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Steve Zolotow
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Feb. 25, 2011
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 I’ve been a game player and gambler as far back as I can remember including sports betting, blackjack, and backgammon. In recent years, I have put more emphasis on Poker, which along with bridge has always been one of my favorite games. I am a ‘graduate’ of the old Mayfair Club, where we started off as bridge players, moved to backgammon and then to poker. Many top bridge players learned from Al Roth at that club. It was there that Paul Magriel put backgammon on a scientific footing, and for about 10 years almost every top backgammon player learned there. The regulars (including Eric Siedel and Dan Harrington) from the Mayfair poker games have won around 30 WSOP bracelets. Read more by Steve Zolotow

United States of America

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The Worst Convention Ever
I've had trouble with MUD in a lot of spots, but it also helps in others. Somewhere I recently heard someone recommend the 'Polish' style which includes MUD combined with low from doubletons.
My partner certainly should have asked before making a speculative, matchpoint double. What is common or expected certainly changes over time. And alerts evolve. Intermediate jump overcalls and penalty doubles of overcalls are, I think, now alertable. I have no idea of all the varieties of 2N (2 place to ...
I had never heard if the 'delayed alert' procedure, and now that I have, I am not impressed.
Glad you are fat & happy. I think the spirit of the alert procedure is that when a bid means something other than what people commonly assume, it should be alerted. The actual practice of the alert procedure, as seen in this thread, varies by country, by event, by director & includes ...
My last tourn was the KC National. After a good run in Platinum pairs & disappointing final session. We had one or two director situations which I hate. One was where their auction went something like 1C 1S, 1N 3S (no alert) & my partner doubled knowing the cards were badly placed ...
I would say thank you for giving me another reason to avoid tournaments, and mourn the death of cash games. (At least playing with robots online, there are no alerts, although the bridge is certainly of secondary quality.)
Reading this discussion, makes me happy I play only a few tournaments, and makes me think that even a few is too many. I might well have alerted 4C is this situation, and I would have been shocked to have the director called, and irate if I was penalized for ...
I agree with idea that this is a non-event. Why should anyone be warned about anything. I'm not sure if or when splinters are alertable, but isn't it fairly standard to alert in order to give your opponent the opportunity to ask what a conventional bid means?
2017 USBC Discussion Thread
I really wish there were more round robin events or at least early rounds of events. They assure any team which makes the trek will have several days of bridge with or against the best in the world.
Paul Hightower's bidding problem: 652 AJ3 K KQ7432
If 2S=transfer to C & and 2N means opener doesn't like clubs, then it seems better to play 3D=shortness, and use 2N the transfer to D, bid diamonds if you like them and also use 2N as the weak 5-5, since opener will be declarer in his better ...

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