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Stig Holmquist
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Feb. 12, 2016
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April 6
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Have written 4 articles in BW. Had 990 MP 10 years ago
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Bronze Life Master
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KnR count for QJT units.
Hi Kurt, That sounds promising. Will you provide an algorithm that can be used like the TA, RP and JG ones.
KnR count for QJT units.
Just a couple of hands to evaluate. Start with JT65432-Qxx- Kx- A. It will count as 10.75 by TA ,as 11.6 by RP and 10.4 by FG. When comparing the actual suit values I find only one agreement: Qxx=1.35. All the rest differ. If you ...
KnR count for QJT units.
Kurt, I've a vague recollection of having discussed your United Point Count long ago. Maybe the time has come to revive it? So Where might one read up about it? Stig
KnR count for QJT units.
Nick, I've good and bad news. I discovered why I was unable to get any data from the Jeff G. web site. So now I can report that it yields 9.45while TA shows 9.1 and RP counts 9.95. This means that three experts are unable to ...
KnR count for QJT units.
Nick. I pay very close attention to all you refer to.I've a copy of the original 4C article and the Goldsmith algorithm. It evaluates hands backwards. What do I mean? In the original article the editors started by calculating the suit value count based on the 4-3-2-1 honor ...
KnR count for QJT units.
Nick, If your intension was to confuse me and other readers, you succeeded. You totally disregard the algorithm posted by RP. He makes it explicitly clear that you must do the calculation for one suit at a time. Look up his algorithm. It states in bold print : " Calculate Separately for ...
KnR count for QJT units.
There is a 3rd web site for KnR evaluation by J. Goldsmith. I'm unable to log onto it.It too lists an algorithm, which looks different from RP's . By carefully comparing these two I've discovered a misunderstanding with regard to the proper value for the T. RP ...
KnR count for QJT units.
No, I don't, because Idon't understand them
3C/3D response to 1 NT (15-17)
You seem a bit confused. I did not question your ability to remember your own convoluted system. But I deem it to be unsuitable for most players seeking to become Life Masters,which your bio says you have not obtained.
3C/3D response to 1 NT (15-17)
Your method is far too complicated and hard to remember for a player struggling to advance just above the LM level. L.Cohen often advices KISS. Don't tax your memory

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