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Steve Zlotnick
Steve Zlotnick
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Sept. 9, 2015
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April 9
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DONT vs. Meckwell
When DONT was introduced, I tried to talk my partner into playing it. He pointed out that, especially at matchpoints, we will too often play in the minor suit when we have a major suit fit. This appears to be the case with Meckwell too.
One liners
At one of my first tournaments, I was playing in the Swiss Teams when I heard, from a few tables away, a very loud voice saying, "You doubled me? Do you know how many masterpoints I have?". The entire room exploded in laughter.
Odd Movement
edited: My bad--it was, in fact, an 8 1/2 table game
Top players playing weak (12-14) NT in a natural 2/1 system
It was Timid KS
Nils Traane
I believe that Nils died sometime in the 1990's at the ripe old age of 94
Favorite swindles and other turns of events
Partner opened a non-vulnerable 12-14 1NT, and I held xxxxxx, x, xxx, xxx. Next player bid 2c, showing and a major, so I tried a gentle 2. Worked real good.
Favorite swindles and other turns of events
Playing with the late Jeff Schneider (aka Jeff Goldstein), we had just gotten a good board against friends of ours. One of those friends tried to get it back by psyching 1 in 3rd seat. Jeff doubled, and it went redouble, P-P-P. Jeff's takeout double? AKJTxxxx in clubs ...
Is there a name for this play?
Jeff Rubens' favorite
Which is 4SF to game?
In these parts, many play both as 4th suit forcing, with the 1 promising 4 and 2 denying
Adjusted Master Points
see the article in the July, 1957 issue of the Bridge World, "Subtractor" by Hampton Stevens, for a different way of balancing ability and master point totals
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