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Steven Mcgrahan
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June 8, 2013
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about me

Learned weak NT to start then Acol, then SA, then Precision and then 2/1 (the easiest to learn as more of a treatment). Now try for 2/1 and Precision but often get stuck with SAYC.

Book i learned bidding most from Precision Bidding in Acol by Eric Crowhurst

Redoubled with overtricks:

2D+2, 3N+2, 4S+2, 2S+3, 1N+3, 1S+3, 2H+4, 4S+1


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Top 2015 Online pts U1000 for ACBL Unit 166
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Hamilton Sectional
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fourth suit forcing
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Non Life Master
Revision Precision Club 5.0
Precision, 2/1 GF except for 1!d-2!c; All 1-over-1 bids but 1!d-1N 0+ hcp
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Laura & Steve
Standard American
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Larry and Steve
Mosca Club, Canape
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Alertable or not
I think the term splinter is incorrect. For there to be a splinter there has to be a trump agreement. 4 should be termed a strong 3-suiter, probably 4441 or 4450 with short clubs. Though I have also seen 4 as short diamonds and 4 as short ...
Is that alertable?
Under ACBL rightly or wrongly most negative inferences are not alertable. 1-1 and 1-1N are specifically not alertable playing Flannery in ACBL.
Apportion of blame
Sure, North can know 3N will play better than a 9-card fit.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: AKQ72 QJ T75 AKQ
Even though this had HCP wise is pretty close to a 2 opening I don't think you will miss a game if partner can't respond to a 1 opening.
Assess the blame (11)
Last Train is an usual use for 4. You have already used up a lot of bidding space without any cue-bids. Usual is a non-specific (or specific if partnership has defined it) interest in slam.
BIT ruling
The double is listed by OP as 1-suiter DONT. So there is no such inference. 2 is a relay.
Dear GIB can we please take this bid off the card???
4 is bizarre by GIB. This is obviously a misfit and should get out in 3. This should be at a least 6-1 fit. Searching for fit at 4-level ridiculous. usually on misfits your able to pass 3
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
Yes, 2 only flaw by south. I don't care what his agreed range is 6-5 with a 4 loser hand has to be worth 3.
A Foolish Double
How come nobody noticed dummy had only 12 cards? Without knowing the whole correct hands and the order cards played in you can't be sure they would still make and not have revoked.
Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
Have to agree with Barry, I've seen "novices" use systems like this. They had no idea what do with unbalanced hands with or without interference.

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