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Bridge is condensed life.

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Richard Traxler's lead problem: 864 7 AKQ93 T763
Normally lead Q from AKQ. If you think it is possible for partner to have a void there (most of the time from the bidding you know this is not possible), lead A then K.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AQ92 KJT9853 98 ---
Must come as a huge surprise that second and third seats may bid differently.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AQ92 KJT9853 98 ---
Let's say you have a real good day. How do you plan to reach slam with that hand?
Richard Traxler's lead problem: 864 7 AKQ93 T763
Leading Q then A would clearly indicate you have AKQ. Technically speaking, leading A should deny AKQ holding. If you lead A then Q, partner may think that you want him/her to do something abnormal. In any case, having led the A, why would you play Q next? Just ...
Rajeev Jog's bidding problem: KQT6432 6 Q42 T7
Was 1 forcing? What would 2 have meant?
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: K32 AQJ82 AQ7 J6
Not just this. Partner can easily have clubs and 5 (or even 6) turns out to be a superior contract. Say KQTxxxxx in clubs, stiff spade...
Penalty or Takeout?
You mean inter-dependency? There is no reason why the meaning of this DBL depends on the direct DBL over 2H, but not the other way around. They just need to be consistent.
Penalty or Takeout?
There is no dependency. Either both DBL are penalty, or both are takeout.
What is the best line of play?
"If the king of hearts is onside and the diamonds are 3-2, I'm always making even if I lose the diamond finesse." I am not sure that's an accurate statement. For starter, if spade was a stiff, you don't make it if J loses and diamonds are ...
Forcing or non forcing?
Treating 3 as forcing has obvious merits. However, most books on negative double say this 3 is highly invitational but not forcing. So, if I am playing with someone without discussion, I would assume 3 to show 5-5 shape and a good hand, but not absolutely forcing ...
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