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Bridge is condensed life.

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What kind of double is this?
With 3 aces and a king (something like good 15 count), shouldn't doubler have made a move over partner's 1NT earlier?
Another What Is This Double?
Michael: your treatment is probably superior although not "standard". I wouldn't classify it as "takeout" though, I think it is more like optional/action double. It shows value and flexible hand, but it should deny 4+ hearts or 5+ clubs. Typical holding would be 3-3 in unbid suits. If ...
Another What Is This Double?
(1) X (2) X is different. When partner doubles 1, he shows 3+ in each of the (three) unbid suits, so you use responsive double as a tool to find (hopefully) 8-card fit when you have two 4-card suits. (1) P (1) X, partner already ...
ATB -- Phantom Save
Why do you want North to double with zero? Now if South bids (showing zero), you are advertising to opponents that they should bid to 7.
ATB -- Phantom Save
So if South has 2 tricks and North has 1 trick, North bids 6 instead of beating 6 by 2 tricks?
Mimi Bieber's bidding problem: AKJ6 K962 AKT7 2
"Inverted minor" is not a sufficient answer. Is 3 0-6, 6-10, 0-10, or something else?
High-Level Preempt: Alertable or Not? (ACBL)
N-S play regularly and apparently have the understanding that high-level preempts are "bid what you think you can make" and not necessarily weak. This statement is a little vague. Is it "not necessarily weak" or "never weak"? If 4 always show a 3-loser hand or better, then it definitely ...
1!D - 2!C Question
The advantage of 2/1 system is to set up GF at low level, which allows for further information exchange in natural way, without having to fabricate bids just for the sake of forcing. If 1 2 is largely artificial, the advantage of natural bidding diminishes. For example ...
So many bids I question in 1 auction
I think there are plenty of hands where responder has penalty double but our side doesn't make game. Responder can easily have decent spade stack, but that doesn't mean we have an easy 9 tricks. The hand may be misfit for either side. That's where penalty gains ...
So many bids I question in 1 auction
"Note that at these colours: X as penalty needs to beat 2 by 4 tricks, when you almost surely have 3NT on." Why? Is 2 forcing to game? If not, how do you know "almost surely have 3NT on"? Note that responder doesn't HAVE to double with ...
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