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Thomas Berg
Thomas Berg
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Feb. 26, 2011
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen.
Favorite Conventions
2-way Stayman and "Pass is the weakest bid"
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How to get to slam on these cards ?
Depends on agreement. If your only strong opening bid is 2C then you can have an acol 2 opening with 8,5- 9 tricks and stop in 3. 2C - 2 D - 2H - 2S - -3H - Pass. Rebidding your suit is not forcing.
How to get to slam on these cards ?
So partner can pass with 1 ace and nothing more? And in your book 2C is gameforcing?
How to get to slam on these cards ?
Is 3C gameforce?
How to get to slam on these cards ?
And will the move towards slam be succesful more often than not? I doubt! If opener has a strong balanced hand then Queens and Jacks can be of use to him. But if opener is a strong unbalanced hand he needs aces and kings. Usually he will have 9-10 tricks ...
How to get to slam on these cards ?
To Richard and Brad! Why not? :) As I wrote kickback will be even better. But if you do not play this then 4C must show 2 aces ( or 1 ace and 2 kings) else you can run into problems using RKC. What partner needs from you are sure taking tricks ...
How to get to slam on these cards ?
You can play kickback and ask lower - but 4NT is RKC 0314. To bid 4C over partners 3NT you have at least 2 aces. Else you pass 3NT. But some kickback asking on lower 4 level is of course better!
5M+4m extra values
I open 1S with Orens hand. A spade contract on a 5-2 will be ok. After partners 1NT I bid 2C. And if partner bids 2 something over my 1S I am much better of after opening 1S than 1NT.
How to get to slam on these cards ?
2C - 2D - 3C - 3H - 3NT - 4C - 4NT - 5H - 6C. IMO an easy slam to bid.:)
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: 76 AT74 84 AQJT9
I agree 100%. :)
Can responder pass?
I was raised with Acol where FSF is not GF. But I found out it is better and more easy to play FSF = 100% GF - at least for me and my partners. You do not have to stay like you were raised - do you?

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