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Dec. 16, 2012
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the state of computer bridge
It took about 25 seconds to run 1000 samples on my computer. As you said, on most layouts, you get to 13 tricks pretty quickly, and also I ran it in win-loss mode where overtricks are ignored.
the state of computer bridge
Instead of implementing myself, I found the Bridge Calculator by Piotr Beling ( ), which includes a single dummy solver which does a simple Monte Carlo simulation. See updates in the original post.
the state of computer bridge
I don't understand what leading the Q at trick 2 has to do with stripping and throwing in South. If hearts are 4-0 offside (about 5%), then you need 3 spade tricks to make the contract, which means even if the spade finesse is on, you still need to ...
6-5 majors play problem
This looks best. At the table, I played AK, both followed twice, but then made the mistake of playing AK instead of crossing to dummy to play a spade up. At that point I could only follow your first line for 9 tricks. (Although somehow opps messed up and gave ...
6-5 majors play problem
If they switch to a diamond, it might not be so good though...
Tasos Koukouselis's bidding problem: AK532 4 K8 AK864
Why am I at the 6 level with no idea what suit we're playing in? Surely 4 would have been forcing.
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