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Bridge is condensed life.

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Joel Wooldridge's bidding problem: 8 Q965 KT9xx 875
It's also possible that after the tactical action backfires, there is no way to salvage. It doesn't necessarily mean the tactic action is wrong, but this is part of the calculated risk that one takes by doing it. You gambled, you lost, just take your zero and move ...
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: 8 KQJ93 --- AKT8532
With massive spade-diamond 2-suiter, partner shouldn't bid 3 earlier. That bid shows a single-suited hand. Given that bid, I don't expect 5+ diamond length in partner's hand (most likely not even a good 4-card), so I am hugely optimistic on my hand.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK532 QJT Q95 A9
@Jeff, let's say that both pass and 2 are logical alternatives. If partner hesitates, the UI suggests action (bidding 2). So if North would have bid 2 without hesitation, he should probably pass now. But if North would have passed, then the hesitation just gave a ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AK532 QJT Q95 A9
Why would those answered with Pass now bid 2?
Which set of opening bids?
Marshall, thanks for the enlightenment.
Which set of opening bids?
@Marshall: it is interesting to hear that having weak 2 is more valuable than weak 2. In my experience, people tend to think the other way (lots of players are willing to give up 2 for something else but not 2). Would you care to elaborate ...
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: QJx Axx xxx Axxx
Yes that makes sense. I also think that pass for penalty with this hand is a big gamble, which is why I now agree that failure to overcall 1 earlier makes this an exception of pass being penalty.
Jason Feldman's lead problem: JT4 T84 98 QJ852
The overwhelming reason is that declarer is known to have singleton or void in spades. Partner's failure to double says he doesn't have a strong opinion on what to lead, but it doesn't say that he wants a spade lead either.
Greg Humphreys's bidding problem: QJx Axx xxx Axxx
Arguably, pass here could mean "I intended to pass if RHO didn't bid", in other words pass is penalty. Now, whether this hand *should* pass for penalty, that is a different topic. But when I do pass for penalty, partner better not to remove.
Who's to blame?
If playing mini-maxi (which I dislike, but I guess it makes more sense here since 3 consumes so much space), why did North not start with 1? If North did bid 3, he will have to treat the hand as max and go on.
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