless West knows declarer would play SQ for sure.
Expensive and random gold points
I think it happened in early March. That seems like a one-time deal though. No online STaC?
The Greatest Play
I probably missed something, but this is what I get so far: think about what leads declarer to the correct path in first place (i.e. playing West for Ax instead of AJx). I think this is purely based on probability. East can make a ‘good play’ trying to derail ...
Expensive and random gold points
Now that ACBL has online club and regional games, I wonder how long would it take to offer online sectional... By the way, what is the real difference among these games, if we only focus on format of the matches?
Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?
That's my point. You can do 2/1 with single raise as NF, jump raise as limit. Inverted minors is independent of 2/1. In fact when Larry Cohen teaches 2/1 to beginners, he doesn't include inverted minors, just have same simple raise for both 1m and ...

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