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Bridge is condensed life.

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May you bid after partner's hesitation
I don't think pass is a logical alternative, so I'll bid 3 regardless of the hesitation. If the director rules against me (after polling players) I will respect it, although secretly I might have doubt with the level of players polled. Note that being ruled against doesn ...
Jack Spear's bidding problem: AK2 T982 QT32 AT
Whatever you do is a guess now -- a price paid for previous round of bidding.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K532 5 A87 AK987
It's not practical to require 4 spades for North's double, but I fail to see how this affects bidding on this hand. The real question is what does South's double show, and the answer depends on agreement.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: K64 KJ Q832 K952
5 might make. Or not.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: T8xx --- AKQxxx xxx
Of course. The question here is whether the hand is enough even after stretching, and whether double would necessarily land into a right spot.
Dear GIB can we please take this bid off the card???
I was talking about unpassed hands. For passed hand, I play that 3 is fit-showing.
Jacoby 2NT?
What does "self-sufficient" mean? If it means a suit like KQJTxxx, why didn't open something earlier?
Should bridge go green?
People who think "online is a paradise for cheating" mistakenly assume that "online" means playing from sofa at one's living room with no one else around. No, any serious online tournament will require a designated location where a standard device (such as iPad) is provided (ideally not owned by ...
What does this double mean. I have no idea.
If you use 2NT as takeout, obviously you can retain X as penalty. But then you lose good/bad 2NT. So, you have 3 types of hands but 2 bids, something has to give up.
What does this double mean. I have no idea.
I play that 1M (P) 1NT (2x) X is takeout, but 1m (P) 1NT (2M) X is penalty. The reason is that in first sequence, partner can have the lower suits, with relatively wide range in shape and strength. On second sequence, partner already denied majors, so X as takeout ...
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