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Sylvia Shi
Sylvia Shi
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June 24, 2011
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about me

Quote from a friend who was learning bridge:

"remind me again who like the bridge dude is who makes all the wrong decisions but they turn out for the best

it was like retarded bunny or something"

United States of America

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7hxx 2940 off two cashers
Bridge Accomplishments
1st lebhar imp pairs, mixed Swiss 2015, gnt c 2012
Favorite Tournaments
The nationals
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Shi-Berkowitz precision
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Can you preemp and then bid again?
It's too short sighted to say you can never bid again after preempting. Sometimes the auction has changed the value of your hand. Sometimes (like on this hand) your initial bid didn't convey the full value of your hand. However, USUALLY, if you have a hand where you ...
If Your Stayman Includes Five Spades With Invitational Values...
With one of my partners, I play this is a relay to 3C to show game only 2 suiters (bidding a suit directly would be slammish). With many others, I play that this is a game forcing transfer to clubs. The standard transfer then bid a new suit is very ...
If Your Stayman Includes Five Spades With Invitational Values...
I play that garbage sequence as equal or better hearts, so partner knows when to correct. With 5s 4h and a bad hand I just transfer.
Did this Director in Charge make the right ruling?
Minority viewpoint here, I think down 1 is the correct ruling. If the opponents had another spade, then down 2 would be the correct ruling even if they were not alert enough to manufacture the uppercut. Here, there is no way for the person with the diamond queen to get ...
Game Of Chance? College Club Shut Down
Hi, first of all, I think you could contact the ACBL with your problem. As they sponsor the collegiate tournament, news that a college is banning bridge would be terrible for them. I think you could get a lot of support from the ACBL, maybe they can even contact your ...
What does this bid mean?
4h is clearly a good spade raise, so without discussion, I would assume 4d natural.
Does the absence of an explanation change anything?
Neal, not asking about a bid.that is frequently played different ways and then doing something gives UI I think. Not super common, the biggest situation is actually when a bid is alerted and you don't ask about it and then do something. Anyway people do what they want ...
Does the absence of an explanation change anything?
It's fine if you don't ask, but then you should not claim any damage due to a lack of alert. That is what I mean by protect yourself. It is at your own risk whether you think asking will help the opponents remember their agreements. Arguably that really ...
Does the absence of an explanation change anything?
It's not hard to protect yourself in these situations. And it s important to know what is going on in the bidding. It may not matter for me in the auction but it will likely matter in the play or defense. I can't imagine why you think asking ...
Does the absence of an explanation change anything?
I would ask what the double is. And I would always run to 2d

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