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Tansu Aksu
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July 11, 2011
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March 2
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Tansu Aksu, Charlie Miner, John Moschella
2/1 GF/Negative Free Bids
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Luis and Tansu
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North Americans Win Cavendish Teams
Paul; agreed. After the new president, i think North America is certainly more than United States; it's United States and Other Countries
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
I always enter 3NT making + 1
Play 6NT
1. win A, 2. A of clubs 3. Q of clubs 4. Spade to Q 5. cash K of clubs throw H from hand - if clubs 33, pitch d and spade, play H to hand and cash all winners to squeeze lefty for H&S and righty for H&D ...
Running The Gauntlet In Poland
I think there is something not right here. OK I read this pages of explanation but no idea what the scoring error was. And what would have happened if it was corrected. And what was the talk about sexism second day? was there an issue and nobody did report it ...
How good does grand slam have to be at IMPs?
I would bid 4cl splinter after 1d-2d. Responder eventually should bid 7 D with 2 working Kings and knowing partner has no loser in clubs
Preempts, t/o doubles and continuations
Then play transfer lebensohls
Preempts, t/o doubles and continuations
Well since we cant use the same bid for everything, lets call anything but 2NT response semi-forcing :). If doubler hand is based on shape only like 0445/1444 with minimum opening values in fav vulnerability 3x can be passed, but anything better doubler can qbid.
how do you play 4NT in this sequence
Regardless of what 3D was, 4NT here is a RKC in Diamonds, clearly not to play. Bidder possibly had 3 small spades, but after the Spade q bid! now off to slam. xxx, qx, kqxxxx, kjx possibly down 2
Preempts, t/o doubles and continuations
What's the issue here? You have to double and partner's 3D is forcing ( assuming you play Lebensohl). 3SP asks to bid with spade stopper, and partners bid 4NT for RKC in Diamond.
Who is the slowest player ever; Zimmerman?
If the slow players self-pre-alert their-selves , would that be any help?
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