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Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
Yes, that's a fair point. What I actually meant was "if you are going to bid 5 later no matter what, then no need to start with 2". For the actual sequence, opener's final pass, although not necessarily a percentage action, is at least consistent with ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
The big deal is, 6 is better than 6. The actual bidding sequence almost gives no chance of finding it. Starting from X like a normal person, it is at least conceivable for North to show 4-4 in majors, then South can envision this possibility. That being said ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
If North shows more spades than hearts then yes. But if North might have 3-3 in major just better spades, then hearts can easily play better. Obviously 4 is the culprit, as everyone has noticed.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KT9x Kx JTx Q9xx
You are counting on follow-up to NT bid?
ATB - Wrong Slam
I do not think the final contract is absurd -- it's not always easy to identify the cases where 8-card fit works better than 9-card fit. But how you got there was strange.
Competing against mini-NT
BOP needs some margin IMO. Having barely 21 HCP is not enough. I think we need something like 23+. Now even if my hand is 15, RHO who opened 1NT has 11, rest HCP are evenly distributed between LHO and my partner, we have just about 22 HCP total. Below ...
Competing against mini-NT
I can understand that 'even' is more common than 'uneven', so when either side has half of deck, it is more likely 11-9 than 15-5. But that was not what I questioned. Given that we have 12, opener has 10-12 (say 11 on average), is it more likely that partner ...
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: --- AT43 KJT9 A9862
Yes, if partner signs off in 5 then you won't get to 7. But you can leave room to allow partner to find out about your A, K, A and void in spade, sometimes those will be enough for partner to bid 7. The point is, in order ...
Your opinion on partner's opening bid Gatlinburg KO.
I think the odds of opponents making 4M is high enough that I am willing to risk 5m being a wrong/phantom sac, in exchange for the pressure I can put on opponents to find right strain and level.
Competing against mini-NT
I give up penalizing with 12 vs 11, in order to gain accuracy on other hands. You just cannot cover all grounds, if double shows something like 12 to 20, then partner will never know what to do with, say, a relatively balanced 6 HCP hand. I don't know ...
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