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Stig Holmquist
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Feb. 12, 2016
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June 17
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Have written 4 articles in BW. Had 990 MP 10 years ago
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Bronze Life Master
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Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 865 KQT942 KT9 Q
Apologies, I misstated the opening 2NT bid. It was made in 2nd seat. Thus partner had not yet been able to bid. The opening 2 NT hand held: AKJT-AJ83-A3-KTx. 3rd hand passed and 4th hand bid 3 NT. Was that a sound bid? The partnership had no agreement about at ...
Small typeing
And yes, the problem has probably been caused by pressing Ctrl+ instead of Shift and not realizing the error. My computer skills are at best rudimentary and my typing is one finger at a time. So I make lots of mistakes.
Small typeing
My son has 30 years of computer experience, but was unable to help. Pressing Ctrl+ worked wonders. Thanks Gordon
No 4-card suit
Yes, you are right. I just realized that there are other ways of getting 9 4-card suits in a deal, E.g. N has 4-4-1-4, S has 3-4-2-4, E has 4-1-4-4 and W has 2-4-7-1. Likewise, if N has 4-4-1-4 and S has the same, while E has 4-1-4-4 then ...
No 4-card suit
I'm beginning to wonder if one can deal so that there are no deals with 9.10 or 11 four card suits. I just tested 9 print outs from ACBL games and counted all 4-card suits per deal and, and Then I calculated the % for each kind, and plotted ...
No 4-card suit
No ordinary textbook mentions the Fisher-Cornish distribution. It's math is far beyond my understanding. But it would be interesting to see the actual distribution of 0 to 12 4-card suits after million deals. I lack any kind of ability to program such a computer search. Maybe somebody cares enough ...
No 4-card suit
Sorry about the typo of your name. Would you be able to establish the frequencies for each number of no 4-card suit per 100, 1000, 10000, 100000 and 1000000 deals. One could then determine if the distribution is Binomial or Poisson type. A complete tabulation for 1 million deals would ...
No 4-card suit
Hi Hans, Now we are making progress. Can you please tell me how the numbers were obtained? Have they been published as part of another discussion? My own counts don't agree with 1.54%. So I would suggest that a computer program be written to count the number of ...
10 HCP hands all having one card ot each rank?
Lastly, does ACBL specify how to count HCP? Would the BUMRAP count 4.5-3-1.5-0.75-0.25 be allowed? E.g. Would Axxx-Axxx-JTx xx count as 10?
10 HCP hands all having one card ot each rank?
What is a conventional bid? Suppose I decide to open 1C to show 9-11 HCP and partner alerts it and explains it as artificial with no promise of the club suit, but rules out the ability to make a weak 2-bid. E.g. it could be a hand with 9 ...

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