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Steve Willner
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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Alert the Polish Club sequence 1!C-1!D-1!H ?
The ACBL rules are unclear ("highly unusual and unexpected," as Dave quoted), but I think the relatively common holding of a 3c suit makes 1C!-1D-1M alertable in ACBL jurisdiction. 1C!-1D!-1NT showing 18-20 is explicitly alertable. 1C!-1M-1NT is weak in WJ (Polish Club), as it is for ...
Claim ruling poll
"the claimer is the "offending" party" Well, no, a claim is not an infraction. Claiming without a proper statement is an infraction, though (Law 69C). "(a term used in other Laws)," Other Laws are not relevant to claims. "so doubtful cases should be resolved in favor of the non-claiming side ...
Claim ruling poll
I had a similar situation years ago with a lock at about trick 3 but with a complex line of play needed. Like Doug, I decided to play a few more tricks to simplify the claim but in the process managed to discard the wrong loser for down 1 in ...
Claim ruling poll
"That would cut out a lot of pages" If I wanted to bet on what fraction of ACBL Directors could rule correctly in such a world (not every single ruling perfect but at least be right a lot more often than wrong), what fraction would you consider worth even odds ...
Claim ruling poll
Stu gave the disciplinary position, but what score to give is a separate matter. The walkouts are presumably disqualified from the event, but you have to balance the interests of Mike's team and the third team. There's no completely fair way to do that once it's too ...
Claim ruling poll
"it might be better if the Law came be reworded from the negative side..." That is the effect of the current wording. Failure to state a line of play jeopardizes the claimer's rights, i.e., is detrimental to the claimer. "Not often penalized" means in practice never in an ...
Claim ruling poll
Claim rulings always provoke the longest discussion threads. I wish there were better official guidance in an easily accessible form.
One "Big Idea" - Ratings
Unless it just changed, the contestant in a team event is a whole team. What "contestant" has to do with a rating system is a mystery to me. If a given pair play only as partners, they will have to have the same rating, but that's not a problem ...
Small Ideas regarding ACBL NAP qualification
I thought NABCs have four nations. (Of course players from many more than that show up.)
Forcing or Not?
After discussion, your partnership _might_ agree to play this 3 as non-forcing. (All strong hands with would have to start 1.) Without discussion, I'm never passing 3.

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