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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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How the average 'grass-roots' club players feel about psychs
Brad How do your club players feel about false cards on defense?
What happens after a psych
" is not legal." That's far from clear in the Laws text. Whether a call that is based on a partnership understanding is legal or not depends on the system rules in effect. If it's a one-bid on a zero-count, it's probably illegal in must jurisdictions. In ...
When to open 1C when playing transfer responses
Barry wrote "Rebidding 1NT with 18-19 after 1 opener is a huge plus." Does this imply opener always accepts a 1red transfer when holding a balanced minimum? What does balanced min do after 1-1? If 1NT, what does the 18-19 do? 2NT?
In The Well: Ralph Katz
Thanks for being in the well. If you were forced to play a session with an intermediate player -- perhaps you lost a bet -- what advice would you give the player prior to the session?
What happens after a psych
The merits of the mandatory skip-bid pause can be debated, but Australia is the only jurisdiction I know of that doesn't have it. As you will see in this thread, many people assume the rule is worldwide. "a rogue jurisdiction that doesn't adopt the WBF rules" I'm ...
What happens after a psych
I don't think Australia has a mandatory pause after skip bids. In that context, I don't know what would be normal tempo for East. East's actual tempo (and comparison to what's normal) is of course relevant in judging implications of South's pass. The basic question ...
What happens after a psych
Sorry, Dale, what was South's contradictory statement? As I understood the OP, South thought he might play 2 but would have competed to 3 had West bid. I don't bid that way (usually, depending on opponents), but many people do.
BOD Journal Motions for Atlanta
Any word on new alert rules? I was surprised to see nothing. New rules ought to be in place when the new Convention Charts take effect, but I realize this is the ACBL we're talking about.
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
T-Walsh will be allowed on Open and Open+ but not on Basic or Basic+ as far as I can tell.
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
In the long run, it probably doesn't much matter which approach a partnership chooses, but as Frances wrote, knowing your agreement is important. The best agreement for a partnership may depend on what related agreements they have. For example, if 2 is a checkback, responder can't preference ...

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