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Gawrys vs. Rosenthal in Spingold Final
isn't this one of those cases, where a partnership decides to jumpraise in a fake-suit because other bids dont fit well. I can hardly remember any player alerting those 3m bids as "does not say anything about the hand, its just to force the bidding"... Once south has 3 ...
Elke Weber's bidding problem: T K9 AQJT82 Q742
I pass now, I gave partner the chance to cooperate once I bid 4. Obviously I did so, because I wanted to find out, if its a right decision to defend 4M or bid 5m - it was clear, that they will bid 4M because they forced each other. Partner ...
ACBL convention chart - the 5 point notrump rule
basicly a pair that simply counts hcp and opens K&R (KQJ KQJ QJ xxxxx) = 11.70 and K&R (xx AQT AQT9x AJT) = 19.65 plays a legal 15-17 NT and avoids illegal up- and downgrades like Martel did. But in fact their playing strength range for their 1nt ...
Checkback choices and continuations
we play sort of transfers after 2N. 3 is a relay to investigate minior suit contracts, 3 shows (after initial 1) or makes hears longer (after 1). 3 makes spades longer or looks for a 4-4 fit. 3 shows a balanced hand with some ...
Bermuda Bowl QF6: USA1 vs BULGARIA
Am suprised you didn't really mention board 30. 4 was only -300 at Meckwells table because they forgot to split the 10 in time. That would give them 2 tricks in each suit outside spades. Is this just a slippy defense error or would have been playing the ...
Open Lyon Discussion Thread
Hi Sabine, I think giving the defendes both explainations before the lead is made and the screen is us IS a good idea. Too often boards finish in the appeals committee, because someone "would have" or "would not have". Such discussions either result in a "free shot" for the defenders ...
True North American Championships Coming
Maybe it's time for German Bridge Federation to change the rules and no longer let any Dutch be welcome in German Championships... Oh wait, they already did so :(
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: K9643 Q JT9764 7
for me partners double is not penalties and I obviously bid on, thats what partner asked me for. I could have some 4333 10 count that would happily pass and take the undertricks. If partner has 3 defensive tricks but no intention to play 5 spades, he would have let ...
Run or stay or ...?
Hello Joerg, as I see in lots of comments, many players discussed potential meanings for pass and xx. Some are like your new agreement, you probably cant assume its on in a pick up partnership, some, like xx is doubt showing, would be more standard than xx = to play. In ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: xxx Kxx AKTx KJx
expect either partner or me forgot the system, I bid 5 Spades and expectto have a fair shot to make... Can't imagine partner opened a qj9 7 card suit on 4th level vuln.

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