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Stu Goodgold
Stu Goodgold
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March 27, 2012
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37 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me


Residing near San Jose (No. California).

Unit 507 (Silicon Valley) President

1st Alternate for D21 

Board of Governors member

D21 board member

Former D21 District Director

Former D21 President



United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being dummy at 7D in a regional holding Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. I laid down the all-time best trump support.
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San Jose, CA
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
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A Bridge Swifty
1N over a strong club shows non-touching suits, said Tom roundly...or pointedly.
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
"Your example has 4 Quick tricks, that's plenty of defense. AKQJxxxxxx x x x, on the other hand, is not a 2♣ opening. " I give you my oft-quoted hand from a regional in 1983 where I opened 2: Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. Finding partner with nothing but the A makes ...
Ethical Or Not?
"Why do "newer" players insist on playing conventions they neither understand nor are likely to remember??" It's probably different for various new players, but my wife, who has 70 MPs (mostly from online play), is crazy about learning conventions. She does often forget them or the follow-on details until ...
Ethical Or Not?
"If your partner had 'studied' and then bid 3N....". It is hard to answer this hyperthetical question. I do remember considering if I had any UI from partner's expressions and mannerisms. When I concluded I didn't, then I took inference from RHOs questioning and from my own hand ...
Ethical Or Not?
I had the same auction in a national BAM event against recent Bermuda Bowl winners. My partner was the one who wanted to play that 2N-3N showed 5S and 4H, and following my 2N he bid 3N in tempo. After I alerted, my RHO asked what it meant and seemed ...
Ethical Or Not?
"In that case, would it become AI, as long as you shared it with opps? (Not that doing so could conceivably produce UI...)" Absolutely not. You are supposed to follow the law regarding any UI you obtain by the various methods described in Law 16. Sharing your UI with the ...
Ethical Or Not?
I agree. Law 16B1 says: "Any extraneous information from partner that might suggest a call or play is unauthorized. This includes ...unmistakable hesitation, unwanton speed, special emphasis, tone, gesture or mannerism." Mannerism would seem to be the category that the OP describes. His partner bid in a manner that would ...
More Help Needed
I find that beginners don't know how to defend. At least they don't know how to signal partner, even with standard methods. You could spend a lesson teaching defensive carding and how to use it. Compared to any other convention, it is used at least 10 times more ...
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
Cable cars have long lines of tourist waiting to get on board. They travel at a lesiurely pace and cost $7 each way. Not you best choice to get somewhere but certainly a joy to ride. The ferries to Marin Co. do not run late at night when the evening ...
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
I was the transportation chair for the last SF NABC 7 years ago. If I remember correctly, the hotel parking then was $56. Not certain but I think coffee at the hotel was $4 a cup back then.
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