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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Convention Chart Revisions
Both agreements mentioned are legal in the ACBL (under the GCC or higher) today. In the ACBL, anything "highly unusual and unexpected" requires an alert, and "fundamentally unfamiliar" systems require a pre-alert. In the 1970s, there was a prominent Los Angeles area expert who played a system that mandated opening ...
Convention Chart Revisions
You've let the cat out of the bag. I was hoping to let this "feature" slip by with no one noticing. Regardless, I hope "not know what methods will be allowed" will be deemed bad enough to demand some kind of fix.
Convention Chart Revisions
I wouldn't put "cheapest overcall" in the definition. Instead I'd write the prohibitions as "A Purely Destructive overcall other than the cheapest one." It shouldn't be the two cheapest because the second-cheapest overcall takes a step away if the bid being overcalled was non-forcing. (Consider 1NT-(2 ...
Convention Chart Revisions
If the "which chart" statements are mandatory, Open+ won't be allowed at any Sectionals except in bracketed KOs (if even then, given the MP requirements). I suspect some Units will be unhappy about that.
Convention Chart Revisions
There used to be a provision that the cheapest overcall could be Purely Destructive. (The reason was it takes no room away from opponents.) That seems to have been removed, i.e., Purely Destructive is banned even as the cheapest overcall. Was it intentional? I think it bans some defenses ...
Convention Chart Revisions
As others have written, kudos for a worthy effort. It occurs to me there is a problem with the bracketed KO regulations: teams may not know what methods will be allowed in the bracket they are assigned to. Consider, for example, a team averaging 245 mp and hoping to play ...
Artificial sandwich 1N
The most common shape is 4OM-5om, but other shapes including 5-5 are possible. The only requirement is that 1NT is a better description -- given the conditions -- than double, overcall, jump overcall, or higher NT. Double and simple overcall by an unpassed hand show values; other bids are preempts. It may ...
Bids in opponents suits
For those who play 2m artificial, what do you do when you are dealt a good hand that would be a natural 2m overcall? (Most likely opener has three cards in m, but of course you can't know his actual holding.) If you pass, the auction will often come ...
What's the ethical action here?
I think everyone agrees that pass is a logical alternative. So is 4 in my view and I think most others'. These determinations are based entirely on AI. Are you arguing that 4 is not a LA? True, it gives RHO another call, but it also take a ...
Overtricks at Imps
That last is fairly common: continuous VP scale for "important" (in the eyes of the tournament organizer) events, old VP scale for other events. The continuous VP scales should be called "Bethe" scales in honor of Henry, who established their mathematical basis and did the initial computation. (I wrote "scales ...

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