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Thanassis Matziaris
Thanassis Matziaris
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Sept. 27, 2012
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July 8, 2019
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Final of World Open Pairs 1998
Bridge Accomplishments
Regular member of the Greek National Team, More than 10 Hellenic Bridge Open Chamionships
Regular Bridge Partners
Chris Banikas (aka "The Avatar")
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Favorite Tournaments
European Team Championships
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Thank you all for your participation and the valuable insights.
Is this ethical?
The only UI that West has in this case is that East is not bidding her spades but the 3 bid is based on the probable spade major on West. Had West escaped to 4 and this proved to be a winning choice then there would have been ...
Filippos Karamanlis's bidding problem: x QJxxx AJ Q98xx
If the sequence is not forcing then what is the point of making any other bid besides passing? Despite the 5-5, your hand is a sad minimum with many losers and the AJ makes the hand rather defensive so that I would not worry about the opponents making slam. After ...
Ryan Wessels's bidding problem: AJ942 --- AKJT73 Q7
Practically at this vulnerability you can bid your spades at any level, showing longer (and better) diamonds so why open 1?
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: AK954 KQ86 8 A92
If your partner responds with 3 then he must be doubled...
Hy Chen's bidding problem: 4 A AK542 KQJ643
While 4NT is far more descriptive, it does not serve justice to this hand and eats up all available bidding space. Why not double and later bid your two suiter to explore any slam possibilities? And keep the 2M doubled option in case of a misfit?
Thanassis Matziaris's bidding problem: Q76 A532 T875 53
Should your partner bid 2 and not give you the chance to pass for penalties had you had a suitable hand? And why not prefer 2 to 3? Both suits belong to the opponent and spades is one level lower. Plus, the opponent with the long spades ...
Thanassis Matziaris's bidding problem: Q76 A532 T875 53
OK, but why not 4-1-4-4 or 4-1-3-5? I think the second being more probable with your cards and the bidding so far. Actually your partner has AJ94 and with the actual hand you can make 2 (certainly doubled :)) even with AJ32 as North is being endplayed.
Thanassis Matziaris's bidding problem: Q76 A532 T875 53
Lol, great quote! Alas, in this hand in 2 the opener leads AK and gives his partner a ruff!
Thanassis Matziaris's bidding problem: Q76 A532 T875 53
Great lead in practice. I led it too, and as declarer didnot guess (ducked from K10xxx in dummy) we had an extra trick but unfortunately that was only our 5th defensive trick!

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