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Steve Willner
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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Unusual over unusual
Thanks. That looks almost perfect. Just be clear that "cheaper" is with respect to the first cue. If opps bid 2NT showing red suits, should show , not . The "almost" is because the criterion should not be whether their suits are touching but rather whether the two cue ...
Soloway Jump Shifts
While Steve's method has merit, it looks "encrypted" to me. I haven't seen a rigorous definition of that term, though, so if there's a problem at all, enforcement would likely be random.
IMP Pairs?
I played in cross-IMP events when they were scored by hand. (It's a bit of a pain when there are more than 5 or 6 tables.) As Rosalind mentioned, there are numerous problems with Butler. One of the worst is that scoring higher on a board can lead to ...
Soloway Jump Shifts
That's what I was asking: what specific later sequences or approaches do you use?
Unusual over unusual
Thanks for all the comments so far. More welcome. Some additional thoughts: 1. Richard Pavlicek's writeup is at 2. thoughts on _when_ U/U or ICB should apply are very helpful, and I'd like to see more. Obviously opps have to have ...
Soloway Jump Shifts
If you don't play some kind of SJS, how do you show a hand notably stronger than a minimum GF but not strong enough to bid above game?
What has partner got?
Playing online with a stranger, anything could be happening. With a familiar partner, I'd be 99% to guess right.
Buchwald on Bridge
"You always tell the taxi to wait when you visit the Louvre." Buchwald was a treasure. Thanks for reminding me.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
What Tom suggests is the basis of "Dixon," which I think is the same as the "ACBL #2 defense." (In Dixon and #2, double includes strong hands, not only 13-15 balanced.)
Director Problem
Thanks, Gordon. The minute refers to Disciplinary Penalties. Is a standard Procedural Penalty still 10%, or was it changed, too? A DP of 20 or 25% seems about right to me, and some offenses deserve more. For ordinary carelessness such as going to the wrong table, something small enough not ...

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