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Live and play in Boston area.

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Ethics applied to a playing director
Thanks, Gordon. I'd missed that change even though it was made in 2008. I'm not sure it was a change for the better. Presumably the LC was thinking about a tournament, where having a much better player declare could be a big advantage. Despite that, it eliminates what ...
Experts playing against newcomers and director calls
It's very difficult for a player to "educate" newcomers about the rules. As Ed implied, that's the Director's job.
Experts playing against newcomers and director calls
Lynn nailed it. The key is to make the Director call seem normal. After an insufficient bid or revoke, they know they've done something wrong and expect something to be done. I've had luck with the phrase "Uh, oh. That doesn't look right. We better find out ...
Ethics applied to a playing director
"if you become declarer in a board you know too much about, you can suggest that partner declares the board" Seems allowable under Law 16D2a: "adjust the players’ positions at the table." Nothing says such adjustment can be done only before the auction begins. In fact, I've had a ...
Director call in Honolulu
I understand the reasons for asking. I just don't think they outweigh the reasons for not asking, not the least of which is that answers given under pressure are not reliable.
So... what does an in tempo double of 7NT look like?
One can easily sympathize with South, who faced an unfamiliar and difficult situation and therefore took some extra time. Regardless of our sympathy, though, the extra time placed legal restrictions on what North can do.
Director call in Honolulu
Polling can be useful in assigning weights in MI situations. If a pollee says double is ludicrous, it will probably get a low weight. If a pollee says instead "I wouldn't, but it's worth thinking about," the weight would be higher. Assigning weights is more art than science ...
Director call in Honolulu
John has the right idea, but "no further rectification" is too far. There's no further rectification for the final pass (if the player lets it stand) or the subsequent auction (if the player changes his pass). However if the failure to alert caused damage earlier in the auction, that ...
Director call in Honolulu
As far as I know, the official rule as passed by the BoD is that passes, doubles, and redoubles are always immediate alerts. However, the regulation Ed quoted says (middle of p. 7) "...conventional calls at the four level or higher are not Alerted until the auction is over." In ...
The BR Ruling: Questions that Perplex Me
"IF opening leader has authorized information from the comment and that information overrules all else..." Then nothing but a lead would be a LA, and there would be no adjustment. The problem is that first poll showed that the comment didn't "overrule all else." Even with the comment ...

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