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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Pass out of turn and later using a call not normally chosen
Hi, Gordon. There's a key point that I'm not sure your text is capturing. If an insufficient 3NT was bid, then corrected to 4NT under L27B1a allowing the auction to continue, and partner of the IBer "guessed" to pass, then indeed L27D allows an adjusted score. (L23C does ...
NABC Online Individual - Day 2
"as like with the first session, we fell significantly as the later results came in" Does that suggest some of those with the good later results may have had illicit knowledge of the deals? Or is there some other reason the later results might be better than average?
Pass out of turn and later using a call not normally chosen
Several comments: 1. The EBU has, as usual, done a nice job telling its players what the rules are. 2. One quibble I have with the first EBU reference Bud gave is that it seems to suggest that the Director can adjust the score even when the OS has not ...
Pass out of turn and later using a call not normally chosen
As others have mentioned, this case hinges on the meaning of "assistance gained through the infraction." I think we need an official interpretation. A broad meaning of "assistance" would be any change of result in favor of the offending side (OS). If that's the intended meaning, the score should ...
First book written by a lady
Silver is measured in troy ounces, twelve of which make a (troy) pound. According to that would be 373.24 g. An avoirdupois pound is indeed 454 g.
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
I suspect Nic is describing an app that vibrates the phone on and off in rapid succession. That could send messages by Morse Code or the equivalent. It's an inefficient way to cheat with a cellphone but a possible one. There's a difference between trying to prevent cheating ...
Perhaps there is a moral
Strange that the Director didn't adjust the score if the facts are as you state. An accidentally exposed small card becomes a minor penalty card, which is UI to partner. Maybe it wasn't obvious that playing low on the trump lead was a logical alternative. (There's no ...
ACBL Masterpoint® Awards
Words change meaning over time, and "arbitrary" seems to have gained more connotation of "without reason" than it had a generation ago. Perhaps "assigned," "fixed," or "predetermined" would be clearer choices today, but I don't think "arbitrary" is wrong. In another generation it might be.
Perhaps there is a moral
In 2012 the 2007 Laws were in effect. The ruling depends on details of how the spot was exposed and in particular on whether it was a major or minor penalty card. Oddly, the restrictions are heavier if the PC is minor. The ruling is clear if the opponent ...
Perhaps there is a moral
Thanks, Richard. I subscribed to IPBM for awhile but didn't know of its prior name. According to the reference (Thanks!), the incident took place in 1972 and in an exhibition match, not the Bermuda Bowl. The 1963 Laws would have been in effect then. I think in those years ...

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