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Steve Willner
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June 14, 2013
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April 28
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Alertable or not
It's worse than that. For awhile there was a conflict between two of the documents. That was resolved by changing the one that said "bids" to make it say "calls." Delayed alerts really should be only for bids. For passes, doubles, and redoubles, which if alertable are (nearly) always ...
Alertable or not
Once again, alert rules are matters of local jurisdiction. Assuming ACBL with no special rules (screens, club rules)... As others have written above, starting with opener's rebid, _bids_ above 3NT are never immediate alerts. This is true for any meaning whatsoever. We can have all the usual arguments about ...
Delayed Alert
Heh! I originally typed "always a good idea" but realized that was an overbid.
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
"Bridge Spinner" was supposed to be a similar product. What happened to it? By charging an extra $1 per player per session, a club with five sessions per week could pay for a $1000/table device in about a year. That is a pretty small fraction of all clubs, though ...
Establishment Rules
"Declarer was unhappy as, if West had owned up to the revoke before it was established, the two of clubs would have become a MPC and declarer would have made an overtrick" Why is no one looking at Law 23? It seems to cover exactly this situation (among many others ...
Delayed Alert
First off, let's remember that alerts are matters of local jurisdiction. I'm assuming everyone is talking about the ACBL with no special rules, which clubs are allowed to have. As MR wrote, there is never a delayed alert for actions on the first round of the auction. Alerts ...
Steve Willner's bidding problem: AK742 KQ5 AK4 75
There seems to be confusion between two separate hands. TBW panel saw 5 A643 J97652 J6 and voted for 2D. (Richard gave the exact votes above.) The panel agrees with Bridgewinners voters that 2NT would have been natural, so nobody chose it with the hand given. Benoit suggested 2NT might ...
Part I - GNT Subsidies for Winning Teams
D25 gives $2000 per team, all four flights: Fund source is Grass Roots Fund games.
slip of the tongue ?
The alternative is Laws that depend on observable events. There are plenty of examples, including those that deal with when declarer's or a defender's card must be played (Law 45).
slip of the tongue ?
Another wrinkle: if LHO's play was out of tempo or with undue emphasis, L73A2 could be relevant. For the L45C4 part of the ruling, the Director has to determine declarer's intention at the time he first designated a card. Therefore the exact description of events is critical, but ...

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