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Steve Zolotow
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Feb. 25, 2011
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April 7
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 I’ve been a game player and gambler as far back as I can remember including sports betting, blackjack, and backgammon. In recent years, I have put more emphasis on Poker, which along with bridge has always been one of my favorite games. I am a ‘graduate’ of the old Mayfair Club, where we started off as bridge players, moved to backgammon and then to poker. Many top bridge players learned from Al Roth at that club. It was there that Paul Magriel put backgammon on a scientific footing, and for about 10 years almost every top backgammon player learned there. The regulars (including Eric Siedel and Dan Harrington) from the Mayfair poker games have won around 30 WSOP bracelets. Read more by Steve Zolotow

United States of America

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Results of Survey on Wellbeing and Bridge
Chess has done an excellent job of 'proving' that chess education in schools is extremely beneficial to the mental & psychological development of children. Perhaps bridge should do likewise. It would make bridge eduction much more acceptable.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
Who said that?
Say No To Cheats
If I decide the Platinum Pairs is too tough, I can find events with restrictions on masterpoints. I personally prefer the tougher events, but it would be relatively easy to avoid playing in fields that someone finds too tough. If events were classed as cheating allowed, mild cheating allowed, and ...
Say No To Cheats
I think bridge organizations have to be put on notice. They must understand that if collusive cheating is not severely punished, players will leave existing organizations to join or form other organizations.
Steve Zolotow's bidding problem: T64 J73 A64 KJ32
Unfortunately system is 2C then 2N = invite This means opponents will know a lot about declarers hand making defense to 2 or 3N easier.
Active Un-ethics ??
With or without a stop card or skip bid warning, the rule should be aimed at getting players to maintain an even tempo and demeanor in all situations. More ethical players do try harder than others to do so. But telling people to pretend anything is misguided. (In the stop ...
Active Un-ethics ??
They should have said wait 10 seconds without revealing anything, not pretend to have a problem. I'm sure most regular partnerships know when pard has a problem and when he is taking a mandatory 10 count. Instead they chose language that literally tells you to pretend to have a ...
Hugh Ross 1937-2017
Sometime in the 70s or 80's Peter Pender & Hugh were in NYC playing a high stakes money bridge game against two stalwart rubber bridge players Harold Bogart & Ralph Chafetz. The New Yorkers crushed & afterward Bogie commented to me that Hugh was pretty tough but Peter Rabbit was clueless. (I ...
Active Ethics vs Ethics
This is an example of 4 levels of ethical behavior: 1. LHO is giving you a glimpse of his hand as he sorts his cards, and you say nothing, & sit up straighter. 2. LHO is giving you a glimpse of his hand as he sorts his cards, and you say ...
Open San Diego Discussion Thread
Pizza, aka flatbread, at Hyatt bar after session is terrible.

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