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Jan. 26, 2012
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about me

Bridge is condensed life.

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Steve / Li-Chung (draft)
2 over 1 semi forcing
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ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Randy, Solutions should include immediate help as well as finding out what really happened and making sure it doesn't happen again. People have suggested ACBL absorb some of the costs to help find outside childcare service, or to resolve insurance issue (if there is one). Also talking to representatives ...
ACBL plans to end all child care at NABCs?
Let me get it right -- an organization decided to break a promise in the last minute, and people who disagree are labeled as "just complained and whined"? As paying members who may be directly affected by this, don't they have the rights to complain anyway? The main fallacy in ...
Question concerning negative (non-forcing) freebids at the two level
I think it somewhat depends on the meaning of other bids. For example, what would bids like, 1 (1) 3 mean? Would it show GF hand with 6+ hearts (a sensible treatment under negative-free-bid frame)?
ATB: Diving to disaster
That's because I don't think one needs ATB to figure out 6 is wrong. Preempting then bidding again is always something to be frowned at, especially when it doesn't work out. I actually don't know if South was angry, I just think that might be ...
ATB: Diving to disaster
The problem of such an "action double" is that partner doesn't really know what to do. For this hand South knows to leave it in, what if South has one less ace? What if South has a wrong ace? Unless you carefully define exactly how many defensive tricks the ...
ATB: Diving to disaster
Eric: what you said was actually what I meant. I mean you can certainly construct hands where 6 is the right action yet South may not be able to do it. But again, that doesn't mean I agree with the 6 bid. Just want to put things ...
ATB: Diving to disaster
I am not disagreeing. There is a saying that once preempted, you keep your mouth shut unless forced. But I have to wonder, had 6 been successful, would we still see this post or an angry South?
ATB: Diving to disaster
6 is probably not the most outrageous or ridiculous bid in the world as some here have indicated. I mean, you can certainly construct hands where 6 is the right action. But of course it is too unilateral and aiming at too narrow a target. And certainly, when ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
The NABC childcare is tailored for bridge-playing parents. It will be hard to find an outside childcare center that operates till 11pm and beyond. Lots of bridge-player parents really count on it.
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
You can call it any name but kids are kids, certain regulations (specific to kids) still have to apply. But then again, I'd expect the hotel to raise any concern long ago, not in last minute.

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