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Steve Myerson
Steve Myerson
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April 13, 2013
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Eric Sieg's bidding problem: KT9 AJT8763 96 K
Agreed. Unless North is a lunatic, I expect North to hold a rather distributional hand.
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: J7542 --- Q AKQT853
4 = source of tricks and trump support. Sort of what I have.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: A84 T2 A864 JT74
A 9 count including 2 aces, 2 tens and some additional intermediates. I agree with Richard. It looks like a straight-forward 3N bid to me.
What am I Asking
[b]If your spades are good, bid 6[/b] Nope. What's good? Partner has already denied 2/3 top honors? You can't possibly want to play a slam in spades if you didn't agree spades earlier. [b]If your hand is good, bid 6[/b] Nope. Partner ...
What am I Asking
For a new partner
Fred King's bidding problem: A4 AQJ7 QJT865 6
Just how strong would your diamonds have to be to make penalty pass?
Is this offensive?
Someone who is offended by the comment "3-1 them" needs to find another game. Solitaire comes to mind.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: J875 AQ82 AJ AJ4
[b]How it is possible that W in unfavorables bids? [/b] x, x, KQxx, KQT98xx comes to mind.
Steve Myerson's bidding problem: J942 86 A42 9862
This was to see how many people would bid 1 with this hand. I held this hand and bid 1. After the hand was over partner was quick to criticize, saying that he would never have bid with this hand since it doesn't have 6 HCP. I ...
Başak Ikizkaya's bidding problem: KQT9532 6 KJ3 A6
Why did 4 not set up a force? It was a jump to game, which I thought did set up a force.
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