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Steve Myerson
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April 13, 2013
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David Parsons's bidding problem: A3 KJ7543 A6 AJ3
[b]Is this hand good enough for a 3H bid?[/b] The hand is strong enough, but the heart suit is not good enough.
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: A AK4 A3 AKQJT63
How does partner know that queen of hearts or king of diamonds and out is enough for 6N, but the king of spades and out is useless?
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: KJ82 AQ82 A43 43
West has bid and rebid diamonds, so should have 5. Since clubs were bid first, there should be 6 of them opposite. Cue bidding shortness in spades (partner's suit) isn't the best idea, so 4 should be the ace. 6 should have some play. Either that ...
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: A2 KJ5 A8653 AQ5
You've got a balanced 18 count and 3 card heart support. It doesn't appear that you've got a way to show both, so pick one. I prefer to show support. Others may think differently. I play support doubles through 2, so I would show the support ...
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: 93 JT8762 7 T865
It does seem like a 50 point deck, doesn't it?
Niko Roemer's bidding problem: A2 KJ5 A8653 AQ5
I don't like Lebensohl in this sequence, but since you insist, 3 it is.
ATB - Languished in 4 diamonds when slam was almost cold
[b]becoming a good bidder means imagining the upside potential of a distributional hand[/b] One of our weak points no doubt. Something for us to work on. Thanks!
ATB - Languished in 4 diamonds when slam was almost cold
[b]Looks to me like N so frightened of their partner's light opening bids that their hand was only an invitation[/b] We don't open extremely light in first or second seat. We open balanced 11-14 counts 1N. The hand shown (opener's) is about as light as ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KQJ2 94 T763 943
I think a first round double describes the hand. Shows 4 spades plus you have a tolerance for partner's first suit.
Stefan Olausson's bidding problem: AJT QT2 A82 Q764
And what matchpoint score did you get for +200?
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