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Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 32 A4 AKT85432 A
Yes, if they have that agreement they are supposed to disclose it. But if their agreement is 3+ cards yet the opener bids 3 anyway as improvisation, then obviously they cannot alert (since responder does't even know), and I don't see the ground to ban it.
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 32 A4 AKT85432 A
3 was chosen because of system hole. This type of hand is just notorious to handle in standard/natural system. What can opener do over 1 - 1? Assuming that 4 shows 4 hearts along with 6+ good diamonds, the only other remotely sensible choices are 3NT ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
But why 5? If you meant it as cuebid, why not starting with 5?
Who made the worst bid (if any)
None of the bids is clearly wrong. 2 is automatic, other bids can also easily work out well in other situations (if I have to pick, 3 would be the most questionable one). Sometimes normal bids can lead to bad contracts, we've all been there.
Are you "allowed to know"?
Except that many others wouldn't.
Are you "allowed to know"?
"Because you have unauthorised information that partner hasn't forgotten the system" No idea what that means... you should always bid on the assumption that partner didn't forget your system, why would that be unauthorized?
Are you "allowed to know"?
This is more confusing. "if partner alerted and explained your bid as diamonds, this is unauthorised infomation to you" I thought the issue is that you bid 2 as showing diamonds, but partner didn't alert. So "partner forgot" is UI to you. You need to bid as if ...
Are you "allowed to know"?
It depends on the upper limit of 2 (as a transfer). If it is limited to constructive/invitational, surely partner can pass with appropriate hand (i.e. long clubs, minimum, no diamond tolerance). If 2 is forcing in your system (basically no upper limit), then the pass does ...
Are you "allowed to know"?
" have authorized information that partner has hearts, did not psych, believes your 2 bid to be natural and nonforcing, and has club support" No, "believes your 2 to be natural" is not authorized, it is derived from partner's failure to alert 2. The fact that ...
Are you "allowed to know"?
The majority didn't think it through: had partner alerted 2 as showing diamonds, would this bidding still logically exist? Had this happened at the table (with partner having alerted 2), they probably would be a little perplexed but still try to work out a logical meaning, such ...
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