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Steven Allen
Steven Allen
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Sept. 11, 2012
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about me

I play many mind sports games in my time including:- Chess, Othello, Go and virtually any other good card game before settling on Bridge. I play in the UK and use a highly modified Benji ACOL system, some what different from most on this site.

Started play aged 15 or so, some 35 years ago and play when I can around a busy work and family life.  

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing at junior national trials. I cashed some side suit winners and exited looking at a likely trump trick with QTxx with AKJ9x over me and only one entry to dummy (so declarer needed a deep finesse first round of trumps). He led a trump from dummy, turned to me and said " you've got QTxx haven't you", I gave him my "what you talking about Im rubbish at this game" look and he bought it - 1 off. Priceless
Bridge Accomplishments
No major event wins, but quite a few close shaves. It's overdue now.
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David Eddleston also known as Francis Eddleston
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Burnham Bridge club, WGC bridge club
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Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
Hi Aviv - yes I saw from Steve Moese response below this is how its handled in 2/1 structure. Not my natural system, but picking it up from this site
May you bid after partner's hesitation
This is close, but not close enough as I suspect 3D would be a big winner in a bidding poll
2nd round dbl by advancer
Hi Richard - I have not overlooked your or JA post, they are perfectly acceptable interpretations, but the OP asked what you think is best. On a basis of frequency the hand type you offer is IMO rare and may be best handled with a natural response of 1NT to start ...
2nd round dbl by advancer
IMO responder to the initial take out double has limited their hand. The initial double has also made no further try which limits them. So I find it hard to believe that the responder can have enought to want to penalise 2D but not enough to have responded more positively ...
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
I think a 6th club is worth showing in its own right as its a possible slam denomination, especially when P has a long suit you could be ruffing good (here hearts). That said 5 clubs and a perfect max could see slam cold. eg AQxx x AQx KQTxx
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
Thanks Steve. I dont play 2/1 but I am steadily increasing my knowledge of how it all works and this helps / clears up another area I was not familiar with. On this basis knowing Bob plays 2/1 there is room for the hands to have the values needed ...
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
Hi Steve, I would be interested to know if this is a standard used in 2/1 generally or just your partnership agreement?
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: K KQ9543 KT42 AJ
I have voted Pass, but on the basis that if 2D is GF then jumping to 3NT is fast arrival and weaker than 2NT. So I am expecting a misfitting hand with <16 HCP.
Steven Allen's bidding problem: K AQ96 9762 AKQ7
Thanks all. I passed on the hand and this looks to be the consensus :) At the table it turns out to be the winning action too as any moves will turn your +100 defending into a -ve score. This though is a tad unlucky in that you do have a ...
Bob Heitzman's bidding problem: AKQJ64 52 QT3 A9
This really needs discussion and firm agreements, but without discussion I would default to Pass=3C minimum and other bids showing something else. 3S should I believe show 6+ and a good suit which we have. 3D/H a max and feature per your normal standards. I personally like 4C ...

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