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Thomas Berg
Thomas Berg
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Feb. 26, 2011
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about me

Semi retired supreme court lawyer living and working  in Denmark and Poland. I play in danish and polish premier league.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Silver at EBC 2010 in Ostende.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
One Eyed Jacks, Copenhagen.
Favorite Conventions
2-way Stayman and "Pass is the weakest bid"
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True - it is a gift! And both my first and now my second wife some times gets irritated when snoring starts after 2 min. :) I have never in my life ever taken a sleeping pill.
I am so lucky I always fall asleep within 1-2 min after my head hit the pillow no matter what has happened during the day. Bridge can not keep me awake. :):)
Raising 1-heart response with 3H and 4S
I prefer to play in a 4-4 fit in spades than a 4-3 fit in hearts. So I bid 1S. I can always support hearts later showing 3 hearts.
1NT by a passed hand in Balancing Seat
And most of the time W will have a spade stopper if E has none.
Jyri Tamminen's lead problem: A97 KJ J94 T8654
I lead a heart. Partner has at least 4 hearts more often 5+. And just the H10 in partners hand will be fine.
Roland Wald R.I.P.
Roland was born 25. september 1946 in Gothenburg, Sweden. So he was 73 when he left.
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
There are 3 hours drive from Berlin to Wroclaw (same the other way ;)) so the two events can be played the one just after the other. IMO that will attract even more players.
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
Come to Wroclaw, Poland. They have a lot of expertise arranging big bridge events, cheap and good hotels and a new modern international airport. And if you drive you can get there in one day from most of Europe. Go ahead Christina! :)
Roland Wald R.I.P.
I have known Roland since 1975 when he came to bridge tournaments in Copenhagen to kibitz - and he usually kibitz me cause I always answered his questions. He was at that time a beginner. He joined Studenterforeningens Bridgeklub in which I played too. When the club closed at midnight 5-6 ...
Brilliant play by Lorenzini
Why less than 2/3?

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