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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Establishment Rules
I don't think we have to assume anything about purposeful or not. Just make the penalties severe enough that purposeful violations are unattractive. That would go against tradition but in my view would make for a better game.
Steve Willner's bidding problem: J7642 5 J AJ8532
Thanks for all the votes. I'm surprised to see that my view is in a tiny minority. At the table, I was trying to decide between 4 and 5. Maybe I didn't make clear the distributional implications of partner's raise, or maybe I'm just ...
Another GNT Fiasco
If I have the geography right, it looks as though a spot south of Orlando and towards the eastern half of the state would have been better for everyone. If this year's participation is common, I hope the organizers can take that into account next time.
Establishment Rules
I don't agree with that last. In fact, it's rather the opposite. L23 covers actions that a cheat might take, but there's no hint that a player ruled against was actually cheating. On the main point, I agree that L23 would not apply if no one had ...
Best use/meaning of this bid.
"petty little odious bid" -- Moyse?? He apparently thought it should be patterning out, i.e., natural, but then what is one to do with hands that are too strong to pass (or the auction is forcing) and can't bid anything else without misdescribing?
How do you rule?
Ed's ruling is the way I would have read the Laws, but there's a WBFLC minute to the contrary. According to that, if West objects to the concession, both East's claim and concession are cancelled, and play continues. As Ed wrote, though, the Director should be called ...
How do you rule?
What did East do wrong, other than miscount trumps? West may have a complaint about that, but nobody else does.
Another GNT Fiasco
"not one team from the local area" may still be the best location if it's central, i.e., equally inconvenient for everyone. In D25, for example, no one lives near the GNT site, but the site is near the middle of the population distribution. Did the five D9 teams ...
Another GNT Fiasco
The published CoC had conflicting statements about carryover. I was told the directors consulted the GNT Chair, who said the "no carryover" was correct with the carryover language having been inadvertently copied from Flight A. The poor proofreading was unfortunate, but I don't think anyone did anything terrible. The ...
Alertable or not
It's worse than that. For awhile there was a conflict between two of the documents. That was resolved by changing the one that said "bids" to make it say "calls." Delayed alerts really should be only for bids. For passes, doubles, and redoubles, which if alertable are (nearly) always ...

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