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Oct. 18, 2013
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ACBL tournament director.  I have directed and taught novice and intermediate games off and on for 30 years.  I have been directing large games for over 29 years and have been directing at the Washington Bridge League weekly unit game (average 50+ tables per session) for 27 years.  I play about 2-3 times a month.  I'm a dangerous X player, but unfortunately playing infrequently and with widely varied partners, have mixed results.  But I do mentor a number of Flight B and Flight C players in our area.  On the plus side, Power Ratings show me as one of the most underrated players by masterpoints!

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GNT Format: Going Forward
Peg and Jan - I realize that the districts are very different. One of the comments I did make was that these are suggestions and that each districts could choose the restrictions that best fit the district. In the case of Peg's district, restrictions on the Open Flight don't ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
Peg--no, the other events are not grass-roots qualifiers. If one of the points of the grass roots events is to lure the players who do not normally attend the NABCs and to draw them into playing, then it doesn't make sense for the districts to be paying for the ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
Peg, perhaps these restrictions are best put in the District CoC so that each district can determine the best way to handle repeat winners. Another potential option, say that players may not win the trip in consecutive years. They could win every other year, but not back-to-back trips. That would ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
MikeC - There are players with many masterpoints who are not regulars to the NABC. Another option, perhaps rather than eliminating the Open Flight say that players can only win the trip once. Or maybe once every X years (every 5 years? every 10 years?) Once the top players with the ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
Go back and reference the very first comment on the thread (from me). No one at ACBL HQ actually pays attention to their own rules, so no one noticed and no one cared.
GNT Format: Going Forward
While handicapping seems to be a rather poor practice to encourage the strongest candidate from the unit to compete at the national level, seeding does make some sense. And although masterpoints are often a flawed means of weighting a field, as one element, they do help to seed a field ...
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
If you apply CPR on a person who needs it and you crack their collar bone or a rib and it punctures their lung both of which have occurred before by people trained to do so, then the person has the latitude to sue you. While it is likely that ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
District 6 typically does file their CoC with the ACBL well before the filing date (the first date of the event). I see that we did file last year 2017-2018: but we did not file this year 2018-2019. The majority ...
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
I agree with you. I hope that more bridge players take CPR and take on that responsibility to be at tournaments to ensure that we have a good population of players who can provide this service. What I object to is having this burden and responsibility placed on ACBL directors ...
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
Ed, The Cardiac Arrest Survival Act of 2000. It's basically the umbrella Good Samaritan federal law. However there are clauses that stipulate that if you are responsible for gross negligence or reckless misconduct you could be exempt from the protections. The problem is that these terms are not defined ...
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