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Steve Fama
Steve Fama
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Jan. 25, 2011
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

The sign in my avatar is NOT a Photoshop creation. That is the actual sign held be Larry Fine in the 1935 short "Pop Goes The Easel". It's in the opening scene, viewable on YouTube. Here'a a link:



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Helping a friend win a Regional Swiss shortly before she passed away
Bridge Accomplishments
2500+ MP, Helped 8 other people make LM
Regular Bridge Partners
FTF-Dave Charleston, Angela Reiner
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Boardroom (York PA), Harrisburg (PA) Bridge Club,
Favorite Tournaments
Lancaster PA Regional. Hunt Valley MD Regional
Favorite Conventions
Reverse Bergen, Mini-Roman 2D variant (of my own creation).
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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Steve Fama's bidding problem: AQ2 AK AJ8653 A5
Undiscussed. The agreement did not exist if 4 would be a transfer to 4 over the 3NT call. The mainstream comment about the E-W methods was to indicate that the 1 opening was nothing abnormal, not limited to 15 HCP because 1 would have been strong ...
I want to see the hand
If the club in question has the ZT posters displayed on walls throughout the club, is it reasonable to assume that ZT is in effect?
In a slump . . . .
Do something very different for a while to break out of the rut. In my longest standing partnership, now 20+ years and counting, we hit a rough spot some years back. 2 days before a weekend sectional, I emailed partner a 2-page summary of notes on EHAA with the heading ...
True North American Championships Coming
Maybe I'm being overly skeptical but I just checked my calendar.....
Bridge Down Under - What a Difference!
I wish there was a "Concur" option. I agree with the sentiment, but I don't "like" it.
Steve Fama's lead problem: A3 T43 K964 K654
Thanks to all who voted and commented. For the record, the full hand was North -10982, -QJ976, -752, -3 East -KJ74, -8, -QJ103, -QJ102 South -Q65, -AK52, -A8, -A987 West led the A and proceeded to ruff the 3rd round of . The final result was 3 making for ...
ACBL club policies - extremely light actions
If you're going to ensure that the Light Initial Actors have properly marked convention cards, will the same requirement be in effect for ALL players in your club game? I find that in the clubs in which I play, probably <50% of the pairs have two identically completed convention ...
Questioning bids that didn't occur (ACBL)
In one of my regular partnerships, we play 2/1 with 5-card majors, 15-17 NT and Reverse Bergen raises. We also play that a simple acceptance of a transfer into a major over 1 NT or 2 NT DENIES 4-card support for that suit. Opener has a variety responses available ...
Conflicting Convention Cards
"There is no such thing as a PP at a club game." Really? They might be rare, but never....?
What would you do about illegal note taking?
In a suit contract, the trump suit should always be placed to dummy's right a specified in Law 41D " After the opening lead is faced, dummy spreads his hand in front of him on the table, face up, sorted into suits, the cards in order of rank with lowest ...

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