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Steven Gaynor
Steven Gaynor
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June 23, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

ACBL member since 1971; Certified club director (but I'd rather play); I love music of all sorts - I've made a top 50 list every year since 1961, as well as a top 510 of all-time.  Licensed and active insurance agent since 1986.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting my Sweet and Lovely Bridge Playing Wife, Jean, at the Aquatennial bridge tournament on July 14, 2002
Bridge Accomplishments
Finished in overalls of all three ribbon events
Regular Bridge Partners
Jean Boettcher; Brian Crossley; Evan Sachs; Terry Beckman; Mike Cassel; Wayne Gergen; Keith Connolly; Barry Purrington
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Twin City Bridge Center; MGSC
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas Regional; Omaha Regional; Mn State
Favorite Conventions
Mini-Roman; Intermediate Jump Overcalls
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
A Request from Ms Manners
Well, Paul, since you used bozo and not Bozo, I think you are OK.
Time to simplify the laws?
What bothers me the most is convention disruption, when a conventional bid is misexplained or forgotten by one member of a partnership. This often renders adjudication of a hand difficult, if not impossible. IMHO, this is worse than breaks in tempo.
Do we need the BOG?
"Time for the BoG to up its game, and for the BoD to treat the body as the resource they need". Absolutely!
Do we need the BOG?
The elimination of the food at the BOG motion was a further example of the disrespect for and the negative self-image of the BOG. The money saved is probably just a shift of funds as most hotels have a food budget that must be met, so that money will be ...
ATB - Wrong contract
A few years ago in The Bridge World magazine they had an MSC problem that boiled down to how big of a hand you need to raise partners suit in response to your TO double with fewer than 4 card support. None (zero) experts would raise with with 3 card ...
Director call in Honolulu
The problem is the offending side is not owning the failure to alert when they should - before the opening lead is made. That would give one of the opponents the opportunity to take their final pass back.
We are All Fallible
The person at table one was not on lead versus a runout to 7N, and calculated that the extra 50 would not even gain an imp, so why risk it? The person at table two would be on lead versus 7N if they ran so the double was without risk.
Spy Versus Spy
When you played the spade late in the hand you were probably thinking. "What, me worry?"
Defender's claim challenged by declarer
Since this may be a game in which I am an occasional player I am embarrassed by this and hope you follow up with a player memo to the director and our unit recorder. PM me if you need the contact info.
Defender's claim challenged by declarer
My story is in a regional event at an NABC, I also held the T and 8 of trumps in 4th chair with declarer playing 4. With 8 tricks in she was on lead with the 9-6. I claimed the last two, but declarer led and partner, who had ...

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