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Steve Shirey
Steve Shirey
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Dec. 2, 2014
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March 13
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United States of America

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A New Score
My favorite story on one of these numbers is from my only game with the late Alan LeBendig. We played a 2-session Open Pairs at a Houston regional a LONG time ago, before he moved from La. to LA. I dealt and opened 1, followed by dbl - redbl - p ...
First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
"And this is allowed, it's the intent of the "no matter how he may become aware" clause. This was put in explicitly to allow partner's actions, which would otherwise be considered UI, to trigger noticing the error." Barry, I don't believe that is the main reason for ...
Thank you Richard Pavlicek!
David - my partners call the director with 14 cards, but I agree with your main point :)
Matt Smith Promotion
Congrats from me and Darlene! The best indeed.
Bridge Mates?
While the European website says opening the units voids the warranty, the US rep showed me how to open them and clean them with alcohol. I do that a few times a year with my club's machines. Some of them seem to have half a cup of coffee inside ...
The same psych at three tables
I just told an 30+ year-old story of mine at the local club today, and this article makes me want to share it again. I was playing pro at the local club, and the pro/client pair NS at the next table passed the boards for round 2. The 1st ...
Unauthorized information or cheating or ethical?
I try to ask BEFORE the lead is faced, that way there is no hint that I'm asking with reference to any particular lead. If I'm too slow to do that, I still ask the same question after I've seen the lead.
Inexplicable and/or Inexcusable
I thought there were 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary and those who don't ;)
How to take NO tricks with the AK of trump
Back when winning a trick LATER with a card that could have legally been played to the revoke trick could produce a 2-trick penalty, I heard one that might never be topped. The director at an Austin regional said he had been called to a table where a defender had ...
Eddie Wold elected to Hall of Fame
Congratulations Eddie! Darlene and I are directing a cruise and just now saw it - see you in DC!
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