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Sylvia Shi
Sylvia Shi
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June 24, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Quote from a friend who was learning bridge:

"remind me again who like the bridge dude is who makes all the wrong decisions but they turn out for the best

it was like retarded bunny or something"

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
7hxx 2940 off two cashers
Bridge Accomplishments
1st lebhar imp pairs, mixed Swiss 2015, gnt c 2012
Favorite Tournaments
The nationals
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Diamond Life Master
Shi-Berkowitz precision
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Shi Palmer
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Bid-a-Lot Precision
Thats funny, i played a system almost exactly like this as a joke. only differences were, 1n was 16-18 because it was nice to take that out of 1c and it was funny when you opened a super strong no trump in the context of this system. you can open ...
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
Fropponents just makes me think of froyo
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
Fun read looking forward to more. :). Alas, next time we meet on the gnt field we will be enemies.
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
I'm reading this on a tablet and the alerts show up halfway up the page. (So click on the alert and scroll up to try to find it). See if that works for you Neal.
Advice sought on ethical question
2s as a transfer to diamonds would also be alertable so there's no UI unless the opponents asked and it was explained as a transfer to clubs. If there was no explanation, north has no UI and can do whatever he wants including passing any of partners bids. If ...
Odd ruling
Clearly a wrong ruling. Declarer loses a diamond at the end. All the defence has to do is discard queen of hearts.
Flipping for Winning
It's really not that hard to leave your cell phone in your room. Anyone who gets a cell phone penalty deserves it. This includes inadvertently turning your phone on. If you are really that clumsy perhaps you should not take the risk! If you want your opponents to get ...
GNT Final: District 9 vs. District 21
Double as penalty is the "normal" agreement here. But I think double as takeout is clearly better as long as you are willing to be in a force. It allows you to get to a sensible spot if as it turns out, neither of you have a penalty double. If ...
GNT Final: District 9 vs. District 21
Are you sure this board ever happened John? Haha. I don't recall ever psyching not in third seat. I did psych with you once when I opened 1n in 3rd with kqxxxxxx of hearts and out. I pulled your double twice at the three and four level and the ...
GNT Final: District 9 vs. District 21
X by me would have been takeout, double by her would have been cooperative takeout.

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