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Steve Stewart
Steve Stewart
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Aug. 13, 2013
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Light Opening?
Holding both majors I would always open this hand.
Highest Opening Bid You've Ever Made or Witnessed?
Had a partner open 6N with a balanced 34 count, we weren't playing Kokish and he just didn't know how to find out what he needed to. Turns out my Jx xxx xxx xxxxx was good enough for the grand, as his collection included AKQx AKQ in the ...
Jack Spear's bidding problem: T987 JT987 Q8 A8
Sure, the Qx is probably worthless, but I can't see not supporting with 4 trump, an ace and some shape.
ATP- Match Points
West probably has a 3 overcall, but with partner already a passed hand I guess I can understand passing. East, though, has an easy double. Can I also assign some blame to North for not bidding 5? Why did he pass and give you a chance to get ...
Steve Stewart's bidding problem: QJ87643 AK2 6 KT
Thanks for the votes and comments. I passed, but partner's hand was Kx Qxxx Jxxxx xx, so 4 makes since the club ace is onside. Not that we should get to game, but selling out to 3 undoubled was a big loser even though it went down ...
Steve Stewart's bidding problem: QJ87643 AK2 6 KT
I didn't x 2N at the time as it sounds like a hand with more defensive values than playing strength, but this is probably a better use for the call - a hand that wants to bid again.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: AQ AKQ6 A4 AQ987
While the voting reflects this, and was also my vote, I found this a difficult problem. It could easily be our 6 hand, losing just a . We may not be able to reach partner's hand to take black suit finesses though, and a 3 cuebid will ...
Mark Jones's lead problem: T96 873 6 J97532
Since partner did not overcall, X 3N, or otherwise act it's hard to see this going down unless we can run the clubs. Would lead T at matchpoints.
Lars Allard's bidding problem: A8 AK832 QT83 95
Must be a BIT problem, seems pretty clear to pass.
John Liukkonen's bidding problem: Q9843 K92 AK7 AQ
X, the most flexible action. Raise a 3 response to 4, otherwise rebid 3N. Pard can then pull to 4 with a 5-bagger. An immediate 3N is likely to end the auction when we may have a better strain.

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