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Steve Chen
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Jan. 26, 2012
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Dec. 13, 2018
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Bridge is condensed life.

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Gold Life Master
Steve / Li-Chung (draft)
2 over 1 semi forcing
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ATB - Poor slam
No blame, just bad luck.
ATB - bad slam
That's plausible. But arguably if West didn't bid 2NT, East may not have the chance to make the last mistake. Maybe the focus shouldn't be splitting hair and figuring out who gets more blame than the other, rather it may be more productive to know how the ...
ATB - Poor slam
There are several very common agreements, based on which the rebid by West should be either 2 or 2. But 2NT is not one of the options.
ATB - bad slam
Again this boils down to a classic question: who should we blame more, the one who made first mistake or last?
ATB - bad slam
2NT was not good. But from East perspective, there could be entry problem in 6NT. Give West one more club and one less diamond, after spade lead East has to hope South didn't start with Kxx in clubs. At IMPs I think 6 will be a better slam.
Does it matter how many points the opponents show?
But this is not like UI situation, here the player is on the non-offending side. What if, for arguments sake, the player says he would have bid 2 over mini-NT, but the peers polled have 50% double, 50% pass, none choosing 2? How are you going to weigh ...
Is 2!H forcing?
With the 2 overcall, you lose the 2/2 bid (for inv+ hands), but you gain the X call. For simplicity and consistency, I think it makes more sense to have 2 as NF, good hands can start with X (takeout) or 3 cuebid. Technically ...
Does it matter how many points the opponents show?
I don't think polling has anything to do with it. This is not like we are trying to determine LAs. The player may think this hand is worth action over 10-12 NT but not 12-14, as long as there is plausible bridge reason for it, it doesn't have ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
It's always legal to think. Bridge is a thinking game. But one should avoid hesitation in tempo-sensitive situations. Note that the hesitation in those situations is still legal, just that partner may not take certain actions, even if he is intended to take those actions without hesitation. Then we ...
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
Even if ACBL provides this service for free (which they don't), this whole incident is still bad. People have booked airline tickets and hotel rooms (by now most of those are non-refundable), planned time-off, based on the service advertised, only to find out it is not available. ACBL doesn ...

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