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Stig Holmquist
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Feb. 12, 2016
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Feb. 19
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Key Card Berger
Dean. Please explain
Key Card Berger
Ed, I just became aware of your article "How Experts View Gerber" in this forum 3 years ago. One poster, Bob Heitzman, wrote he had used Rkc Gerber after Stayman and Jacoby for 40 years. But he gave no details. How might I contact him for more info?
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
Nikos, At an ordinary low level club game you cannot expect every pair to bid 7NT/H or C. T Some will bid only 6 H or C. Thus if the Club suit does not yield 7 tricks you need the K of D for protection against a big loss ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
I'm sorry for a typo. The hand should show a void in Diamonds and 6 Clubs, as mentioned in the text and Phil. I'm still wondering if Blackwood should be used with a void? Perhaps it is ok if one can safely sign of in 6 C if ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
My bidding is based on the assumption that N has at least 2 Clubs, so that the club split is 68% likely to be 3-2. It cannot be 3-3 unless N has only 1 C. By partner ship agreement only balanced hands qualify for 1 NT, and thus N can ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
All of the above comments are interesting, but none seems to address the question about 68% probability being enough to justify a grand slam bid. The pair has an 8-fit in hearts and clubs, so I assume the probability of both splitting worse than 3-2 is only 10%. But Grand ...
Limitations on Dummy
In what situation can Dummy be able to lead? Did you mean reminding declarer before he is about to lead?
Limitations on Dummy
While we are discussing the Limitations, I wonder if Dummy is allowed to tell declarer from which hand the next card must be played? My partner "fingers" one or more cards in his hand before deciding what to play, and it might be from his hand, though the lead is ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: 865 KQT942 KT9 Q
Apologies, I misstated the opening 2NT bid. It was made in 2nd seat. Thus partner had not yet been able to bid. The opening 2 NT hand held: AKJT-AJ83-A3-KTx. 3rd hand passed and 4th hand bid 3 NT. Was that a sound bid? The partnership had no agreement about at ...
Limitations on Dummy

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