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Thomas Riese
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July 5, 2016
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Dec. 10
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What would be your ruling?
It is allowed to forget any convention you have agreed on. It is allowed to miscount your hand and so on. There is no penalty for that and should never be. But if you have been wrong in whatever (e.g. in bidding 2NT) and discover that (e.g. cause ...
First unpleasant experience of changed 2017 Laws
The point seems to be : Did East from the beginning want to bid 5 showing 2 of 5 aces + Q ? 5 is just the bidding card next and it may have been a mechanical error .. East should convince the TD about that .. If they play spiral scan and ...
How would you rule?
If they have the agreement that 1NT - 2 is "transfer" but a later 3 shows only ... just and only s -- we don't have any minor transfers -- then it should be alerted and explained as : "transfer .. or just s " if west did show anyhow his/her 2 ...
We love this game of bridge, even when this happens!
4 seems very fast .. alternative biddings ?
Doubling and bidding your suit - is it forcing to game?
hmm . the actual bidding sounds like ?x(x) x ?xxx(x) KQJx(x) opp AKx AKJxxx A?x x where any of ? can be an honour You might need bidding space to guess the right contract ..
Another Scoring Error
There is a lot of bridgers who nearly mix diamonds and hearts on 10cm high cards. They don't see anything on 2cm high bridgemate-screens . They have a chance on tablets 15+cms high
2H as weak both majors (2 good examples!)
Example 1 does not look good to me. Want to be in 4, if s split. (Losing 2s, 1) Auction like .. pass 1 - 1 2 - 2(a) 3 - 4
Showing 5-5 in the Majors Over 2NT
4♦ = 5-5 in Majors if opener is 2-2 in Majors then it is his problem ;)
5-5 in the Majors Over 1NT
1. all those who play 1N - 2♣, 2♦ - 3♦ = something with Ms , how do you handle x / AQxx / AKJxxx / xx ?? 2. what is 1N - 2♦, 2♥ - (!)3♠ ?? auto-splinter or 5-5 slammish, p may ask w 3NT for your minor-shortage ?
your on lead, you lead a A from AK, in a suit contract, dummy has a singleton
"Partner, I couldn't read your signal" -- "That's what I intended ..!" is corresponding to Larrys approach ( middle = no suit preference at all = continue if you want ) If dummy has a single you will often hold enough cards and if not, partner may know from the bidding or his own ...

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