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Steven Cooper
Steven Cooper
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June 28, 2010
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Aug. 28, 2017
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Bridge Player

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Grand Life Master
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Prediction of B-Z hands
I agree with Neil--there was so much fidgeting and moving about that I found it hard to decide what they might be signalling. Maybe ACBL and WBF should hire some casino security or magicians, tell them what we suspect, and let them watch the relevant deals.
The Whole Story
maybe not all that distinguished; one member did an unethical thing against me recently.
The Whole Story
Mike, I didn't know you were a Democrat. Kitty and I discussed it and decided we both loved you anyway.
Another Las Vegas Knockout problem
You are right, Kit, that I was hoping she would pass, but I wasn't sure what I wanted. And annoyed as I was by Kitty's 7S, I was prepared to apologize had she been right. But what would have been wrong with her passing until the enemy stopped ...
Another Las Vegas Knockout problem
I held Kx of clubs, so didn't know if I had a trick or not. Maybe partner has forced them too high and maybe she made a good bid that forced them to guess but they guessed right. If our teammates are also in a making 7H they won ...
Kitty Munson Cooper's bidding problem: KQx Q83 JT5 T974
I don't think it's right to play partner for five tricks, so the risk of them making is quite large. Nor do I think intervenor need have a huge hand; he may have a hand that's willing to defend if you have a couple of tricks in ...
Kitty Munson Cooper's bidding problem: KQx Q83 JT5 T974
I don't understand why you would pass at MPs, Bob. -470 is not often a good score! We had several plus scores available; 3D, alas, was not one 0f them.
The Safer Slam
Hi Kit. As to Serious, Kitty and I play it because it allows us on many hands (not after a 2/1, alas) to make a help suit slam try--a suit in which the bidder has either two immediate losers, for example Qxx, or concern lest his sole stopper be ...
Is the Hall of Fame Broken?
If we did go to automatic criteria how would we deal with questions about ethics, strength of partners, type of wins, service to bridge, writings, etc.? Recall that the two sprinters who raised their fists and bowed their heads were stripped of the medals they had won. Incidentally, Kitty has ...
Is the Hall of Fame Broken?
So does that mean that you would use Jill's actions there to disqualify her?

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