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Steve Tyer
Steve Tyer
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July 29, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a C.P.A. and enjoy bridge for the logic of it.  Started in college (UNC) but, luckily not until my last year.  Ran local games for over 30 years with my wife.  Mentoring newer players is a great joy, to see them get more comfortable with this great game.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing bridge in our dorm basement with Nick Nickell and Randy Joyce
Bridge Accomplishments
Represented District 7 twice in NAP finals
Regular Bridge Partners
Bill Peabody and David Idleman
Member of Bridge Club(s)
All in Greensboro, NC
Favorite Tournaments
Winston Salem, NC sectionals
Favorite Conventions
Bergen and support doubles
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Carding Problem
I fail to see how overruffing can be right. You are ruffing with a card you were going to get anyway (assuming declarer has another heart) and giving up the entire spade suit if he does not.
For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
Like baseball, bridge is basically boring most of the time. Very exciting on occasions (like the last segment of the playoffs last night). In basketball, football, golf or hockey, something you need to pay attention to is happening all the time.
FP situation? If not who should bid 5?
Right, he knows you have 's. Why not help him out a little. Maybe 5 over 4 and we might not be in this position now.
Exactly. He is one of the best for good reason.
How do you sort out this one?
Whatever the XX was, I think South would bid 2 knowing pard has 13+ points. They should know the auction is unlikely to die at 1NTXX. Someone will run.
Would you open 1NT with a void?
Only time I ever did was playing with a very weak player and having a bad game. I did it with a 7 bagger in clubs and when they bid Stayman it went swish, making 3. Good thing they didn't transfer!!
They are the best for a reason. How many epic comebacks has Nickell had now?
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Probably the best match ever played.
Since I know the super acceptance is not based on a big spade fit, I took 3 hearts as a concentration of values, AKQ(x) for instance to help me evaluate my hand. 3S would be just a normal acceptance. All that is ASSUMING he took 2H for a transfer ...
Correct Kieran, that was indeed partner's hand. With my spade spots, and partner having at least the A or K, I was willing to concede 1 or 2 spades and look for the other tricks elsewhere. That seemed likely with North known to have at least an opening bid ...

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