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Thomas Berg
Thomas Berg
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Feb. 26, 2011
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen.
Favorite Conventions
2-way Stayman and "Pass is the weakest bid"
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29 point game
K and J of diamonds. Then HA and a small heart. Then see what happens.
Nordic Youth
SA in trick 2 and then a heart to Q. If it holds I drive out SK and hope to get 4 spade tricks, 2 in hearts, 1 in diamond and 2 club tricks.
Another follow-up to the Well
Equal Level Conversion
When partner leads A we play standard when dummy has xx, xxx or xxxx. Else we play UDCA. If Dummy has x we play suit-preference. After trick 1 we play UDCA. We do not lead K from AK. K lead denies A and shows Q.
Masterful Misdirection: Jan Jansma R8 Bd 59
Then always 10 tricks!
Could we have done more?
Could we have done more?
I would have bid 3S ( splint ) instead of a modest 2C. And Souths second bid should have been 5C instead of pass.
UDCA Signalling
Mr. Fleet! And what do you lead back from Q852? And what do you play from Q852 when partner get on lead and continues the suit with an honor? And with a small one? And what if you have Q102 what do you play when partner on lead continues with ...
UDCA Signalling
This is simply correct - IF you want to play best technical correct defense! But of course - you can make whatever agreement you want! :)
Another 3NT
Small club and small heart! Then hope for heart Q single or double or a H/C squeeze. Or maybe DQ will be single or double.

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