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Horrible ruling : Daily Bulletin March 17, page 9
Without the CC as proof of what Fredin says, I'll assume he lied. And then he gets rewarded for it.
Reisinger final round
Comparing it to the Paris attacks makes Fredin's comment worse, not better.
Reisinger final round
Of course, the problem with letting Fredin's comment slide is that is sets a bad precedent. Say, I call the person who opened 2C on "- x AJxx KQJxxxxx" as disgusting as Fantunes. Hyperbole? Sure. Did I also call him a cheat. Sure.
Reisinger final round
"Players at this level simply don't get sucked in" - Did all the players at this level tell you this? Or are you assuming they are super human beings? At the end of the day, players at this level are only human, as you allude to yourself. They are as ...
Reisinger final round
This is complete nonsense. Playing fast at trick 1 is a way of putting RHO "under pressure". The first thing that enters RHO's mind is that he is under the gun, and has to not play too fast himself, nor play too slow, nor fidget, let alone leave time ...
Reisinger final round
At any level, I consider playing fast at trick 1 to be coffeehousing. And from what I can see on the videos, Sontag seems to be fast at trick 1 way more often than e.g. Rodwell. Its really up to his partner and teammates to point it out and ...
Reisinger final round
Thanks, I missed that completely when watching the video.
Hand from Reisinger
Per your logic, why not keep the AC members secret too? They also have an equal chance of getting harassed.
Hand from Reisinger
Why should the 5 pollees not be named?
Reisinger final round
So the defender took 40-45 seconds before playing. Is this not normal for the first trick? Whats the problem?

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