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Stu Goodgold
Stu Goodgold
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Basic Information

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March 27, 2012
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April 15
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Bridge Player
about me

Residing near San Jose (No. California). 

Former D21 District Director;

Former D21 President.

Unit 507 board member.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being dummy at 7D in a regional holding Kx,-,AKxxxxxxxxx,-. I laid down the all-time best trump support.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Clara Valley, CA
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
History resource
He did speak up loudly and often a couple of years ago at a BoG meeting that followed the debacle with ACBLScore-.
History resource
Don, we know you are a great font of knowledge about bridge history. Since you and Linda have both been chairs of the BoG, could you provide us with the history of how the BoG operated in the past? For example, when I joined the BoG 8 years ago there ...
What does this 4NT bid mean?
4N Keycard for clubs is of limited value since only the 5C response will keep you from bidding slam. Since responder is the one bidding 4N and opener has shown a very good and long club suit, it is highly likely opener has more than 1 keycard. Depending on whether ...
Nice article about chess cheater
This is nothing compared to Claude Bloodgood. He was a USCF master-rated chess player in prison for life for murder 1. In 1974 he was allowed to play outside the prison under the control of a prison guard. He overpowered the guard and escaped, but was captured a short time ...
Is there UI in this situation? And, if there is no UI, is the tempo relevant?
One could also argue that 30 HCP hands are extremely rare, and the chance that a player would miscount the high cards even rarer. I held a 30 HCP hand exactly once and counted it more than once just to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Then again it was ...
How would you rule?
John wrote: "3. He could have known full well that 3N was strong, and have been obfuscating the auction." Then he should also have known that if partner doubles, he will be under restrictions for appearing to use UI.
How would you rule?
""My partner always bids slowly" may be "self-serving", but sometimes it's true. I have such a partner, for example." How slowly does your partner make a call after (1N)-P-(3N)-P; (P) ? To me that is the criteria for establishing how fast someone bids when they have little ...
Reaching out to the membership
District Directors and District Presidents get an Excel list of all members in their district (at least they did when I was a District president). Some members do not have their email addresses available, but many more do. Even if the ACBL does not provide this list anymore, candidates for ...
How would you rule?
OK, Ed. I meant to ask if North's concept of his 3N bid was alertable. Even I would assume a 3N bid to play is not alertable in Slovakia.
How would you rule?
We should also be told whether 3N is alertable in Slovakia. Everyone appears to assume so, but those of us in the ACBL are no experts on Slovakian regulations. If 3N is alertable and was not, then yes, a rollback to 4X would be called for.

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