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Terry Beckman
Terry Beckman
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June 5, 2011
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Nov. 29, 2019
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Currently in the top 600 masterpointwise nationally. Finished 40 and 29 in back to back years in the top 500. Have finished between 80 and 150 in the last 2 years
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Kathy Beckman, John Koch
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Platinum Life Master
John Koch Terry Beckman
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Beckman - Winter
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Terry Beckman Mike Cassel
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Ben Kristensen Terry Beckman
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Director Ruling, Good, Bad or Ugly
Tough hand. I feel North should have asked over 4. Then having the needed information, I would probably double and South could pull with a strange hand. Would expect South to be fairly sound here with being vul. Would probably pass against a non vul vs vul preempt
We blocked them at MPs
Why would partner not have bid 1 with that holding?
Bidding philosophy
Misread the problem (as did a few others), would still pass (though could see 2 in a club game), my biggest fear is I might steer a 5 - 3 or even 6 - 3 heart fit to 3NT and partner would lead a spade into the jaws. I can balance ...
We blocked them at MPs
If declarer is 4 - 5 why would he not have bid 4. Partner has probably led a doubleton and ducking this leaves declarer in an awkward position. Partner is probably 2,2,5,4 or even 2,2,6,3. Partner must hold either the K or the ...
Bidding philosophy
Problem for me in bidding spades is after partner is a passed hand (second seat opener), odds are more bad things can happen than good. Worst of these is the opponents might chose to play their 5 -3 heart fit in NT and partner will lead a spade honor.
Bidding philosophy
Partner is a passed hand.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AT4 J9852 54 J84
First thought was to bid, then partner is a passed hand, RHO has both minors. Biggest fear with this action is that is will go Pass, Pass, double(do something intelligent) by the 9 or 10 count, and the 13 - 14 HCP with 4 hearts will pass. It will work ...
You can not be inactive!
NT range is important, I am assuming it is 15 - 17 from the bidding, so partner has a max of about 6 HCP. I think a heart at trick two is correct, but does not have to be correct.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ5 AT64 A8 AQ93
Could partner bid 4 with 6 - 4 or 6 - 5 in diamonds. something like x, QJxxxxx, Qxxx, xx. They had other bids to show better hands, this may be trying to keep the spade bidders away. 3H or 2D are both calls I would expect as partner should also ...
Modern Precision 2!C Followup question
2NT is a weak relay to 3, 3 has become a limit raise in clubs(so 2 cannot be doubled for a lead). 2 followed by anything is a max of limit raise values 12 - 13 HCP, as 2 can be as low as maybe ...

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