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Steven Allen
Steven Allen
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Sept. 11, 2012
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I play many mind sports games in my time including:- Chess, Othello, Go and virtually any other good card game before settling on Bridge. I play in the UK and use a highly modified Benji ACOL system, some what different from most on this site.

Started play aged 15 or so, some 35 years ago and play when I can around a busy work and family life.  

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing at junior national trials. I cashed some side suit winners and exited looking at a likely trump trick with QTxx with AKJ9x over me and only one entry to dummy (so declarer needed a deep finesse first round of trumps). He led a trump from dummy, turned to me and said " you've got QTxx haven't you", I gave him my "what you talking about Im rubbish at this game" look and he bought it - 1 off. Priceless
Bridge Accomplishments
No major event wins, but quite a few close shaves. It's overdue now.
Regular Bridge Partners
David Eddleston also known as Francis Eddleston
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Burnham Bridge club, WGC bridge club
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
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Well the poll is heavily in favour of the line I eventually took...playing for trumps 3-2, as I leading a stiff TC against slam looks to awful to me. John hit the nail on the head, LHO had led the TC from JT doubleton
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Yes it was late last night (1am here) when I checked quickly again I realised we had not shortened our trumps enough on that line.....neglecting that you ruff and exit with a small club to endplay East. I really should not post late at night! Indeed Michael I was ...
A "TYP" Bid
Or as i mention below....both first round controls, but bidding 5S over a sign off perhaps
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Now i think about it more, i believe you cannot make on the 4324 shape. I assumed you were right for obvious reasons! But a play where we discard the AD leaves us with 4 trumps and our opp with 3 so we end play ourselves, ruffing the third diamond ...
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Very nice.
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Nice, missed that route, which is better book material than the line I did see :)
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Hmmm - have I posed the OP to give preference to one particular line of play? I tried hard to phase them as someone who would vote for that option would think....its not meant to be what I thought at the time or now.
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That sort of true I suppose, but I think Im heading to a slam after P's 2NT bid 99% of the time. Potting the slam assuming a more balanced shape actually damaged us, as of course 7D is an excellent contract.
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Yep its TO, but there is room for both plays to work Will. My query is what does BW thinks is the better choice
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I dont think so, as i said in OP if P has a good hand with a 4CM rdbl looks a better bid than 2nt

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