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Terry Beckman
Terry Beckman
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June 5, 2011
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Feb. 4
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Currently in the top 600 masterpointwise nationally. Finished 40 and 29 in back to back years in the top 500. Have finished between 80 and 150 in the last 2 years
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Kathy Beckman, John Koch
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Platinum Life Master
John Koch Terry Beckman
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Beckman - Winter
Forcing Club
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Terry Beckman Mike Cassel
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Ben Kristensen Terry Beckman
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ATB - missed slam
Are we playing responsive doubles here. A dbl by North and South bidding 4 hearts will make it easy. 6 should be good. Plus when partner volunteers hearts the diamond shortage becomes obvious.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: Q6 A AT6543 AT54
Hoping partner has AK 7th or 8th plus a side card. I believe on this auction I know where I am going, so why torture partner.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AKT86 T32 A AT96
I still do not see the extra king the next double will show. Would like at least an extra 1/2 trick for this double If Partner pulls to 3 spades, hope I do not get doubled. All odds point to partner having very little and not having 5 hearts ...
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AK AKQ842 Q5 872
Also I do not play 2 hearts as forcing here, just extras. This is more than extras. Also 3 hearts stops the cheap spade bids, they have at least 8 of them.
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: AK AKQ842 Q5 872
Do not need much, to me this should show at least a semi solid suit and invite 3NT if pard has a club stopper
Robert Schachter's lead problem: AQ5 K62 3 AT6432
Partner has about a two count. I am trying for ruffs or hope I get a heart trick and 2 spades with this.
Robert Schachter's lead problem: AQ5 K62 3 AT6432
I play Meckwell, so I would have doubled at my first turn.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: QJ8 K9754 J2 QJT
This hand is so junky that I would be worried that a 5-3 heart fit might have 4 top losers, but anything could be right. If hearts are going bad, they might lead one if I use puppet.
Tom Allan's bidding problem: AK862 Q73 43 AQ6
I tend to open control rich hands one of a major and other 5-3-3-2 hands a NT. This type of hand almost always plays better in a suit unless partner wants to play NT
What's your line in 5!h?
No not like partners bidding so. I have to assume the king of hearts is onside if RHO ruffs the opening lead (I am playing small from dummy). Need the King of diamonds onside also as will get a diamond switch after the ruff and have a sure club loser ...

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