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Sylvia Shi
Sylvia Shi
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June 24, 2011
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24 minutes ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Quote from a friend who was learning bridge:

"remind me again who like the bridge dude is who makes all the wrong decisions but they turn out for the best

it was like retarded bunny or something"

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
7hxx 2940 off two cashers
Bridge Accomplishments
1st lebhar imp pairs, mixed Swiss 2015, gnt c 2012, world championship 2016
Regular Bridge Partners
Daniel korbel, Beth Palmer, Pamela granovetter
Favorite Tournaments
The nationals
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Emerald Life Master
Shi-Berkowitz precision
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Shi Palmer
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Jane and Sylvia
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Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
There are other scenarios that may cause a "real" team to not be the team that ends up going to the worlds. For example, in 2016, one of my teammates died before the worlds. Is it unfair to the opponents that we just got to replace her with someone of ...
Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
The easy way to prevent this from occurring is just to not allow it to occur. If I want to play in the mixed trials after winning womens, I have to play mixed worlds, end of story. If I don't qualify, I will play the event I already qualified ...
Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
There are a lot of ways to work on this in future years. Maybe in future years WBF will have the Mixed teams not run alongside the other events and then it will even be a mostly moot point. :) I like my scheduling I proposed to Matt Granovetter a couple ...
Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
Or you could still run the event from most prestigious to least to reduce the number of people who would even want to continue playing. Anyway, I think apart from Open, you would find people who would prefer playing in any event to any other event. So it's pretty ...
Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
I believe that you should run the Opens, then the Mixed, then the Womens/Seniors simultaneously. You run the Open event first because it's Open. Everyone can play in it and should not have to choose between it and any other event. If you win the Opens, you play ...
Playing and Planning for the 2019 USBCs
Hi Dave, Why is it a bad thing for someone to earn two paychecks? There are four different trials events after all. Even without the Mixed teams, it is very common for someone to get two paychecks for the trials. All you have to do is just lose... If you ...
World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Have not been to the playing site for long enough to tell but the hotel is great. The rooms are very nice and the buffet is excellent. Only problem is the wifi, but well, that's China.
When they double 3NT
I like to play redouble is doubt. That way if partner redoubles and I leave it in and go down I can say, hey I wasn't the one who redoubled.
Should you duck Kx?
You will feel silly because covering would have ensured you of a trick. Whereas now you would have to rely on 1. Partner false carding 2. Declarer getting it wrong
Should you duck Kx?
You should cover because you should always take the legitimate play for the extra trick when you have nothing to go on. If partner has 109x you will feel pretty silly. Also if you cover quickly, declarer may still assume you have KT and try to drop it.

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