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Steve Tyer
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July 29, 2010
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Board of Governors - Live video stream
So glad to see the BOG meetings at work. I was a member for a number of years and this is the only way members can actually see what we do.
The Worst Convention Ever
I agree 100%. By the time partner completes MUDing it is usually too late.
Your Ruling Please
I 100% agree, Unless I psyched my NT with long clubs I cannot imagine a hand where I intended to pass 2 clubs.
Technique or psychology?
That would do it against me. I would return anything but a club unless the play went K by RHO and no A by declarer.
Should Michaels require an alert?
Good idea but it could make for incredibly long auctions.
Bridge can sometimes be a stupid game...
How could any thinking East not transfer the first time, or at least bid hearts over the double.
Congratulations to the Nickell team in a well played match. They have built a platform on top of the bridge mountain. Best of luck in Lyon!
I thought of that, but what if one of South's aces had been in spades. Now we could conceivably be too high.
Please see my response above. North did indeed open 1 diamond, not one heart
Yes, South took s definite BIT before bidding 5 hearts
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