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Stu Goodgold
Stu Goodgold
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March 27, 2012
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me


Residing near San Jose (No. California).

Unit 507 (Silicon Valley) President

1st Alternate for D21 

Board of Governors member

D21 board member

Former D21 District Director

Former D21 President



United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Being dummy at 7D in a regional holding Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. I laid down the all-time best trump support.
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San Jose, CA
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Sapphire Life Master
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How can ACBL perform an NABC team events online cheat free?
In D21 we finished 2 of the 4 GNT flights before Covid-19 shut down all our live bridge clubs. Flt A and C were run on BBO; we had a record 20 teams in Flt A. Our GNT coordinator had his hands full setting this up so it would run ...
Bridge in the Time of Covid-19
Brett, thanks for the timely update. We might be hijacking this thread, but it appears no one else is commenting anyway. As for the merits of allowing sectionals, as I said upstream, there are some units that rent facilities and 'sublet' them to club directors. If they cannot continue to ...
Bridge in the Time of Covid-19
Samantha is a sociologist and bridge player in England, not America. Why get her involved in ACBL politics. Having said that, I will. In addition to clubs there are some units that need to pay their bills as well. This applies to those units that have a lease on a ...
Frustration With BBO Directors
"So, when I play in an ACBL administered tournament on BBO AND the name of the Director for that tournament is ACBL1234 or some such, you're claiming that said director is actually some random individual and has no connection to the ACBL?" The "ACBL1234" is just some club director ...
Youngest Life Master
Congratulations! This feat was especially difficult with the pandemic closing down all traditional methods of picking up those last precious masterpoints to make LM.
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
Well, your 'raise' was to an artificial opening. In my case, I opened 2 and partner made an artificial 3 response and I eventually 'raised' to 7. Sriram's hand was indeed a 'raise' of an artificial strong .
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
David, you are not even close. I thought I could forever claim best dummy support for a pre-dealt hand in a tournament when I laid down Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,- for my partner to play in 7. (Palo Alto, CA regional, 1983). But in a comment to my recent poll on ...
Online tempo
I try to wait some seconds after a skip bid, just as in ftf games. When bidding, I usually wait a few seconds before making an obvious pass (also in ftf). But when time is running short, it is easy and often useful to switch into fast pairs mode. Usually ...
Online tempo
"I know there are lags, I can see for instance when my wife in the other room plays a card and it shows up on my screen 4 seconds after I know it was played on her ipad." 4 seconds seems like a very long time for one card to ...
Online tempo
Large tempo breaks are mostly attributable to the vagaries describe above. But small tempo changes and hitches are generally due to the player thinking about the hand. This is mostly true for experienced players who do not fumble about on BBO. It seems reasonable to ignore the long breaks and ...
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