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Terry Beckman
Terry Beckman
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June 5, 2011
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8 hours ago
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United States of America

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Currently in the top 600 masterpointwise nationally. Finished 40 and 29 in back to back years in the top 500. Have finished between 80 and 150 in the last 2 years
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Kathy Beckman, John Koch
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Platinum Life Master
John Koch Terry Beckman
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Beckman - Winter
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Terry Beckman Mike Cassel
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Ben Kristensen Terry Beckman
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Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T62 AJ52 A AJT92
I assume, but am not given the methods here, that either east is quite weak (having a way to show an invitational hand other than 3) or partner has a hand with decent club support that is afraid to push them into game. 4 is a waste of ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: AKJxxx x Kxx QTx
It would be nice to know if opponents are playing Precision or standard. If standard North could pass with a very good hand and East could Q bid a value if they have one along with stiff or spade void and 4 - 5 trumps. That might be just what North ...
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: T62 AJ52 A AJT92
Different decks we have here. Expect partner has a raft of clubs and not much else. At these colors partner could have 5 clubs to the KQ and not want to preempt white opponents into a making game. You have not told us if opponents are playing support dbls, makes ...
Takeout or penalty?
dbl has to be DISP, what do you do otherwise with a balanced hand 2 - 3 diamonds and 10-12 HCP in precision. BY you having to have at least 2 diamonds, partner can consider passing with 4. You have to show values to allow partner to do something, otherwise you ...
Aggressive or Hyperaggressive?
I feel it is a little light, but think this is a horrible method. I might do this playing Meckwell because at least I use up some space. Maybe I am old fashioned and you can now win by not creating a lot of action (this may still work at ...
ATB - missed slam
North showed serious slam interest with 3 spades, South owed a 4 bid on the way thru. South should realize that they have 10 working high cards and make a move. There are a lot of hands that south could have with little play in 6.
UI or not?
North is probably something like 4-2-4-3. They are a client, if they were sure 2 hearts was the correct place they could pass expecting me to do the best I could to make it. This has to be SOS and it took time for my flight C or B partner ...
Bernard Yomtov's bidding problem: A4 98 KT95 QJ963
Would be nice to know what system opponents are playing. Count me among those who is afraid of missing slam, I could have close to a bust, I have a lot more than that.
Mike Cassel's bidding problem: KT87 74 765 AKQ7
I have a very normal hand for this action, partner is looking at the short diamonds, they should be able to evaluate the hand. 3 spades is an I do not trust partner bid, or they cannot evaluate the hand.
Please settle a bet!
If you play a negitive double has to have 4 hearts over 1 spade overcall, this could be look at your hand and do something intelligent, otherwise with 0 -1 spade would treat this as penalty.

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