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Steven Allen
Steven Allen
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Sept. 11, 2012
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14 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Not based in USA so ACBL ranking is Not Applicable.

I play many mind sports games in my time including:- Chess, Othello, Go and virtually any other good card game before settling on Bridge. I play in the UK and use a highly modified Benji ACOL system, some what different from most on this site.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing at junior national trials. I cashed some side suit winners and exited looking at a likely trump trick with QTxx with AKJ9x over me and only one entry to dummy (so declarer needed a deep finesse first round of trumps). He led a trump from dummy, turned to me and said " you've got QTxx haven't you", I gave him my "what you talking about Im rubbish at this game" look and he bought it - 1 off. Priceless
Bridge Accomplishments
No major event wins, but quite a few close shaves. It's overdue now.
Regular Bridge Partners
David Eddleston also known as Francis Eddleston
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Burnham Bridge club, WGC bridge club
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Play 4!S
Play here may well depend on the form of scoring. At imps I play for safest line and likely ditch a diamond on the KH and play AS and another. Depending on the nature of the 3H bid this may mean we go down when South holds Kxx AQJTxxx xx ...
Finding This Slam?
3S next looks completely normal here
Does this treatment over Stayman has a name?
Thats fine if playing Promisary Stayman. If not 4S can land you in the wrong spot
Does this treatment over Stayman has a name?
As you would not open 1NT with 45 in the majors (assumed) then this is clearly as you say...44 both majors. The OP sequence is without discussion clearly max and 5 card hearts, as there is no need to show a 4 card suit twice
Partial, Invite or Game?
No worries - I have now changed my vote to transfer and bid 2S as a limit invite from Abstain. As on further thought I like that if P bids 3H now they will almost certainly be 23xy shape and now 4H is looking worth bidding again..
Partial, Invite or Game?
Another option looks needed. I would use Stayman and play in 2H over 2D, but bid game over any major response. As this is a NV game and I cannot see it being 50% or better play unless P is fitting
ATB - big club fit
Says it all as far as i am concerned!
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
I would have inserted the JD and hooked here as LHO is very likely 65 for the bidding. BBO is not a great place to play with pups or random opponents. Its a free site and as such they dont have money to spend on maintaining high ethics or weeding ...
Preemptive or Constructive
Depends on agreements. With a pup i would take this as pre-emptive. But with my reg 2S is junk with 3 spades, 2nt is nat, 3H would we an invite, so we need 3S to show a typical 2S raise without competition.
ATB - Missed minor game at matchpoints
Terrible declarer play then ;). I think -200 is far more likely

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