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Feb. 23, 2015
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Is this forcing?
We play it so that 2 is FG relay, 3 is 5+5+ invitational. Direct 2 is exactly 54.
What about F/N bidding?
From the findings here, these situations were solved by them by coughing or drinking loudly with a Yarborough.
Breaking the Code
I would like to add board 8 where Fisher is having a look at W hand then plays a lot with his left arm/watch - indicating that the critical card is at W (heart J?). It did not matter and from W opening one can find out without signal but ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
E was a passed hand, could not have solid heart suit.
Hands for Discussion
Hanan, As I said it on another thread, it is certainly not the case that they have equal number of bad results as they have won or placed well at all the big international events. If they have had a lots of bad results from odd actions there should be ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
David, Yes, you're right, it was 6D. And I have never heard any other pair having an agreement to lead heart on a possible Lightner double.
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
My 3 cents: :) 1. Based on Boye's hands, one would lean strongly towards that something is not right with this pair. Together with the hands presented by Thomas Bessis, it is absolutely clear that they are cheating. 2. Theoretically Kit is right that all the other boards should be ...
Hands for Discussion
I don't want to judge whether this pair is cheating or not but if a pair can exchange a whole lots of information about each other's hand by cheating, they would not downgrade an 18 HCP hand to 15-17 when knowing partner has a good hand and slam ...
Hands for Discussion
There are some weird boards but (3) I don't think is impossible. W wants to describe his hand (heading for 3NT?) and he gets a perfect bid from partner. E could have the same hand with 5 (6???) clubs without the Q and 16 points.
That Little Extra
Kit, what would partner bid differently with the following hand? KQJx Axx AKxx Ax

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