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How would you rule?
Literally nobody plays that third round double as takeout. The point I am making is that I don't need to spend ages thinking through what the hesitation shows. Obviously you need to know what the call shows. People often say things like "what hand type does the hesitation show ...
How would you rule?
Easily. All you need to do is consider the hands that wouldn't need to think over 4 and would X. In this case the hands that double with little thought are the ones where 5 has little chance and 4 is likely going down. The slow ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Indeed, clubs and the governing bodies only cater to serious players. Look at any game that is thriving and they primarily cater to casual players. If you have a large base of casual players the rest will follow.
How would you rule?
It's clear to me that declarer get this right 90%+ - I'm rounding that up. Also, I would point out that it doesn't matter what a slow double "means". Only that it makes the action chosen by North more attractive.
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
It's a combination of the increased range of hobby's you can indulge in even in your own home, and the inability of the bridge governing bodies to react to that.
How would you rule?
"Director ruled that there had been a break in tempo. He asked a number of players, most of whom would have bid 5♣ straight over 4♠. When asked to pass at that turn, some would also pass over the double. Director also established, from the players, what the hesitation showed ...
Carding Dilemma
Before I read the comments I would have said that the UI that I have is that partner is not sure they want a diamond. Imagine after the tank that you do anything other than switch to a diamond and it works, you couldn't possibly argue that you didn ...
Todd Holes's bidding problem: AJT A AT65 KJ965
This is an archetypal hand for a diamond reverse followed by a spade raise.
Is this a way to run an organization?
Here in EBU-land we have a pretty good rating system based on recent performance similar to chess ELO ratings.
Is this a way to run an organization?
It's not uncommon in other games to have multiple flights. In chess for example tournaments are often held with an open bracket and various grade capped brackets.

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