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Rebid after J2NT
Re-read Loeb's comment. If you can memorize L. Cohen's complex method, more power to you. Most imtermediate players would not be able or care to try. So they need a simpler method. Use your imagination and devise a bid asking for shortness.
Rebid after J2NT
You state strain before game and game before slam. As far as I can tell, the J2N establishes both the strain and the game. Why would anybody look for an 8-fit when a 9-fit has been established? The only remaining question is asking it slam can be made. Knowing if ...
Rebid after J2NT
How often have you found playing in an 8-fit better than in a 9-fit ?
Rebid after J2NT
Returning to The post by Alex please note that by showing the number of controls opener has, it's possible for responder to determine the pair is missing 3 controls, but will not be able to tell if it is A+K or 3 Ks. That can be determined by ...
Rebid after J2NT
You need to read D. loeb's posting. He rejects the standard response to Jacoby, where a new suit shows a singleton or void. It was posted 4 years ago.
Rebid after J2NT
So far you have failed to tell us what bidding method you propose. The result is no surprise. A similar bidding problem was illustrated by Jeff Rubens in his book "The secretes of winning bridge. On p.7-8 he shows four hands with equal cards but arranged so that they ...
Rebid after J2NT
Cohen & Be4kowtz played it the national and international level Their method requires too much memory.
Rebid after J2NT
By what bidding sequence would you get to 6 S?
Probabilities of hand pattern match
Jeff Rubens just told me that calculating the probability for having two 8-fit is a trivial task not worth posting in Bridge World. Personally, I'm unable to do such calculations. Why didn't a BW member do it? The Occasional Enthusiast did not get it right
Probabilities of hand pattern match
I asked R. Pavlicek if he has any data bearing on this problem, and he responded with a print out from an old file. His data show that a pair will have 4432 fit 0.1 % of all deals. Since there are 6 such combinations, viz. S+H, S+D ...

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