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Steven Allen
Steven Allen
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Sept. 11, 2012
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I play many mind sports games in my time including:- Chess, Othello, Go and virtually any other good card game before settling on Bridge. I play in the UK and use a highly modified Benji ACOL system, some what different from most on this site.

Started play aged 15 or so, some 35 years ago and play when I can around a busy work and family life.  

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing at junior national trials. I cashed some side suit winners and exited looking at a likely trump trick with QTxx with AKJ9x over me and only one entry to dummy (so declarer needed a deep finesse first round of trumps). He led a trump from dummy, turned to me and said " you've got QTxx haven't you", I gave him my "what you talking about Im rubbish at this game" look and he bought it - 1 off. Priceless
Bridge Accomplishments
No major event wins, but quite a few close shaves. It's overdue now.
Regular Bridge Partners
David Eddleston also known as Francis Eddleston
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Burnham Bridge club, WGC bridge club
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
King Please or Thank you?
With improved audio - I think Thank You was I heard King before I am not sure now....time for a hearing test
King Please or Thank you?
This recording is much better and I agree with Steve that I thought King before and now think it's Thank You.
King Please or Thank you?
I think he asks for the king rather quietly, but changes his mind in the same breath so corrects this before any card is played by his opp. So I suspect its a played card
Has the site got an IT issue?
I was hoping after your post that I would see some too......sadly mines as dead as its been for the last two months still.
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
QTx AKx xxx xxxx, is a bit better than a 6-7 count. First it has significant trump fillers, two quick tricks / controls and xxx in diamonds makes the odds of P being more than x, possibly xx somewhat lower. Im raising every day of the week to 4S in a ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I actually said abovr that if they bid as would be expected and make, I have no issue in taking the score as it stands. Play is not restricted by the bidding here. What i dont like is a gain by taking a non standard play due to UI
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
It was an example, not a statement of what happened in the OP. Where in the rules does it say that you can use the information made available from the correction of an issuficient bid? It would really help my system if this was allowable to make such corrections on ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
It is when you would not pass normally with this hand. This is the crux of the matter IMO. What id instead of make an insufficient bid good, p actually fiddled with the pass card and then changed his mind to pull out 3S? Clear UI there which we would ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
Your example is clearly one that should be ruled against, but why is the actual hand not? I repeat myself, when I say, if you and virtually all players of an equal level would raise a normal 3S overcall of a 3D pre-empt with QTx AKx xxx xxxx to 4S ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I disagree. It implies that the overcall was still sound at the 3 level as would be which case raising with the hand given to P is completely normal......or a stretch, to make the bid sufficient, in which case passing (as here) works out for the best ...

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