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Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson
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Jan. 19, 2011
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Nov. 14
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Bridge Pro
about me
I worked as a programmer til I retired in 1996. I've been married since 1976 and have a daughter 32 years old.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
tearing up and playing 9 diamonds when playing in my club void
Bridge Accomplishments
winning Rosenbloom in 1986
Regular Bridge Partners
Peter Boyd
Member of Bridge Club(s)
washington bridge league
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Grand Life Master
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Upside down count question
I have no idea who first decided that you should return original fourth best but that is not right. You should return attitude. If you started with A8732, win the ace and return the two. If you return the three partner might think that you started with A32. If you ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
This happened at the Washington Bridge League Unit 14 table Board-a-match A/X game. The game would have been bigger but the Washington Nationals were playing the deciding baseball game that night.
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
The opponents who had 1/5 the masterpoints of this pair did not call the Director. (neither did this pair)
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
If you noticed her discomfort, then maybe you should jump to 4spades
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
You can do whatever you want. If you want to guess that partner has bid Capp instead of DONT you can do that. You're not obligated to play partner for a 5=5 moose.
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
When you have no unauthorized information, you can do whatever you want. You're allowed to use bridge logic to figure out that partner has made a mistake. You're under no obligation to jump to 4hearts if you figure from the auction that there is a problem. Partner's ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
There are no rules that say you have to bid according to your agreements as long as your partner has no idea that you varied your agreement. Playing 5-card majors you can open 1spade with AKJx. Playing weak twos which promise a very good suit, you can open 2spades with ...
I still don't get this whole ethics thing
What would I do if I was playing Capp, bid 2hearts none vul holding 9/KJ765/K84/J763 and partner bid 2spades? I would probably pass 2spades. Partner should have at least six spades since he didn't pass 2hearts and didn't bid 2nt asking for my minor. It ...
Jump shifts into minors after a major opening bid
3clubs is a mixed raise (7-9 with 4trumps). I think you need a mixed raise. 1major - 3diamonds natural invitational (6 cards 10-12). 1spade - 3hearts natural invitational but denies two spades unless you have a self-sufficient heart suit. You don't want to miss your 6-2 spade fit and play in ...
What is your defense to 2 diamonds over one no trump showing an unknown one suiter
Double is strong and could want to penalize a major. 2major is natural NF. 2NT is Lebensohl. Bids at the 3-level are as if you opened 2NT. 3clubs = Stayman; 3red are tranfers and 3spades is what you play over 2NT

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