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Jan. 26, 2012
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Bridge is condensed life.

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What does this double mean?
X for penalty, and 2NT replaces the "responsive". Otherwise opponents can always bluff out of a penalty double (especially when you were about to pass 1X).
David Parsons's bidding problem: 9 KJT43 KQ A8753
I think 3 is misleading. Partner may evaluate spade cards in wrong way. It has to be better to start with 3NT, which cannot be to play in this sequence (if I wish to play 3NT even if partner super-accepts, then I should not have started with transfer). Over ...
NMF-Assess The Blame
Mike, as soon as you start saying things like "I am sure you have a perfect system" or "I am sure you are an expert" while you actually don't mean it at all, the tone of discussion becomes sour. Why can't we keep it on technical ground? There ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: T8xx --- AKQxxx xxx
So a trustworthy partner is supposed to bid with 3334 nothing hand? What should the bid be?
NMF-Assess The Blame
Playing in 3M is not terrible at all. But I still prefer playing 2M if partner won't accept game invitation. That's what I meant by "unnecessary" -- when there is a simple way to stop at 2M, why volunteer to be at 3M? 1M - 1N - 2x - 3M is necessary ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Kxx --- KQJTxxxx xx
I don't understand any other choice, especially the 5 bid. After 4, it is still possible to reach 4. After 5, there will be zero chance to reach 4. And if 5 is right, partner can still bid it after I open 4 ...
NMF-Assess The Blame
Or forcing to 2M (M being responder's major, in this case spades, in some other cases could be hearts). If you force to 2NT, it means even with fit in M the pair has to play in 3M. Not end of the world but unnecessary.
NMF-Assess The Blame
True, Dave. If 1NT denies 4 spades then 2 is "free" to be assigned as minimum-showing. But if auction goes 1 1 1NT 2, then no luck -- 2NT has to be minimum. I suppose you could have the agreement that the lowest "carry-no-extra-info-on-shape" bid at 2-level ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Kxx --- KQJTxxxx xx
I didn't say "they". I said "what you would use", assuming you play 4 as pre-emptive. What would be a hand for you to open 4 with?
NMF-Assess The Blame
You *could* use 2 to show minimum and 2NT to show extras, it's not impractical. The issue you mentioned (e.g. an inv+ hand wihtout 5-card major) cannot be resolved well by simple NMF. Consider sequence like 1 1 1NT 2, when opener holds non-minimum ...
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