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Feb. 12, 2016
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March 26
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Stayman bid after interference?
If so, it suggests the the 1st opponent should bid 2D to\mess up the biding. Would the be rules as destructive bibbing?
Responding to 1 NT (15-17) with 5S+5H?
This book appears to be 10 years old. Does it cover all of the above bidding agreements? What are Pattaya's credentials as a player? What would be the total cost of this book shipped to S.Windsor, CT 0674 (USA)
Responding to 1 NT (15-17) with 5S+5H?
Your bidding and that of others seems to be based on the hope that partnership can make game most of the time. But is that supported by any theory or experience? The deal comes up so seldom, that few player have had an opportunity to develop any reliable stats. On ...
Bridge books for beginners
Tony, I just got hold of a library discard copy of "Bridge for Beginners". It makes for interesting reading. If com-bined with Pattaya's 'Acol/Stand. Am difference" one can use it for class work in ACBL land. The book is well written. Also, "Goren's New Bridge Complete" devotes ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: K5 AK72 AQ542 A3
What would be the best opening bid in 4th seat?
Bridge books for beginners
The OP, Paul Elstein, is teaching in ACBL land, so what's the merit of your comment?
Bridge books for beginners
Max Hardy's book is hard to read but it stresses the absurdity of counting points for shortness when making an opening bid. On p.9 he wrote in bold print: DO NIT ADD POINTS FOR SHORT HOLDINGS> You can also fine a similar admonition in Kantar's Dummy book ...
Bridge books for beginners
I'm disappointed that you are using the"Idiots" book. It uses a poor hand evaluation method. It's absurd to think that a short suit can take tricks and counting points for it as opener. What value would a void have in a later NT contract? Short suits have ...
Bridge books for beginners
This book is 43 years old and you should read the comments at Amazon, especially the negative ones.
Bridge books for beginners
If cost of books is a problem I suggest you consider the now old series of teaching materials by S.Silverman. They can be found in a catalog from Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies. Ask a club director.

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