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Thomas Berg
Thomas Berg
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Feb. 26, 2011
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen.
Favorite Conventions
2-way Stayman and "Pass is the weakest bid"
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
Raptor is a terrific and very effective convention. I have won many imps playing Raptor and can not remember any bad results. And the frequency is around 4 times more often than the standard 15-17 NT overcall.
Help with Bridge Probability
The problem is even more interesting if club KQ5 are in dummy ( S is declarer). Then it is more easy for E to duck with CA. If CK holds when with N declaring I will try the hearts and if no J coming down I will play club to Q.
Odd situations
1. Asking. When you pass by a suit you have a stopper in the by passed suit. So if you bid 3NT here you have a spade stopper - and maybe a club stopper but not for sure. This is the rule I have with my regular partners. This rule is ...
What are the benefits of UD Attitude, Standard Count?
When dummy has xx, xxx or xxxx - then we play Standard signals and not UDCA. So With J9x you just play the x.
Does anyone know this hand?
Fantastic! Thanks so much Pierre and Shireen.! Now I will give the problem to my bridge partner Geert Joergensen- and this will destroy his sleep next 2 nights.:):)
Does anyone know this hand?
You are right! The hand is from Geneva 1990 - and Garozzo won. Anyone for the full deal? :):)
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: AK432 JT973 853 ---
This was Souths hand: 5 K82 AK764 AQ76 What would you have bid with Souths hand? IMO 3C,3D and 3H all are non forcing. Partner has forced you to 3 level and you can have down to 11p. Partners double show min.9+ so you can not be sure ...
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: AQT75 A62 Q6 QT8
Partner had: - 7 AK10543 AK9762 The minors behaved so no problems in 7C. Both teams bid 6C. Thanks for your interest and comments.
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: AQT75 A62 Q6 QT8
Maybe partner has a hand with a singelton in major. How does he find out if you have the right major ace - if you only have one ace? It can often be a little difficult when you play cuebids and RKC like most of us do.;)
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: AQT75 A62 Q6 QT8
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