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Ted Ying
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Oct. 18, 2013
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March 18
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about me

ACBL tournament director.  I have directed and taught novice and intermediate games off and on for 30 years.  I have been directing large games for over 29 years and have been directing at the Washington Bridge League weekly unit game (average 50+ tables per session) for 27 years.  I play about 2-3 times a month.  I'm a dangerous X player, but unfortunately playing infrequently and with widely varied partners, have mixed results.  But I do mentor a number of Flight B and Flight C players in our area.  On the plus side, Power Ratings show me as one of the most underrated players by masterpoints!

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Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
You conveniently chose to ignore the prior sentence. "The director has had prior discussions with this pair to inform them that a description of 'Weak' is misleading based on their agreeements." Additionally, I also did not mean that I would say to them or accuse them of "intentionally violating the ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
My 2 cents. The alert procedure and disclosure laws state: "The objective of the Alert system is for both pairs at the table to have equal access to all information contained in any auction. In order to meet this goal, it is necessary that all players understand and practice the ...
Congratulations to John Adams
Congratulations, John! You are an excellent player and teacher and we miss you around these parts. Hard to believe that we started around the same time, but you've surpassed me by so far. Like others, I am sure that the P will become a G in your own time ...
Alerts when gray: a specific siutational poll
I would do something similar. I would alert, and say it was undiscussed, but that we play Jacoby transfers so unlikely to be natural. I prefer "unlikely to be natural" to "clearly not a one suiter with s" because I really don't know. Our agreements suggest otherwise, but don ...
Is it a demand or a suggestion?
Tomasz, the standard in the US is that when the opponents bid and raise a suit, that 5 of your major is an ask for a control in their suit. Other bids typically suggest that you don't care about the opponents suit. So 5 in this situation says ...
Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
A world class player and champion, but also a wonderful person. She will be greatly missed, especially here at home. Condolences to Bill and Julie.
Ron Zucker's bidding problem: xx xx JTxx KTxxx
2NT seems right here. Pick a minor. Partner should understand that I have more than , so 4/5 seems the right distribution for this bid.
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
My personal style is that I tend to bid spades when I have 5/4 and I tend to double with I have 4/5. The only time I may make an exception is when I have 5 bad spades that I don't want a ...
ATB: Did anyone actually do anything wrong?
They are a pair relatively new to paying up in the A/X field. They are getting better every week they play up.
Ted Ying's bidding problem: K876 J93 KQ8 KQJ
Thank you everyone for your help. I have made a ruling in the case brought to me. I chose to allow the pass of 3NT and let the table result stand. For those interested, the North hand was: : 43 : AQ7 : AJ4 : A10874

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