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Sylvia Shi
Sylvia Shi
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June 24, 2011
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12 hours ago
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about me

Quote from a friend who was learning bridge:

"remind me again who like the bridge dude is who makes all the wrong decisions but they turn out for the best

it was like retarded bunny or something"

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
7hxx 2940 off two cashers
Bridge Accomplishments
1st lebhar imp pairs, mixed Swiss 2015, gnt c 2012, world championship 2016
Regular Bridge Partners
Daniel korbel, Beth Palmer
Favorite Tournaments
The nationals
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Emerald Life Master
Shi-Berkowitz precision
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Shi Palmer
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Jane and Sylvia
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Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event
The junior events are not for new players. They are not 199er games. They are for the most talented in the country in the age group. Just like seniors may be at a disadvantage due to the effects of aging, younger players are disadvantaged due to less experience, maturity, also ...
Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event
There is no reason to exclude top players from this event. This isn't a skill restricted event, it's an age restricted event. This would be like saying Meckwell shouldn't play in the Seniors.
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
Try playing the heart suit on the start of the auction (1d) p (2s) 3s (4s) ... Which is what happened at our table
Hasta la vista, visa?
Even the championships of esports, where the game is inherently played online over the computer, are held in person. Teams from all countries gather together to sit at computers in relatively close proximity to each other. The excitement of a big event lies in being able to convene with a ...
And I Wanted To ..... (Partner Revenge Fantasies)
I prefer 2c to 1h. Historically it's a bad idea to lie about major suit length with a weak hand,next thing you know your are in 4h. When you bid 2c partner can't do anything exciting.
Home Team Wins GNT
How about meeee
The Pros have no idea
The matchpoints came from real pair events, I think the blue ribbon pairs. We had no say in assigning matchpoints.
Outraged by the USBF
Are you perhaps just sad you have to play against Steve, Howie, Michael, and Karen in the Seniors and this post, like many things in life, was made based on personal interest? With so many trials in so little time, you are guaranteed to "destroy the fabric" of some teams ...
Buffett Cup 2019 - Individual and Overall Result
Because there were three teams, we played rings and the comparisons happened after both sets were done. The event started with the US and Europe neck and neck after the team event with China back. Then Us did well in 2/3 segments of the pairs and pulled ahead to ...
Buffett Cup 2019 - Individual and Overall Result
I don't think he put any money into this event. It was sponsored by Hainan government and I think the owner of the happy farm resort we stayed at.

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