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Steven Mcgrahan
Steven Mcgrahan
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June 8, 2013
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about me

Learned weak NT to start then Acol, then SA, then Precision and then 2/1 (the easiest to learn as more of a treatment). Now try for 2/1 and Precision but often get stuck with SAYC. Recently learned Mosca club with canape and Polish club.

Book i learned bidding most from Precision Bidding in Acol by Eric Crowhurst

Redoubled with overtricks:

2D+2, 3N+2, 4S+2, 2S+3, 1N+3, 1S+3, 2H+4, 4S+1, 4N+2


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Bridge Accomplishments
Top 2015 Online pts U1000 for ACBL Unit 166
Favorite Tournaments
Hamilton Sectional
Favorite Conventions
fourth suit forcing
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Non Life Master
Laura & Steve
Standard American
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Assign the Blame?
Still, having 4 to show a singleton then you have no room left below game to check for slam. While 4-0 unlucky, other things too could go wrong if you go past 4.
Is AlphaZero really a scientific breakthrough in AI?
I was at one point I was pretty good at chess, much better than I am at bridge. Even back then i would have to spend all afternoon to get a win against programs not even as good as todays on a much inferior computers than today. Today, I probably ...
Continuation of "First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey"
If this happened in the US and ACBL did not follow it's own rules I think people would appeal to courts if they didn't have somewhere else like they did in Turkey. And if ACBL expelled someone for cheating and had no rule against cheating like Turkey apparently ...
Is AlphaZero really a scientific breakthrough in AI?
"...terminated and assigned a drawn outcome" is from the part of the paper describing the Monte Carlo tree search. It doesn't mean it's playing under different rules. Early chess programs were very bad at endgames. Most decent players if they could get to an endgame could defeat a ...
1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
If your bidding 1 on 3 what do you do with 5 or 6 ?
Is AlphaZero really a scientific breakthrough in AI?
Couple things. Article says "Note that the complexity of Go is significantly larger than in chess". Actually Go has more possible positions than chess. The rules for Go are order of magnitudes simpler than Chess or Shogi which makes AI self-learning Go simpler. "The version of Stockfish used was not ...
Unusual action with UI
5 on such a weak club suit at MP is a complete crap shot. South has shown clubs, so if North had a fit it could of shown it. 3N is LA anyways so if it is determined there is UI any bid over 3N could be rolled back ...
1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
Any conventional defense is allowed over openings of 2 or higher in GCC. So Fishbein allowed over weak 2's and 3's.
1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
In Mike Lawrence's Overcall book: Talking about overcalling a 4-card major says you should never overcall a 4-card diamond suit. Hand 1: I think Lawrence would suggest 1.
San Diego Director Calls:
I have never hear of figuring things out in the middle of auction, but have seen someone figure this out when dummy was laid down and there were duplicate cards. They had to play the contract with the correct cards and no it was not even considered whether their bidding ...

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