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Thomas Berg
Thomas Berg
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Feb. 26, 2011
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Feb. 15
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Bridge Player

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One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen.
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2-way Stayman and "Pass is the weakest bid"
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Against suits, playing 3rd from even, low from odd,
If pip is too important you lead 4`th. :)
How do you play 5!h in this sequence?
Any way - this is the way I have bid with my partners since 1974. We all grew up with Acol and a little Standard American. :) With your example I bid 3S. IMO the most important in a situation like this is to find out the quality of the heart suit.
How do you play 5!h in this sequence?
Asking for quality of heart suit. Better than expected or not? :) If I am looking for slam missing a spade control I cuebid 5C. And if I have a strong hand with clubs or diamonds I do not double but bid game in the suit.
Thomas Berg's lead problem: T7432 T65 984 KJ
The only lead to give declarer a problem is 5 or 6. Then he must guess correct later to take 10 tricks.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
@Damo Noir So it is only a hypothesis. :)
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
@Damo Nair Did they (Belladonna - Avarelli) or did they not change their system from 1959 to 1966?
You be the judge!
Partners hand was: AK8 K9 AK1072 AQ5 Table number 2 open room.
You be the judge!
It is the only option when partner has denied a club control!
You be the judge!
Actually partner had only 23p. The slow pass can only show less than promised but having a club control. What else? :)
You be the judge!
@Tomasz Radko Please read my comment further up this thread. :)

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