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Thomas van der Hoeden
Thomas van der Hoeden
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Jan. 6
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BOC Kennemerland
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Four card majors and weak NT.
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How do you rule?
A poll was conducted. All Pollees bid 4 over 3NT. Is that really surprising? In dutch regulations multi 2 is allowed at all events. This is a specific bsc/hum exception made in nl jurisdiction basically because everybody plays multi 2d over here. This of course is accompanied ...
How do you rule?
Balancing on the one level: garbage 1NT. Playable?
Thanks all for pointing out some more flaws!
Combining preemptive, mixed, invitational and GF minor-suit raises with showing balanced hands.
Playing strong jumpshifts over minors offloads XYZ and will give you very comfortable slammish sequences, especially at imps. Another idea is to play 1 - 2 as natural gameforcing, not promising a six card but just like all other 2/1 bids. Reason is that it is hard to ...
Thomas van der Hoeden's bidding problem: J 8 AT873 T98762
Just wondered a bit about this one. My partner held these and passed, fair enough. But I thought that doubling 4 might be an option. After all, partner bid a vulnerable game versus a passed partner, he should have some decent values. He should have had some thoughts about ...
See for an example.
Thomas van der Hoeden's lead problem: 9732 A AT876 732
At the table I led 7, passive I thought. This was righteously severely punished by the bridge gods :) 3NT played by RHO seems to be a normal contract. You can't be sure the spade lead is passive. A small diamond will be the field lead. The spade lead may ...
Canapé jump overcalls... really?
RJO's have a lot of appeal as well.
Canapé jump overcalls... really?
Thanks for that Sam. We actually play both CJO and classical Ghestem for pure twosuiters. Frequency is not our main concern, being able to show these hands is. The spades scenario you mentioned is interesting.
Canapé jump overcalls... really?
Yes we picked CJO over Raptor for these reasons. Natural 1NT not so frequent, but provides sort of an easy route to game. Also I think CJO needs less follow-up system compared to raptor, as captaincy is transferred.
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