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Sven Pride
Sven Pride
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May 15, 2011
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11 hours ago
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about me

Hello Ruby Tuesday...


I'm from the States but have lived in various countries overseas for half of the last 16 years.

I've had the honor of representing the US (as a junior), Bermuda and Costa Rica in international tournaments

When in the States, I live in the DC area and play the WBL Unit game

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Intra-zonal qualifier in Guadeloupe, World Mind Games Beijing
Regular Bridge Partners
David Genne, Jim Geist, Alan Douglas, Steve Allen, Alan Kleist (a while ago)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
WBL, Bermuda Bridge Club, NVBA, Tico Club
Favorite Conventions
Usually play a strong club, but also enjoyed playing Beta, a frc pass sytem with Craig Ganzer a while ago
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Ruby Life Master
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Easy ATB, but how should the auction have gone?
Yehudit - excellent question Is it strong with spades, a cue-bid for hearts or kick-back for hearts? All could be options undiscussed
Poor overcall leads to poor game
One thing i can tell you is C(A,B)= C(A,A-B)
Poor overcall leads to poor game
4 hearts 3 clubs and 2 diamonds seems the most likely route. All roads require the KC to be onside.
Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
I really like XX as business - and "Let's start doubling them"
4th suit by an UPH?
or shortness in one of the minors...
Mark Chen's lead problem: J3 Q 8654 A87532
Mark it's the first time I've seen a unanimous poll :)
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
Graduate Record Examinations - It's like a post college SAT in that it has a verbal section, a quantitative section - but also a logical section as mentioned above. There are also subject specific tests.
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
" Each card has a letter on one side and a number on the other."
How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
I bid pass because it's the call I would have made without the UI Pd knows you have a long club suit and no outside A or K. They get to make the decision on whether to sack.
Your call
Yeah - but you should always assume your pd explained your bid correctly.

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