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Szabolcs Udvari
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July 30, 2015
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Aug. 16, 2017
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Is this offensive?
Thanks for this comment, you spoke from my heart.
Is this offensive?
Michael, true the things you say may be, but on the hand opps had a combined 29 count with just one 5-card suit!! between the two hands. Thinking we "had them" in any way and expecting a significant swing on the board would not have crossed anyones mind. They did ...
Is this offensive?
Judge it yourself. Afterwards, in a lengthy phone conversation that lead nowhere, screenmate kept repeating that we were very lucky throughout, we did nothing to win by 30 IMPs (score was exactly +20) and that I never commented on any of the previous 7 boards, so why did I comment ...
Is this offensive?
I still maintain that telling the score to partner is not classified as a remark. To my belief, I did not make any remark on the board. I also always want to know the score on hard-to-predict boards, whenever they are available, so I guess I'm slow to understand ...
Is this offensive?
Yes I would have presumed they were not dissatisfied with the scorecard. Apparently they took it as "pff, arent they lucky, they gained 2 IMPs for missing a cold grand." However I merely uttered out the score to partner using three short words and made absolutely no comment on it ...
Is this offensive?
I honestly beleive that I couldn't have relayed the result of the board to pard in any fewer words. Okay, maybe "-2" in Hungarian is 10 letters compared to the 12 I beleive I used.
Is this offensive?
Well we were on very good terms with my screenmate. At the start of the match he gave me an enormous high five and there were no incidents at all during the game either. To me his reaction came totally out of nowhere. I was also aware that they werent ...
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
Lovely story. The tale of the spade jack in "Right through the pack" is also of deception. This one's better!
How do you resolve this?
BTW I (partner) was a passed hand, in that context 5H would have been quite an underbid. Incidentally my screenmate did not like me questioning him about the meaning of 4N (first made the joke of spade exlusion with heart fit), but eventually he did say his partner has minors ...
The Missing Trump
Something on this line happened just today. 4-card ending, led C10 to AQJx (originally 5-3). Sitting in front there had been an encouraging C2 discard, behind the 7 and 6 had been thrown. 8 tricks home in 3NT. Its 3 IMPs, I said and finessed. I didn't think there ...
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