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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Pre Alert for Lite (HCP wise) opening bids
I'm assuming Bud's question is for a Tuesday, where the opening 2 was illegal. As in any judgment decision, the Director has to look at all four hands and consult. If the auction might have gone 1-ap or 4-ap or anything else, the possibilities can ...
On computer versus hand shuffling
I recorded over 1000 hand (not deal) distributions in the 1970s, and the suit lengths were as expected from random dealing. That's in contrast to the result reported by Robert Harris above (if I understand him correctly -- I haven't checked the numbers) and in the ACBL Bulletin from ...
Pre Alert for Lite (HCP wise) opening bids
To answer Randy's question, even if late: An adjusted score requires both an infraction* and damage. The text quoted above in red clarifies that damage is required. There's never an "auto-adjust," but if an infraction causes damage, _then_ you adjust. Damage from an illegal 2 bid could ...
Why Hasn't ACBL Replaced SAYC w/ a Basic 2/1 System Instead?
Sort of like ? (As the link title suggests, this is used for the annual club Individual and by some pairs in the pro-am.)
Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
Richard Why are you writing about proportions and ratios instead of absolute numbers? If you have even one club player with an accurate national rating, in principle you can normalize all the other players in the club to that one. In practice I'd want more than one player, but ...
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
The common element in your first three examples is that those all have known problems inconsistent with the intended function. I don't think one can say the same of the NGS, though if starting from scratch I might adopt a different approach. I am hoping the OP or someone ...
Arrow-Switches, Solved
Is sharing really a problem with 4-board rounds? I'd expect 6 4-board rounds (with share and bye stand) to take a lot less time than the Clay even if there's an occasional delay at the sharing table.
Bridge Rating Study - Follow Up
There are lots of questions and ideas in this topic, but a lot of them could be answered by looking at the experience (and algorithm!) of England's NGS. I hadn't realized until Monty's message above that it has been in use for 10 years. Why reinvent the ...
USBF convention cards
Thanks, Jan, for all you do for bridge. For the future, it would be good if the WBF could archive all the submitted system cards as PDFs, linked from the event those cards were for. That would give an archival record of the system used in the event, regardless of ...
2 "Non-Technical" Bridge Books Suggestion
Amazon used to have a "print on demand" service. Is that gone, or was it a bad option for publishing a bridge book? Or does Lulu do the same thing but better?

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