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Stu Goodgold
Stu Goodgold
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March 27, 2012
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Bridge Player
about me

Residing near San Jose (No. California). 

Board of Governors member

One time D21 District Director;

Former D21 President.

D21 board member.

Unit 507 board member.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being dummy at 7D in a regional holding Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. I laid down the all-time best trump support.
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San Jose, CA
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Sapphire Life Master
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Law 45 - is it just me?
Laws 6B and 7B refer to the term 'face down' a number of times. Law 7B2 states: Each player counts his cards face down to be sure he has exactly 13. After that, and before making a call, he must inspect the faces of his cards. Given all that 'face ...
Recommend a partnership style
They are already uncomfortable playing IMPs. Why compound their discomfort by asking them to change their bidding style? Just let them bid as they normally do. Most newer players play to make their contracts at matchpts. rather than maximizing tricks, so it won't make a big difference in the ...
Announcement Clarificaton, Please
While I agree this is the current regulation, I find it unhelpful to those not familiar with Precision systems. Take the uncontested auction: 1D-1S;2C. In 2/1 this shows length in diamonds and clubs. In Precision, there can be 5 clubs and 2 diamonds. A newer player, hearing 1D ...
Revoke Prevention Responsibility
Agree with John. I don't play pro or teach, but some of my partners are more prone to revoking than others. Recently, one of my partners that rarely revokes did so. I never ask this partner if he has any (suit) when he doesn't follow. Just the same ...
Wish Trick
I've always heard it was A234 in any order, and that it originated, or at least was regularly use by Edgar Kaplan, but I cannot find any reference to the latter.
Should, Shall, Must (again)
"Thanks for the insult." Looks like 50 points below the line for Ed.
Overtricks at Imps
What about the complimentary question: You are in a part score; your chances of making are 10%, but if you try and fail you go down 2 instead of 1. Should you risk making the contract despite the 90% chance of losing 2 or 3 IMPs?
Queen or Ace?
Actually, I'd like to make 7. If the hearts can be brought in without any losers in 2 rounds that's what will happen. Even if you have 1 heart loser after the finesse works but the A doesn't bring down the honors, you can still make 6 ...
Should, Shall, Must (again)
It might. Haven't you ever seen the movie "Good Will Hunting"?
Overtricks at Imps
I agree with What others have said about losing by 1 IMP. To use economic terms, the marginal utility of 1 IMP is worth considerably more than 1/10th of the marginal utility of 10 IMPs.

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